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Celebrity Stylist, Corey Roche’s DIY Fashion Emergency Remedies

This article was created just for the Dangerous Lee Network. Thanks, Corey! No matter your finances everyone should base their wardrobe off of staple/statement pieces. Using this method will expand your wardrobe providing you with multiple options and looks. In short, creating the illusion of a larger wardrobe. Staple/statement pieces are (but not limited to): … Continue reading

5 Ways To Re-Use Old Business Cards

Business cards are both the ultimate tool to transform and represent your business and fantastic resource for creating new products, a fun distraction or a new business idea in themselves. How so? You can re-use them that’s how! Whether you choose to invent a game, a craft session for the kids or some way of … Continue reading

8 DIY Ideas To Make Your House Look Bigger

Do you have a small home? Is there adequate space for placing your bed, chair, desk and nightstand? If facing space difficulties, then here are 8 awesome DIY suggestions to help make your house look bigger than it actually is. Rearrange your Furniture: Push that twin bed against your wall. Place the pillows adjacent to … Continue reading

5 Ways to Reuse Vinyl Records

Record Bowl The most popular way to re-use old records. It’s pretty easy too; just ventilate your kitchen, and pre-heat your oven. Place the record over an oven proof dish, then put a bag of dried beans (in cloth not plastic) on the record. Remove from the oven (using mitts) then quickly shape it (wearing … Continue reading

10 Tips to Save Money in the New Year

Face it, we all wish that money grew on trees, but to our dismay, we know that’s not the case. You work hard for the money you make, so why waste it when you don’t even realize how much you’re spending? Here are 10 money-saving tips to help your personal finance situation in the new … Continue reading


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