Reasons Why I Would Hire A Male Escort


Professional Male Escort, Ash Armand, from the Showtimes series, Gigolos.

Have you ever watched Gigolos, the Showtime series about male escorts in Las Vegas? It’s very entertaining and comical. Why? Because in my opinion, none of the men are as smooth or desirable as they think they are. They also have weak stroke game in the bed although the female clients on the show swear it’s one of the best sexual experiences they’ve ever had.

Most of the women who hire male escorts do it for the same reasons as men who hire female escorts; they are busy professionals that don’t have time for relationships or haven’t had luck with relationships and need a lil’ sexual healing. However, with rates like $800 for two hours and $3,000 for an overnight rendezvous, I won’t be hiring a male escort anytime soon.

I’m a busy woman, but I do have time for a relationship and I very much would like to be in a relationship, but having been single for more than ten years and not having had sex in over a year, I am a great candidate to hire a male escort. I have sexual needs that aren’t currently being met!


My Celebrity Crush – Wentworth Miller. Yes, I know he’s gay!

The great thing about escorts is that you get exactly what you pay for. You don’t have to deal with diseases, drama or heartbreak. You can just have fun and use him any way you see fit because he has to do whatever you pay him to do; within reason of course. Gigolos is looking for women to submit sexy ideas for the new season and I was seriously considering applying to be on the show, but who am I kidding? I can only enjoy sex with someone that I have strong feelings for or someone that looks like Wentworth Miller!

Would you hire an escort? What would you do with him?

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365 Days of Dangermas: Day 74

DANGERMASLOGODay 74 – March 15, 2013:

I finally got a copy of Michael Jackson’s BAD concert at Wembly and let me just say after watching it my Michael mojo is up and running! The DVD is in the Dangermas tree, but I’m sure it won’t be in there for long!

wembly dvd

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Beyonce Lip Synched, So What!


Beyonce during a recording session of The Star Bangled Banner.

Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, Twitter, Facebook, THE WHOLE WORLD is going on and on and on about Beyonce singing along to a pre-recorded track of her singing the Star Spangled Banner at the presidential inauguration and all I can think is, so damn what! This news dropped like Beyonce was caught stealing from the White House. She’s not the first or last artist to do this. Whitney Houston also lip synched at the Super Bowl. It’s kinda the standard in the industry for events like this. We know it’s not a Milli Vanilli situation, so why are we acting like it’s not her voice? Why are trivial moments in history such a big deal? I swear, every time Beyonce makes a power move, gets pregnant, or passes gas folks have to condemn her for it. Get off her bra strap and get a life.

Up next: Beyonce performs at The Super Bowl. I shutter to think what she’ll do that influences the headlines the day after…


The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network is Featured on The TODAY Show!

Just when I thought I was at rock bottom I hear that The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network has been featured on The TODAY Show with Kathie Lee & Hoda on Black Friday during their Kathie Lee & Hoda With The Scoop segment! I didn’t dare believe it until I actually saw and heard it for myself. When I actually saw it, I lost it! What an amazing accomplishment for me and the writer of the featured article, Susannah Perez. I’m so happy! My hard work is finally starting to pay off.

The ladies talked about whether men look sexier with something on or in their birthday suits when coming to bed, with Hoda saying she prefers her men to be “wearing something”. Me too because a lil’ reveal is always nice! I want to thank the producers of The TODAY Show (or whoever is responsible for me being on the air) as well as Hoda and Kathie Lee, even though Hoda left out the “dot” when mentioning DangerousLee.Biz, it appeared on screen for close to 2 minutes!

Read the article titled, “What You Wear To Bed Says About You” to find out what Kathie Lee & Hoda are smiling about. PS: I prefer to sleep in the nude! Purr 😉

Click image to view video!

Note: Thanks for the heads up, Toby Brazwell!

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Why Bass Is So Important in Music

Image by: Alvimann

We all know someone who loves there to be a lot of bass frequencies in their music. There is something about that particular range of vibration frequencies that make these people’s feet move and their spines tingle.

In fact, there is a whole portion of modern dance music that is more about the bass and the rhythm of the song then about anything else, but must songs that we hear these days have bass as an active ingredient in the mix.

So what is the appeal of bass frequencies for humans and why do they make some of us go crazy? Well, perhaps unsurprisingly there is no agreed answer but there are a number of interesting theories:

Bass as a link to our common past I: Tribes

Back before we had modern speakers, instruments and the concept of going to a rave, scientists think it most likely that our ancient ancestors lived in small tribal groups.

These same scientists also think that a large part of the tribe’s entertainment, rituals, superstitions and long range communication revolved around the use of big, bass heavy drums. When you take into account that the whole of modern human evolution encompasses only around  400,000 to 250,000 years (as opposed to the whopping 400 million years that sharks have been around), it is perhaps not surprising that loud bass seems to make some people so excited.

Bass as a link to our common past II: Being in the womb

Another theory as to why bass has certain effects on all humans is linked to the common experience we share as we grow inside our mothers’ wombs.

During this period of our existence, the only sense that is really constant is that of feeling, and most of the stimulations that we experience are in the form of vibrations. From the constant rhythmic pulse of our mothers’ heartbeat to the noisy hustle and bustle of the world outside, these vibrations are felt through our whole developing bodies.

So the theory goes, when you hear and feel a loud and low down bass frequency that seems to make your insides shudder in some form of rhythm, our subconscious is reminded of a calming time before rational thought that it actually can’t really remember. Deep.

Bass as a multi-sensory experience

This is the theory that makes most sense to me, but I would hope that the true answer to our question is a little bit of all three of these theories.

The theory is relatively straight forward: we experience bass not just through our ears but also through the vibrations it causes in our bodies and the myriad of different physical effects that result from those vibrations. This in turn has the effect of forming a much deeper connection to the music (if we like it) than we would if it was just our eardrums that had vibrated. Simple.

It is perhaps surprising that there has not been more research done in this area, or perhaps there has, I don’t know. If you have any can your point it in my direction please?

So the next time you are walking down the road and someone drives past blaring music from their car subwoofers, don’t get annoyed and consider them to be inconsiderate. Instead appreciate the sounds you hear for the multi-sensory experience that human beings have been enjoying that they are.

Author Byline: James Duval is a technology geek who has loved loud music for as long as he can remember. When not working or writing blogs for partners such as the Car Audio Centre, James likes to don some leather and rock out. 



Project X (1987) vs. Project X (2012)

Now Hollywood is Recycling Movie Titles

These two films are nothing alike and as far as I know have no real connection other than the fact that they share the same title.

Project X (1987) is a film centered on the Air Force using chimps for inhumane experiments. 

Project X (1987) is actually very reminiscent of what happens to the apes in the latest remake of Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I watched it a million times as a kid and HBO is currently running it again; I’m sure Project X (2012) being released today has something to do with that.

Project X (2012) is about teenagers throwing a party to make a name for themselves. The premise seems to be something that is all too true in popular media; do something stupid and receive instant fame.

In essence it seems that the humans in Project X (2012) are offering themselves up as the experiment. I have no intentions of buying a ticket to see Project X (2012), so if you see it let me know what you think.

Click the movie posters to learn more about each film:


How to Save Money on Music

Buying music can be costly, unless you know some tricks for how to save! To many people’s surprise, you do not have to pirate music to find good deals on it. Below are some wonderful tips, so see which ones you can use and maybe even profit!

1. The Basics

First, download music, rather than buy the actual CD or album. Now is the age of the download. If you only are interested in a single track, why spend the money on an entire album? With MP3 players, you can save you entire collection in the palm of your hand. There is no need to buy entire albums or CDs anymore. This can definitely save you some cash, if you haven’t caught onto this already. If you need a CD for your car, simply burn one of the tracks you do like! It’s not hard or expensive to invest in the equipment to let you burn your own CDs from your downloaded media. This is really good advice, especially if you listen to a lot of music. The ability to download music and burn it for your own listening is legal now and is very economical. Just do not get into the idea of selling it, that is definitely NOT LEGAL. There is no need to pirate music when you can find it so cheaply.

2. Auctions
Make sure that you check for some harder to find items on the auction websites. If you are looking for a really hard to find title, then you should consider checking around the online auction websites. These are a great place to find vintage music and still save some money on it. It might even be worth your time to register as a buyer and seller, if you have a really large music collection. This is a way to unload some of your unwanted albums too. Shop around and compare pricing before purchasing anything. For some listeners, owning your favorite band on the actual CD is important to you. If you want the artwork or the liner notes, then you should definitely shop around online. There are many websites devoted to selling new and used music for discount prices. It is amazing how cheap even new CDs are selling for these days online (not in stores). Do this before buying anything in a retail shop that sells music in your city. Do not let yourself be ripped off by the big name retail chains. Buy smart and be a smarter consumer!

3. Resell

Remember that you can make money by reselling your own music online. Another way to get music cheaper is by reselling your unwanted used CDs for cash. Many websites will offer you cash or trade on your lightly used music CDs. This can then be used to buy or trade up for newer music. Most of my audiophilic friends do this to keep from paying for music. Yet they can always have the newest and coolest tracks to listen to legally!

Music is an ever expanding and wide ranging marketplace, but it can be very expensive to keep up with the times as a listener. By making use of these tips, your listening pleasure can be made all the cheaper. Music does not have to be pirated in order to be cost effective. It just takes using a little technical skill and savvy shopping tactics to be an audiophile yourself. Saving money on music media and other entertainment is a sure way to make your dollars go farther today.

Buying music can be costly, unless you know some tricks for how to save! To many people’s surprise, you do not have to pirate music to find good deals on it. Below are some wonderful tips, so see which ones you can use and maybe even profit!

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