Top Story – Ways To Improve Your Creativity

Certain companies drive on creativity and inherently, that is the main element that makes them successful such as advertising agencies. With this said however, there are many other companies that should incorporate a certain amount of creativity into their business, their product and offering. Creativity can be as tiring as any other element in a business, and sometimes we lack the creativity needed and hit a wall. In this interesting and informative article, we look at some fundamental ways to improve creativity in both a creative and normal business environment.  

How to improve and boost creativity

The power of music

Music is one of the most creative outputs in the world, and many people are both touched and inspired by music. Certain music has been proven to boost creativity so if you are feeling drained and out of ideas, put on your favorite music, song or artist and improve our creativity by letting the juices flow and also feeling happier and relaxed.


A word often heard in advertising, brainstorming can be a valuable way to improve creativity in any business or for an aspiring entrepreneur. Brainstorming will not only get the creative juices flowing but will help you come up with ideas great or bad, because no idea is bad, as it always is inspiration for the next groundbreaking one. There are many ways to brainstorm; alone or in a group, one just needs to find which method works the best for them.

Always have a pen and piece of paper on you

One of the most innovative ways to boost creativity that really works is to make sure to always have a pen and piece of paper on you as creative ideas come up at the most random of times. Many people say that ideas come first thing in the morning or just before falling asleep when your mind is clear. Have that pen and piece of paper on you and whenever inspiration strikes; be sure to document it on paper.    

Dictionary inspiration

This is a unique way to generate ideas, get thinking and immensely improve creativity; grab a dictionary, randomly select a word and formulate a concept incorporating that word. You may generate an idea and if not, it will definitely improve your creativity and get you moving towards the next idea.

Change of atmosphere

If are totally stuck for ideas and are lacking creativity, it’s good to get out of a stagnant space and move somewhere else. You can’t imagine how this can improve creativity. Move to a fresh, new space or even go for a walk and take a break. You can’t keep pushing at the wall, you sometimes need to go around it and get some new perspective.  

Author Byline: Jemma Scott is a business freelance writer that provides advice and information on an array of things from how to find Office Space Liverpool to how to boost creativity. 


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