5 Fashion Shows To See Before You Die

John Galliano: Runway - Paris  Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012

Fashion, despite its reputation, may not be as frivolous as you might think – but it’s certainly as fun. There’s nothing quite like a fashion show: the chance to marvel at the world’s leading designer’s latest creations showcased before your … Continue reading

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Kathleen Kye: Seoul’s Newest Designer


  Seoul, South Korea has a new up-and-coming fashion icon.  London educated, Seoul resident, Kathleen Kye is making a big splash on the Seoul fashion scene as well as the international fashion world.   With undoubtedly innovative designs, a unique approach … Continue reading

4 Incredible Fashion Museums Every Fan Should Visit

Kent State University

Over the past two weeks fashion fanatics have been absolutely spoilt with the opening of London Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture and Stockholm Fashion Week. These shows highlight the best of what local industries have to offer, but seem to … Continue reading

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week: Chanel Makes Dramatic Entrance


The Spring Summer 2013 Paris Haute Couture fashion week is well underway, directing the spotlight firmly onto this European fashion centre. For those who are unfamiliar with the Paris Haute Couture week, it is a show where only the most … Continue reading

Highbrows: The Next Generation of Eyebrow Art Uncovered

Young Woman Tweezing Eyebrows

Image by Steve Snodgrass Big brows were all the rage in the 1950s, my favorite make-up era. They were huge, quite literally again in the ‘80s and have been growing back with a vengeance ever since. Anyway, the big brow … Continue reading