What? Say ‘No’ to Nail Polish?

What? Say ‘No’ to Nail Polish?

My nails are decked out in Nicole by O-P-I Gold Shatter polish over a black base coat. This photo does not do them justice because they appear much cooler. I do have one quarrel, the price is too damn high. This bottle of polish cost $7.00!

Wearing nail polish enhances an outfit or makes an impressive statement. An all-black outfit matched with bright red nail polish will give a great dramatic outcome. Everywhere you look from TV commercials, movies to billboards – all the women wear vibrant nail polish. And they all look great! As teen-agers and now as adults, we all love going to the salon and getting our nails done – to most of us it has become part of our beauty routine. We like using nail polish because it is fun, especially since they come in a variety of exciting vivacious colors and styles. However, not everyone knows that nail polish is actually harmful for the body. Nail polish is toxic.

It Might Be as Bad as It Smells

It shouldn’t come as a surprise really since the first whiff of nail polish comes across as strong and potent. In fact, nail technicians wear masks when applying it to their customers. And some salons are not well-ventilated so everyone inside, regardless of whether they are getting their nails done or just waiting for someone, all are likely to inhale these harmful chemicals.

In a recent investigation by the Department of Toxic Substance Control, they found that nail polish commonly found in salons and labelled as free of three specific harmful toxics are actually a farce. These misleading nail polish brands were found out to violate a state law that demands the inclusion of damaging chemicals out in the market today. These harmful ingredients used in nail polish have been prohibited in the European Union. Do we really want to apply something on our body even if it enhances our appearance knowing that it will only endanger our health and in the long run, our lives?

According to the Department of Toxic Substance Control, there are many polish labels that were found to be carrying agents linked to birth defects, chronic health conditions when inhaled and being exposed to huge amounts may result to asthma, growth problems and other ailments. Women or anyone who uses nail polish should be alarmed. In fact, if we care about our health we should all refrain from using nail polish.

Perhaps, instead of going to salons to get your nails done – do them at home instead. Invite your girlfriends and have a nail-party minus the nail polish. Nail buffing will do the trick. By doing this, your health won’t be at risk. Our nails are absorbent. They should also be allowed to ‘breathe’, just think, our skin needs air too. Applying nail polish and sealing it with clear-coat is like suffocating your own nails. Not only that, nail polish also damages your nails. The ingredient formaldehyde found in nail polish may react badly with the protein keratin in your nails, over-time, causing them to look an unhealthy yellow and will also cause your nails to be brittle.

However, if it is an absolute must that you have to get your nails done at the salon, just say “no to nail polish” and “yes to nail buffing.”