5 Books Every Successful Entrepreneur Needs To Read


The thing about being an entrepreneur is that you’re always learning. You can never rest on your laurels because the market is always changing, and so your ideas and approaches need to be as well. And, while expensive conferences and … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Kim Randall – Social Media & Marketing Pro

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Name and Occupation: Kim Randall, Entrepreneur, Social Media and Marketing Professional What do you love about being a woman? I love that there is so much untapped opportunity for females in the business world. What do you hate about being … Continue reading

Career Advice From The World’s Top Professionals


If you’re looking for career advice, why not learn from the best? Those who have already scrabbled up the corporate ladder or built a successful business from the ground up have lots of wisdom to share. The career advice they … Continue reading

5 Groundbreaking TED Talks For Business Startups


TED, which is short for Technology, Education, Design, aims to discuss virtually every intelligent idea in the world and put it on the internet. Savvy business owners know to take advice from anywhere, as long as it’s from a reputable … Continue reading

A Guide to Success as an Entrepreneur


Becoming an entrepreneur and leaving the corporate world behind should be seen as risky, exciting and challenging. While many people would love the chance to be their own boss and make a comfortable salary, there are a number of personal … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Claudia A. Hoexter


Name and occupation: Claudia A. Hoexter, Founder and CEO of Alexa Brands, LLC Inventor of the Beauty Spoon®, the innovative new beauty tool that helps you spoon out all the remaining liquids located in your product bottles and containers. What … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Mag Retelewski


Name and occupation: Mag Retelewski, President and Founer of Clarteza What do you love most about being a woman? Emotional intelligence. Have you had to deal with much sexism in your industry? To a certain degree yes but I also … Continue reading