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Top Story: 10 Signs That You’re Psychic

Any Psychic will tell you (and there are lots of us): Anyone with the will to do it can better develop their own psychic abilities. It’s as natural as the human brain, and just as mysterious and powerful. Very few of us put the time and energy into doing it, and some of us could … Continue reading

The Best Ways To Help The Planet

The planet we live on is extremely fragile and we don’t do it any favors by the way we use and abuse it. So many of us are extremely wasteful and have zero regard for the damage we are causing and the potential long term damage also. I totally understand that it is a very … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Dealing with Anger

I apologize for the long delay in posting – life has just been incredibly full and busy! OK, following on from my last post, I’m still on the subject of communication and anger. Although it’s true that someone who is very afraid will never be able to communicate clearly, and that some people have no … Continue reading

Chakra Jewelry That Will Help Your Balance

Taking a break in India Where I live, it is almost expected that young adults travel to some far-flung place after serving in the compulsory military service. After three years or so of the rigid military framework, where they are told when to get up, what to wear, how to act, young adults feel the … Continue reading

3 Great Ways For Men To Chill Out!

It’s alright for women isn’t it?! If they want to relax they have plenty of options – from pampering spa days to a girlie night with their friends. For men it can be a little harder to get that much-needed time out, but you deserve it, so it’s time to prioritize some ‘you time’. Life’s … Continue reading

Could You Be Sensitive To Technology?

If you’ve been suffering increasingly from headaches and stress, it might be the technology we all surround ourselves with. We have rooms filled with phones, computers, tablets, and televisions. These electromagnetic fields cause something called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, or EHS.  EHS is the effects of the electromagnetic fields on the body. Although international radiation standards prevent … Continue reading

5 Ways To Add Environmental Value To Your Home

With the housing market still on uneven ground many homeowners are choosing to stay put and instead of spending money on a bigger home they are putting that money into making home improvements. This is boosting the value of the home, providing a nicer house for the family to live in and when housing prices … Continue reading

Tips For A Dangerous Afternoon Energy Booster

Many people encounter a mid-day slump during their day, and this is especially true when they have office jobs. Usually after lunchtime is when the eyes get heavy and the brain feels fuzzy. Instead of downing coffee or other energy drinks, why not try some natural energy boosters? They can make a big difference in … Continue reading

Infographic: Everything You Need To Know About Your Chakras

By possessing a better understanding of chakra, people can develop a better understanding of who they are and ways in which they can lead a healthier life. When most people think of healthier living, immediately thoughts of weight loss, dieting, and organic homegrown food come to mind. While these are all desirable, they in some … Continue reading

How to Save Money on Gas

With fuel costs at an all-time high and the financial crisis forcing us to curb our spending, there are a few simple ways to cut down on how much fuel your car consumes, saving you money as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Alternatives to Driving Firstly, if you are only traveling a short distance, … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart – Flows of Energy

What is sex? I’ve never heard an answer that made sense so I have made up my own. I seems reasonable to define sex as concentrated energy which, when it flows through us, gives rise to very pleasant sensations – that might by some people be called ecstasy or bliss. You’d think from this description, … Continue reading

Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Emotions

  Failing to deal well with emotions is probably the single biggest cause of problems in relationships, especially as sex tends to bring up feelings. Yet they are rarely understood in this society. Here is quick primer: 1. Feelings are not facts but they often affect us much more than facts. 2. Feelings may carry … Continue reading

Rid Yourself of Negative Energy – Be Happy, Now!

Where Negative Energy Comes From Negative energy primarily stems from destructive thought patterns and bad feelings that weigh you down.  When you have strong feelings of guilt, lack, pessimism, greed, dissatisfaction, and other negative feelings, your mind perpetuates the negative energy and allows it to drag you down even further.   Sometimes negative energy comes from … Continue reading

Top Story – Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: Give Thanks!

Since it’s Thanksgiving, it seems appropriate to suggest that we all give thanks to our bodies. That’s actually something I recommend on a daily basis. Most of us take our bodies for granted, frequently forcing them to do all kinds of things that they really don’t want to do, running around all day long instead … Continue reading


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