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Sex and Relationships with Mikaya Heart: That Nasty Word – Abuse

Since 2001, more American women have been killed by their husbands or boyfriends than all US citizens killed in 9/11, the Iraqi war, and the Afghani war combined. Domestic abuse is rife—a vicious ongoing undercurrent beneath a civilized veneer. Even nowadays, an abused woman is usually too frightened or embarrassed to talk about it, not … Continue reading

How To Avoid Becoming An Overly Attached Girlfriend

When a woman fancies herself in love with a man, it can be an overwhelming experience. He will become a huge part of her thoughts and she will be filled with happiness and thrill whenever she thinks of him. Being in love definitely is an excellent feeling. Unfortunately, it can also be somewhat maddening. When … Continue reading

How To Help Someone Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship

You see all of the warning signs. At first, your friend seemed happy to be in a new relationship, but suddenly things started to change. Her new partner frequently belittles her in public. She stops seeing you as frequently because he tells her where and when to go. Whenever she asserts herself, he explodes and … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Jodine Basterash – Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate

Name and Occupation: Jodine Basterash, Marketing Domestic Violence Survivor & Advocate, Actress, Model, Mother, Grandmother, Spokesperson. Facilitator and Women Empowerment Speaker. What do you love about being a woman? The strength that we carry. What do you hate about being a woman? Menstrual Periods…lol. Who influences you? My children, domestic violence victims and survivors, and … Continue reading

The Best Self-Defense Tactics for Women

Author: Filip Women are often victims of violence, especially domestic violence, assaults, robbery and rape. A statistic shows that one out of three women in the USA will be a victim of a violent incident during her lifetime. This depressing figure doesn’t meant that women across the States, but around the world as well, aren’t … Continue reading

How to Tell If You Are in An Abusive Relationship

Domestic abuse encompasses many forms of abusive relationships. This could pertain to spousal or partner abuse, as well as child abuse. If you are in a relationship with a person, it’s important to protect yourself and your rights. You have every right to feel loved and protected, and anyone who undermines your safety and security … Continue reading

5 Infamous Woman Beating Celebrities

We all know the saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Today, celebrities are our modern day versions of the all mighty. With their hot and cold temperaments, spastic mood swings, and gobs of money, celebrity romances are a train wreck waiting to happen.  But sometimes the emotional highs and lows of being rich and famous take … Continue reading

Women’s History Month Spotlight: Mildred Muhammad

Name and occupation: Mildred Muhammad — International spokesperson on domestic  violence, women’s rights advocate, author of “Scared Silent” and founder of After the Trauma, a nonprofit organization that helps survivors of domestic abuse to rebuild their lives What do you love most about being a woman? What I love most about being a woman is … Continue reading

Why Do Women and Mothers Allow This to Happen?

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Clint. Was life in prison to harsh for Mr. Jackson? Should the mother spend time in jail? Does she need to seek or be offered help? Is the judge incorrect by saying that the mother is not a victim? Protect your children from sexual abuse, visit http://www.d2l.org


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