If You’re An Asshole And You Know It Read This Blog!


FreeBlogging: The Internet Is A Breeding Ground For Assholes, Including Me! I wrote this weeks ago as I was going off on a tangent. I’ve debated publishing it because I don’t think it’s written very well. Then I said, fuck … Continue reading

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365 Days of Dangermas: Day 120 – I Baked a Casserole


Day 120 – April 30, 2013: Highlights of The Day I baked a tasty Mexican Casserole today. Something different to eat was badly needed and it hit the spot. I’m currently eating Senia’s leftovers and thinking about warming up another … Continue reading

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 115 – Pizza, Scandal & Shampoo!


Day 115 – April 25, 2013: Highlights of The Day Not much to report today. I worked at Wellness. I ordered pizza for dinner with banana peppers, peperoni, ground beef, mushrooms, green olives, and onions. Yummy! I had a nap … Continue reading