Black History Month Spotlight: Cashel Sapphire Campbell – Actor & Burlesque Performer


Name and Occupation: 

Cashel Sapphire Campbell, Actor/Belly Dance and Burlesque Performer & Instructor/Dance Therapy Student.

What do you love most about being a Black woman?

I love the color of my skin. I love the legacy of my ancestors that live within my bones. I love inner strength that is implanted in my DNA. I love the passion for life, love and desire that exudes out of my being and the beauty that I possess internally.

Who or what inspires you most?
I am inspired by creativity, in all it’s forms. I am inspired by God/Goddess, The Universe and it’s expansive qualities of righteousness and divinity. My father inspires me; the qualities he possesses propel me to strive forward toward being my best self. I am inspired by the notion of lack and being devoid of substance, there is so much power and strength in resolving that energy into something bigger and better in life. I am inspired by truth and the workings of love…I am inspired by LIFE!

Advice for Black men and women?

Hate your flaws enough to want to love them…learn the power of forgiveness, first within yourself, so that that same peace can be expressed throughout the world. Share more, take less. Black men and women have a reservoir of untapped yet useful and life changing energy, it is worth the time to reflect inward to cultivate that spring of total existence. I long for Black men to love and respect themselves so they can love and respect their women. I long for Black women to love and respect themselves so they can love and respect each other and their men.  I look forward to Black men and women unifying through a healthy spiritual union and a positive self image; learn that it’s less about religion and more about the God/Goddess within that connects us all to each other.

What are you working on that we need to check out?

I am currently working with The Punany Poets (as seen on HBO). We will be at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe on 2/15. I am also teaching Belly Dance Classes in Merrick Long Island next month and am in active of pursuit of creating my first DVD for beginner Belly Dancers.

Where can we find you online?

Check me out at and

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