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When Should You Give Yourself A Gift?

You’re making your gift list and checking it twice, but did you remember to include yourself on that list? So many women focus on everyone else’s needs that they rarely take time to think about their own needs. You want to be generous and selfless, especially towards your family and friends, but you need to … Continue reading

3 Must Rent Flicks: Burt Wonderstone – Movie 43 – The Call

Jim Carrey is in it so you know it’s funny. Steve Carell doesn’t always make me laugh, but the pairing of him with Steve Buscemi is ridiculous! PS: Jim Carrey’s parts are the best! This one takes pushing the envelope to another level. Balls on Hugh Jackman’s neck is only the beginning and it’s all … Continue reading

Get Toned With Madonna’s Sweat Workout

Have you ever looked at Madonna and wondered how she has managed to keep that great body year after year? If so, you might find the answer in her new Addicted to Sweat workout. Take a moment to find out if Madonna’s Sweat workout will help you sweat off those extra pounds. What is the … Continue reading

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 74

Day 74 – March 15, 2013: I finally got a copy of Michael Jackson’s BAD concert at Wembly and let me just say after watching it my Michael mojo is up and running! The DVD is in the Dangermas tree, but I’m sure it won’t be in there for long! If you’d like to donate … Continue reading

What’s Different About Watching Movies In Blu Ray?

DVD and Blu Ray disc both look the same actually because they both consist of 12cm optical discs, but this is the point where the resemblance or similarity comes to an end. Blu ray are encoded and perform or read using the blue lasers. Their shorter wavelength is capable of affording a storage capacity up … Continue reading

Black History Month Spotlight: Cashel Sapphire Campbell – Actor & Burlesque Performer

Name and Occupation:  Cashel Sapphire Campbell, Actor/Belly Dance and Burlesque Performer & Instructor/Dance Therapy Student. What do you love most about being a Black woman? I love the color of my skin. I love the legacy of my ancestors that live within my bones. I love inner strength that is implanted in my DNA. I … Continue reading

Why Sex Before Marriage Is the Moral Thing to Do

Americans love to tout the value of waiting until marriage to have sex. We teach abstinence-only education in schools across the country, and even comprehensive sex-ed programs often point out that “abstinence is best.” Pop stars from Britney Spears to Jessica Simpson, to the Jonas Brothers, to Miley Cyrus, to Justin Bieber routinely assert that … Continue reading

Alternative Workouts That Will Get You Fit

Exercise is the secret to achieving overall fitness and good health. Becoming a hard body is a goal that many of us have, but reaching this goal is more difficult than most people imagine. Starting a new diet or an exercise program is easy, but sticking to the program to achieve long-term results is difficult. … Continue reading

Top Story: Sex Sells – True or False?

Cinema executives once lived by the old saying “sex sells”, which made nudity a key feature in any film. Such a key feature that even the makers of religious films pushed to have at least one bathing scene in their movies. Eventually however, the big six learned that the less graphic sex the better. Why? … Continue reading

8 Socially Acceptible Defense Weapons

We’re all familiar with the term offensive weapons, but can we ever classify some weapons as inoffensive or in fact socially acceptable? It is somewhat of a grey area but in this extract we aim to highlight certain weapons which could feasibly be considered innocuous. See the collection that has been put together below. The … Continue reading

Movie Review: Tower Heist

It wasn’t funny at all. Hated how the all star cast played off of one another. Hated the plot. Hated that Eddie Murphy sounds like The Donkey from Shrek throughout the entire film. Please do not say, “Of course he sounds like The Donkey. The Donkey is Eddie Murphy.” Watch an Eddie Murphy film prior to … Continue reading

Movie Review: Sucker Punch

A sucker punch is described as an unexpected blow. Sucker Punch, the film, is all about women giving men unexpected blows (no pun intended. Really!), but the film also seems to be an excuse for women to be sexy badasses. I’m not mad about that fact, but other than that and the exciting visual effects … Continue reading


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