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Top Story – Why Are All The Guns Sold Out And Hard To Find?

As more and more disasters happen, it seems as though everybody has a different reaction. Some people are working harder than ever to get their concealed weapons permit, and get the best protection for themselves. Others are looking towards the government to regulate and take away certain weapons. No matter which side you fall upon, … Continue reading

Flint Positive Spotlight: Flint Liquor Store Sells $10,000 Powerball Winner

Not everyone can be as lucky as the two Powerball players from Arizona and Missouri who each purchased winning Powerball tickets for Wednesday’s record jackpot of close to $580 million. But one Flint-area resident walked away from Golden Spot Liquor – a party store located at 1909 E. Court St. in Flint – $10,000 richer … Continue reading

Why Bass Is So Important in Music

Image by: Alvimann We all know someone who loves there to be a lot of bass frequencies in their music. There is something about that particular range of vibration frequencies that make these people’s feet move and their spines tingle. In fact, there is a whole portion of modern dance music that is more about … Continue reading


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