5 Fashion Shows To See Before You Die

John Galliano: Runway - Paris  Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2012

Fashion, despite its reputation, may not be as frivolous as you might think – but it’s certainly as fun. There’s nothing quite like a fashion show: the chance to marvel at the world’s leading designer’s latest creations showcased before your … Continue reading

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4 Incredible Fashion Museums Every Fan Should Visit

Kent State University

Over the past two weeks fashion fanatics have been absolutely spoilt with the opening of London Fashion Week, Paris Haute Couture and Stockholm Fashion Week. These shows highlight the best of what local industries have to offer, but seem to … Continue reading

South African Township Hosts its First Fashion Show: Soweto Fashion Week

South Africa-Fashion Week Tebogo Lehlabi

South Africa’s most well-known township is hosting its first fashion show, aptly named the Soweto Fashion Week. The event, which started Thursday, aims to showcase the work of some of Soweto’s struggling but most talented designers. The Soweto Fashion Show … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Nikki L. Dancy


Name and occupation: Nikki L. Dancy, Licensed Nail Technician and Professional Makeup Artist What do you love most about being a woman? What I love most about being a woman is that I am able to express myself emotionally and also I am able … Continue reading

Supermodel Abuse

Walking in Heels is Not for Punks!

Is her foot selling the shoe?

Here’s the  abused foot of a model wearing Louis Vuitton shoes during a recent runway show at Fashion Week. I’ve learned that it is common for the shoes available to the models to be a “sample” size that many of the models usually can’t fit into because they have a larger or smaller foot. This means they have to pull off a fierce walk in what may be too big or too small shoes.

Am I the only one thinking that the modeling industry can fix this issue very easily by simply offering more than one shoe size for the numerous models that seductively walk across runways yearly to sell their brand?

Why Does Nicki Minaj Insist on Looking a Hot Damn Mess?

Nicki Minaj sits next to Vogue Editor, Anna Wintour, at the Carolina Herrera show during Fashion Week. Look at her facial expression; I know she can’t be frowning at the clothes the models are wearing. Wow…