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Dangerous Lee National Poetry Month Spotlight: Hair

Are Dreadlocks Good or Bad?

Note: This is written from the POV of a young White person.

Dreadlocks rock!

-Dangerous Lee

The other day, my friend who had been growing his hair out for several months decided he wanted to get dreads. We all thought it was a really cool idea. So, we all gathered together, sat around him and separated his hair into a bunch of sections. There was an expert “dreader” there who had done it before.

He gave us the directions and we followed diligently. After four hours, we had one really sore scalp, three pairs of hands that were raw from rubbing the dreads together and six kids who were really glad it was all over. It was definitely a fun experience and hopefully our friend’s head won’t hurt for too much longer.

There are good and bad things about dreadlocks that you should investigate before ever getting them.

The Good

1. They look really cool
There is no denying the fact that dreadlocks are sweet. They can transform a regular looking person into a really cool looking person. Fact is you will probably get a lot of new friends. People with dreads usually exist under a certain stereotype. They are those cool kids that are really laid back and mellow. You could be associated as one of them!

2. You don’t have to do your hair in the morning
For guys and girls, this is a great advantage. You wake up in the morning and instead of spending hours trying to make your hair stay flat, you can just get out of the shower and go. Having dreadlocks will help save a lot of time in the morning. As soon as you roll out of bed, you are set for the day.

3. Teachers may notice you over others
Although you might think that professors automatically don’t like people with dreads, you are wrong. Teachers may notice you above other students because of your interesting new hairstyle. This means you could get in some face time with your teacher. They will know who you are and you can use them as a mentor when you need help from them.

laurenhillThe Bad

1. Teachers will think you don’t care
The downfall of having dreads is that some teachers may think that you just don’t care. They may put you in a stereotype that you don’t care about grades, school or anything that is really important. If you can tell that a teacher obviously doesn’t like you because of your hair, make sure that you are being an extra good student. If you need to act like a teacher’s pet, do it! Better that than to get a bad grade in your class because of a hairstyle.

2. It hurts to get them
After watching the pain on my friend’s face as we pulled and ratted his hair, I think I can attest to how much it hurts. Getting dreads involves pulling the hair and combing it into a tangled mess. This is not a pleasant process. Maybe take an aspirin or two it needs be. If you don’t think you can handle pain, don’t bother trying to get dreads.

3. Employers will think you are unprofessional
Another bad thing about dreads is that it sometimes has a bad connotation like tattoos. Sometimes employers won’t hire people because their hair is too long or grungy or because they have tattoos. Dreads may put you into this category of being a no-good punk kid who won’t do what he’s told. If you need a job, get one before you get dreads. That way you can prove yourself to your employer that you are a good worker before you make the change.

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