Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: That Nasty Word – Abuse

Since 2001, more American women have been killed by their husbands or boyfriends than all US citizens killed in 9/11, the Iraqi war, and the Afghani war combined. Domestic abuse is rife—a vicious ongoing undercurrent beneath a civilized veneer. Even nowadays, an abused woman is usually too frightened or embarrassed to talk about it, not…

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Jodine Basterash

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Jodine Basterash – Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate

Name and Occupation: Jodine Basterash, Marketing Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate, Actress, Model, Mother, Grandmother, Spokesperson. Facilitator and Women Empowerment Speaker. What do you love about being a woman? The strength that we carry. What do you hate about being a woman? Menstrual Periods…lol. Who influences you? My children, domestic violence victims and survivors, and…

Mildred Muhammad 2

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Mildred Muhammad

Name and occupation: Mildred Muhammad — International spokesperson on domestic  violence, women’s rights advocate, author of “Scared Silent” and founder of After the Trauma, a nonprofit organization that helps survivors of domestic abuse to rebuild their lives What do you love most about being a woman? What I love most about being a woman is…