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Making High Top Shoes Work With Your Style

You are a woman-on-the-go. You pride yourself on your style sense as much as you pride yourself on your business sense. But, man, do your feet ache after being sentenced to a lifetime in high heeled prison. Those high top shoe wearing sporty gals sure have a step up on you. You are used to … Continue reading

Women Have Big Feet Too! How To Find The Best Shoes

One thing that frustrates me more than anything else is the lack of choice I have when it comes to buying shoes. Fashion stores on the high street seem to have a thing about stocking loads of smaller sizes yet forget that women can have bigger feet too. This is a problem that becomes even … Continue reading

5 Truly Walkable and Comfy High Heels

Nothing is worse than wearing a really cute pair of pumps and feeling pain from the balls of your feet to, well, everywhere else. Sigh. Scientifically, women were just not designed to wear high heels. I know—I can already hear the gasps from women reading this whose favorite accessory is their Louboutin stilettos. But be … Continue reading

High Heel Problems and How to Prevent Them

High heels are common or even more common than ever, however that doesn’t mean they’ve gotten any more comfortable. Women have all sorts of problems with heels and podiatrists and orthopaedic surgeons often complain about the wearing of them. If you don’t carefully choose your heeled shoes you may end up with excessive pressure on … Continue reading

Why Men Don’t Wear High Heels

As the years have gone by it seems that heels are getting higher and higher, strangling women’s feet into submission. High heels have become a modern form of foot binding, where women’s health and comfort is sacrificed at the alter of ‘looking good’. The worst part is that it isn’t just socially acceptable but actually … Continue reading

10 Reasons to Trash Your Favorite Pair of High Heels

A beautiful pair of high heels can be a woman’s best accessory. But that accessory shouldn’t hurt. If your favorite stilettos are uncomfortable, they could be permanently damaging your feet. Before you get back into your next pair of sky-high pumps, read on. It might be time to swap them for a better pair. Here … Continue reading

10 Freaky Facts About Feet

How often do we stop to consider the humble foot? We don’t, do we? And yet our feet take us wherever we want to go without complaining (unless we treat them badly), they bear our weight, adapt to changing ground conditions, enable us to swim and we even paint bits of them to make them … Continue reading

Is Driving Barefoot Funky and Illegal?

The answer is “No” to the illegal part of the question, but the funky factor will vary from person to person and vehicle to vehicle. It’s hot outside and your feet need to breathe after a long day at work in a pair of boots or stuffed inside a pair of 6 inch heels, so … Continue reading


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