Do We Need To Revamp Rehab After Corey Monteith’s Overdose?


The recent death of popular Glee actor Corey Monteith has many people wondering why he was not able to win the battle against his drug addiction. For someone who was very public about his struggles with drugs and his desire … Continue reading

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What Could Have Been Done To Save Cory Monteith?


Actor Cory Monteith’s death shocked fans across the country. The young star was beloved by many for his outstanding work on Glee, and he was commonly known as one of the most talented actors, singers, and dancers on television. It … Continue reading

5 Most Downloaded Christmas Songs of All Time

all i want for christmas is you

In the year of 2012, digital downloading is one of the most popular ways to buy music and we turned to Apple iTunes store who have 69% of the market sales to find out what Christmas songs you love to … Continue reading

6 Best Christmas Albums of All Time


Thanksgiving and Christmas are nearly here. So, let’s make this holiday a special one for friends, family, colleagues and loved ones by sharing with them the best Christmas albums of all time. This list includes all the Christmas greats. Mix … Continue reading

The Glee Effect: What Glee Has Done for the Music Industry


If you’ve been watching “Glee” from the start, you’ll know that it’s come a long way from its beginning roots. Wholesome puppy love has become full-fledged romances, marriages, and tons of other drama along the way. But let’s face it: … Continue reading