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How You Can Lose Fat Without Giving Up Your Favorite Foods

That title sounds like the beginning of a long marketing pitch about a new wonder drug that burns fat without you having to do anything. It’s not. Let’s get one thing straight. You can’t binge on junk food all day without putting on fat. This simply isn’t possible. Nature doesn’t allow this sort of thing. … Continue reading

Top Story: 4 Weight Loss Tips Tailored For Women

If you are a woman who’s trying to lose weight, you must first realize that your body chemistry is different than a mans. It’s no secret that women tend to store excess fat in the thighs, hips and chest, while men primarily store it in their stomachs. Studies have shown that women also have a … Continue reading

Unhealthy Foods Can Help In Weight Loss!

A strict diet can undermine your weight-loss effort. So, to keep shunning the pounds, you might need to break your dieting rules and switch to unhealthy foods sometimes that can actually prove beneficial to your weight loss regime. This may sound a little weird, but yes, unhealthy foods can really help in weight loss! But, … Continue reading

5 “Healthy” Foods That Make You Gain Fat

It seems that most people in the world are looking for ways to lose weight. There are many types of foods that are recommended if one wants to lose weight. These are the so called “healthy foods”. However with so much information going around it may become hard for one to determine what exactly “healthy … Continue reading

The Morning Banana Diet

Bananas are not just for chimpanzees these days, considering there have been talks of a newly developed nutrition program. This program calls for people to consume ONLY bananas for breakfast. In fact, the purchases of bananas in Japan have amounted to a staggering 70 percent ever since this weight-loss program was introduced! This diet plan … Continue reading

Is it Better to Eat Out or Cook Your Own Food?

  There’s a great deal of debate out there about the merits of preparing meals at home versus going out to eat. Like many people, you probably prepare some of your meals at home and go out to eat on occasion. If you had to choose one thing or the other, though, which one would … Continue reading

How to Navigate the Grocery Store for Optimum Nutrition

Grocery shopping can come under the heading of all kinds of descriptions and often enough, it may depend on the mood you’re in. Whether it’s running in almost every night after work to get dinner and it feels like a nuisance, to a longer outing to stock up for the next week or two, no … Continue reading


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