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The Hazards Of Hollywood In Atlanta

Ah, the magic of Hollywood. Movie makers have nearly perfected the art of producing a film in one location and making the audience believe that it is taking place somewhere completely different. So, how do they do it? Well many Hollywood buffs take advantage of locations outside of California. Believe it or not one of … Continue reading

Music Spotlight: Mao Wang Zi – PAIN

When I met you film making was your main passion, not music, why has creating music become so important to you? Film making is still my passion, but it seems that with every new medium I start it enriches my art just a little more. With the music I make I still incorporate my passion … Continue reading

Dangerous Does Directing

A C T I O N ! My good friend and film director, John Benjamin from Anarchy Productions, knows that I have an interest in directing my first film, so he wanted me to get my feet wet. He presented me with a script he had written that put him in front of the camera … Continue reading


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