Chris Tucker Live: A Review

I had the pleasure of seeing Chris Tucker live at the beautiful FOX Theatre in Detroit last night. He was hilarious! Had tons of material and was entertaining as hell. The show, surprisingly, was not a sell out but if you weren’t in attendance you really missed out.

His was the second live stand up that I’ve seen at the FOX Theatre. The first was Martin Lawrence and he didn’t put on a good show at all. He even threw in some old ass jokes for the road. Just lazy.

This was not my first time seeing Chris Tucker live. When I was a youngster (and so was Chris) I saw him perform at a local club in Flint.

The show was cancelled during his performance because he got into a fight with a girl who was heckling him in the audience. I remember that leaving a bad taste in my mouth for him and his comedy over the years but somehow by the time the first Rush Hour came out he was back in my good graces.

I still can’t believe he fought a woman, tho. To be young, crazy, high and dumb…

chris tucker

Chris Tucker Re-tweeted Me! “Christmas Tucker” is in reference to a joke he tells about Michael Jackson giving him a new name. Too funny!!!


Music Spotlight: A Conversation About Gay Pride With Odd Hours

Odd Hours

Tim and Natasha of Odd Hours

Natasha and Tim of Odd Hours are some talented mofos (besides music).

Tim is responsible for the photography of my book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down.

Natasha is the director of Tunde Olaniran’s bad ass music video, Cobra; which I have a role in 😉

Their trashy art rock group, Odd Hours, will be performing live Saturday, June 29th during Flint’s Pride In The Park celebration.

I got their take on Gay Pride and Gay Icons.

Check it out…

What does Gay Pride mean to you?

NATASHA: For me, Gay Pride highlights and helps expand equality for everyone and hopefully reinforces the beautiful breakdown of ugly gender stereotypes. I hope that one day all people will realize that our bodies are only here for us to walk around in- they have nothing to do with our minds, hearts, or souls.

TIM: Really, I think it boils down to lending a sense of normalcy to a lifestyle that can be seen as ‘alternative’ to some. I think Gay Pride is the first thing that has to happen on the way to losing that ‘alternative lifestyle’ label, among others.

Name a Gay icon that influences you!

NATASHA: I love how powerful and absolutely terrifying Grace Jones is. Whatever wave she’s floating on is where I want to be when I’m on stage — super focused and strong. She inspires me to push myself past my comfort zone when it comes to fashion and my body.

Who is your gay/lesbian celebrity crush?

NATASHA: I don’t have celeb crushes. I only have crushes on people I can kiss in real life.

TIM: Do you mean they are gay/ lesbian, or a crush I have on a gay or lesbian person? Closest I can think of is Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney and Portlandia. Hilarious, and badass singer/ guitarist, and also adorable.

What’s the oddest thing about Odd Hours as a band?

NATASHA: It’s odd that we can transition so nicely from our organized professional day lives to a dirty, sweaty, sexy mess that we become on stage — but I guess being organized is sexy too.

TIM: This is completely true. I’ve gone directly from reporting on a school board meeting for my job as a reporter with shirt, tie and everything, to throwing my clothes off, and setting up on stage for a show an hour later.

Besides music, how do you express your art and creativity?

NATASHA:  I’m a video artist. Images are just as important in my life as sound. I teach video production and animation and I also co-own a video production company, called Gold House.

TIM: I’m a photographer, writer and I also do documentary work. I did a documentary in Benghazi, Libya. Now I’m working on one from Appalachia, and the Michigan State Police.


Odd Hours Logo

Odd Hours (OH) is a four-piece post-punk rock band based in Detroit. Formed in 2010, OH has played major Detroit festivals and released two EPs, which can be heard on The OH line-up has been fleshed out with the addition of Clint Stuart on bass guitar, and Randy Hanley Jr. on drums. Leading the band are Natasha Beste on vocals and keyboard, and Tim Jagielo on guitar.

(The drummer in the video is Hakeem Ouhammou. He filled in for two shows while Hanley began to learn the songs.)

Flint Positive Spotlight: Author Rajah E. Smart Releases “Black Rain”

Is Black Rain biographical?
No…Black Rain was developed from a real life incident in Detroit between two young professionals: one being a Black male and a White female. The story caught my attention because they were involved in a car collision, and were robbed while waiting almost two hours for the police. Two individuals that would not likely even talk to one another if not for the event, gave me the idea to produce “Black Rain.” They both cited being with one another helped lessen the stress. However, I did utilize some aspects of my life for this book, but not extensively. The story involves two people just trying to learn how to break through cultural bias to be friends.
Is that your wife on the cover?
Good catch…yes, that is my wife. She was waiting while the photographer took pictures of the actual model for the cover. The photographer snapped that photo of my wife and it just caught my attention. I decided to go with the photo.
Will you be doing any signing events in Flint?
I do not have anything currently arranged. However, I need to contact Deanna Ziots for the author forum. I’m sure you know her. She contacted me a month or so ago and I have not had the opportunity to connect with her.

Are YOU Flint Positive?

Janet Jackson Live: A Review

Our view of the stage after Janet left the building.

Let me start out by saying how much I hate driving to (and from) Detroit. As we got closer to the “D” there was about 30 minutes of unnecessary traffic on the highway. I say unnecessary because once we got to the end of it and started driving at a faster pace, there wasn’t an accident, construction, or anything else  in the way. Just unnecessary!

Once we got to the FOX theatre we had a hell of a time getting to the FOX parking ramp (which I had purchased a prepaid pass for), then once we got to the ramp it was full! There was also a Tigers game going on at the same time across the street at Comerica Park, so that may explain the extra traffic in the area. By the time we were directed to a parking lot with available parking, it was close to 8:30pm. The show had apparently started promptly at 8:00pm because when we got inside Janet was well into a  performance of “Control” and those that had arrived early enough were enjoying it. Guess what? I had to pee, so I made a  stop in the bathroom before we took our seats; more show missed.

However, we were not alone in our lateness because there were still tons of other people that were waiting outside to find a parking spot. I am starting to wonder if the FOX theatre has a curfew because each time that I have been there I am out by 10:00pm. Wasup with that?!

Anyway, not being able to see the show from the beginning was a major buzz kill and I never fully recovered from it and to top it off our seats were horrible! We also had to deal with a couple making multiple bathroom and drink trips. That gets on my damn nerves!

I prefer seeing Janet perform in a large stadium with costume changes and an elaborate stage show, the “Up Close and Personal” style of the #1’s tour does not compliment her at all. Also, when images and corny graphics were shown on the large screen, the top half was cut off to everyone in my area of the theatre. I also didn’t understand why images of Janet performing were not shown on the screen for those of us in the nosebleed seats. I couldn’t even make out her facial features from where we sat.

There were also songs that Janet’s band performed snippets of while she was off stage taking a break that we would of much rather seen her perform while she was on stage. It was truly disappointing and I am missing her brother and my first love, Michael Jackson even more. I want my money back!

A bad quality image of me and my daughter, Senia, after the show. Look how happy I am pretending to be. She had fun, though!

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Katerina Graham

Katerina Graham

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Duke Williams

Duke Williams

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Eliza Neals