Cherisse Bradley: A Beautiful, Brilliant & Blessed Soul


Cherisse Bradley is a Lady, I repeat a Lady whose grace, beauty, strength and resilience can be a lesson for us all. I Found My Voice A Tribute to Women in Jazz, Funk and Soul is a creation from the … Continue reading

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4 of The Best Organizations That Offer Open Courseware


Often times, college students enroll in courses and take out sizable student loans for one reason alone: to get a diploma. But what if you’re more interested in receiving an education than you are in getting certification? If that’s the … Continue reading

Cell Phone Security Strategies You Can’t Afford Not To Follow


Incidences of cell phone theft have increased substantially in recent months. According to the Federal Communications Commission, nearly a third of all robberies involve a cell phone being stolen. Fortunately, you will be less likely to have your phone and … Continue reading

Infographic: Is College Right for Adults Over 30?


Many adults are going back to school as a consequence of the recent recession. They are doing this for two reasons: better pay and a better chance of being hired for a new job. At the same time, is this … Continue reading