On Trend Eyewear For 2013


If your New Year’s resolution is a new look then why not start by updating your eye wear and stay on style this season? Nerd it up with geek frames 2011 saw the hipster geek-style come to a head with … Continue reading

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Why Do People Wear Glasses Without Lenses?

glasses no lenses

Recent years has seen rise to the hipster chic accessory of wearing framed glasses without the lenses you would believe were necessary for anyone wearing glasses at all, leading many to question whether if this mysterious choice of fashion is … Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Glasses For Your Face Shape


In style terms, shape is everything. Finding the right clothing for your frame is a well known trick for looking your best – tall people avoiding vertical stripes and broad shouldered shoppers avoiding shoulder pads, that kind of thing. It’s … Continue reading