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How to Create Black Wealth

By Teneisha Monique Street Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 28 seconds. Contains 496 words Have you ever heard of Black Wall Street? If not, don’t feel too bad. Up until a couple months ago neither had I. For those who are unfamiliar with this part of history, Black Wall Street was an area in Greenwood, … Continue reading

Why It Makes Perfect Sense To Want A Man With Money

I’m broke. Poor to be exact. I make less than $10,000 a year. A lot less actually. And, I have bad credit. Why would I want a man that is doing just as bad as I am or slightly better with no current plans or hopes of things looking up? Money is not the most … Continue reading

Do’s And Dont’s Of Personal Finances

Looking after your own finances is really important part of living a successful life. If you want to achieve your dreams and live a financially secure lifestyle you need to make sure you are always on top of your own finances. Here are some of the biggest do’s and dont’s of personal finances to get … Continue reading

Tips For Paying Off Debt

Having financial debt can be a heavy burden and if not dealt with quickly, then it can destroy your credit and quality of life. Don’t despair yet though, your debt can be paid off and taken care of sooner then you think. And it’s not as difficult to overcome as you may have been lead … Continue reading

Attending College As A Single Mom

Attending college as a single mom can be challenging, but with the right preparation you can be successful and earn your degree. Some of the things that you will want to consider include childcare, scheduling your classes at the right time and whether you should attend online courses for convenience. Taking the time to plan … Continue reading

Top Story – How To Say ‘No’ Like A Gentleman

Very often in life, we encounter dilemmas wherein the most convenient way of handling things isn’t necessarily the best, and rarely the classiest. This holds true whether it’s shaving, dating or deciding on what to do in your 20s. It’s also the case when it comes to having to say ‘no’ to someone. Refusing, or … Continue reading

Top Story: Attention Ladies – 5 Ways Men Spot Gold Diggers

The dating game is similar to a land full of land mines. It’s very tough to navigate. There are serial daters, the crazies, the needy women and the most hated of them all, the gold diggers. Gold diggers are experts in exploiting wealthy, lonely hearts. They will stay with you as long as you give … Continue reading

6 Smart Ways To Cope With Debt

With the cost of food rising, energy prices soaring and general living costing more and more, debts can soon mount up.  If you are struggling to cope with your debts then you are not alone.  It is thought that the average household debt in the UK (including mortgages) is around $53,000 according to the UK … Continue reading

What To Do and What Not To Do When You Win The Lottery

Everyone dreams of winning the lottery. Well, everyone who isn’t building a corporate empire or already a multi-millionaire, that is. We dream of big houses, fancy cars, first-class travel, no work and financial security for our children. But winning the lottery doesn’t always lead to happiness. In fact, it doesn’t always lead to financial freedom … Continue reading

Why You Should Never Ask Family And Friends For Money

When times are tough and you are left with few alternatives, it can be tempting to approach family and friends to ask for money during a financial emergency. As the people closest to you, and those most understanding of your situation and concerned about your welfare, they make an obvious port of call during times … Continue reading

Can Being Poor Hold You Back?

Money makes the world go around for sure. And everybody has a completely different idea of how much money is enough money. For example a millionaire only needs tens of thousands of dollars a day to maintain his much needed lifestyle. Working class families need just enough to get from month to another. A really … Continue reading

Baby Step Your Way Out of Bad Situations

Whether you’re in a tough financial situation, a problematic situation at work, or a sticky situation in your relationship, the best way to get out of it is to take small steps in the right direction. Often times, if you attempt to get out of a bad situation all at once, you simply end up … Continue reading


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