Alexandra Allred

Explain what makes you racy:

As an author, I began my career doing sports writing.  I played women’s professional football for Sports Illustrated (broke hand/fingers, dislocated arm); test drove the Gravity Car for Volvo (brakes failed and nearly went into a highway intersection in Orange County, CA at the base of the mountain); outran beefalo (cow and buffalo mix) for a photo shoot … and THAT was playing it safe.  When I became a fictional writer, I wrote a book called WHITE TRASH, making fun of the bigots and hypocrites in rural Texas and then DAMAGED GOODS, a fictional piece about my own town that puts horrific/polluting business practices under a microscope while making fun of neighbors and our state governor.

Why is being racy so much fun?

I thought being on the US bobsled team, racing down mountains and other things were fun.  Real fun, real excitement is daring to ruffle feathers and stand your ground.  When you put everything out there – religion, politics, activism, you are truly exposed!

Any advice to prudes or sticks in the mud?

Anyone can jump out of an airplane … standing up for your beliefs and those around you in spite of opposition, in spite of neighbors (when you know you’re right) is the only way to live.  Thrill seeking is selfish but true courage is when you see a wrong and try to right it for all.  It’s corny, cliché but it is so true. 

When we testified before the EPA in Washington D.C. we were almost NOT allowed in the secured building because my kids were dressed as dancing cement stacks.  The security team and EPA folks were laughing and taking pictures … the cement industry were not amused but we made our point and my kids will forever remember that moment.  THAT is real fun!

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