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5 Must-Have Desk Toys

Most of us now have a home office. Like it or not, we often have to bring work home. The home office could be a free-standing home office unit, custom designed for your breakfast nook. It could be a fitted study, designed into your bedroom where you’re writing the great Canadian novel. Or it could be a fitted home office built into your spare room, with your ample desk space soon covered with empty cups of coffee.

But no home office is complete without desk toys! Desk toys have come a long way since the clacking chrome balls of the Newton’s Cradle first started annoying co-workers in 1967.

Here are the 5 must-have desk toys on the market today.

Ferrofluid Magnetic Display


The ferrofluid flask from Concept Zero does everything you want in a desk toy: it’s quiet, it’s distracting, and it’s super fun to play with. It’s basically a flask of magnetic liquid: a glob of ferrofluid suspended in liquid. You use small magnets to make 3D shapes and patterns out of the tiny particles of iron, which are attracted to the magnetic fields.

You can spend many happy hours in your home office playing with magnets…though you can say you’re doing science!

Hattie the Elephant

This beautiful desk toy from Areaware  (designed by David Weeks) is made of beech components, connected by elastic bands. Like any good toy, it’s poseable. The smooth, tactile wood is a great contrast to the high tech digital world of most home offices.

With Hattie, you’ll never ignore the elephant in the room.

Foldable Star Sculpture


These bronze stars from DWR are a very cool desk toys. They feel great due to their tensional integrity, and were designed to be interacted with.

They’re almost impossible to put down. But you can reassure yourself that playing with the stars is not a waste of time—they were designed to have a neuroscientific dimension! By making the shapes, you’re rewarding your brain with a release of dopamine which could stimulate brain function.

Levitron Globe World Stage

This looks great in any home office, and is sure to impress any visitors: from business colleagues to kids. This globe, by Fascinations, floats and rotates by the battery-powered magnetic drive in the desk toy’s electromagnetic base.

It could even be classed as educational, but if you’re not interested in learning geography, you could use it to plan your next vacation!

Spy Pen Video Camera


This last one isn’t exactly a desk toy, because it’s actually practical, but we think it’s a sophisticated addition for any home office! This high tech Spy Pen Video Camera will help you feel like James Bond, as you sit at your desk, dreaming of adventure. It’s a real, working pen, plus a working video camera with USB connectivity.



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How to Feng Shui Your Office

You might think that the principles of Feng Shui only work in decorating your home. Feng Shui can also be applied to the office. You already know that a messy, disorganized, chaotic office does nothing for your creativity and productivity. Let’s take one step further to boost your job performance with these simple Feng Shui tips.

Family photos

Most people have photos of their loved ones on their desks. This is to remind them of what’s important. This reminds you why you are working. Just make sure that the photo you display reminds you of good times. Make sure that it is inspiring. For example, vacation photos are popular choices. If something stressful happened at a particular vacation, skip that photo. It will only remind you of that problematic time and will give you anxiety in the office. Choose ones that have happy, uplifting memories to inspire you to work. If photos are not your thing, opt for an object or a thing that symbolizes positivity. Use a memento, a souvenir, an award, etc. to help you stay focused and motivated.

Colors are powerful

You probably know this by now. Colors evoke different emotions. Red symbolizes aggressiveness and anxiety so don’t paint your office in this color. Consider painting your office blue to create a sense of calm in your workplace. You can also paint it in soft greens to boost your creativity. Gray is used to evoke sophistication. Your choice of colors are powerful. They can make or break your mood.

Put plants

You don’t need the high maintenance kind. Just put ones that are easy to take care of. Bamboo is a good example. Plants help to clean the air and gives a vibrant life force to the surrounding. You will also find that you can breathe easier with a plant in your room.


Aromatherapy is not just for spas. Like colors, scents are very powerful. For example, lemon oil uplifts your spirits. It helps you to keep motivated. If you feel like you’re in a rut. Stop what you’re doing and take a whiff of your chosen oil to get your juju back.

Your desk

Never place your back against the door. You will subconsciously feel vulnerable because you don’t know what’s going on there. You can also be startled when someone suddenly enters your office. Always have your desk facing the door but not directly aligned with it. You can have a window or a wall behind you to make you feel in control.

Goals and mantras

Write your personal goal or a mantra for the day on a post it and stick it to your computer or your board. It will help you finish your task quicker and will keep you focused on your goal. Be sure to change your daily mantras so that you will really stick to them and be able to do them.

These simple ancient practices will help you feel more relaxed, calm, focused and motivated. It will result to an increase in productivity that will in turn affect your bottom line in a positive way.

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