5 Must-Have Desk Toys

camera pen

Most of us now have a home office. Like it or not, we often have to bring work home. The home office could be a free-standing home office unit, custom designed for your breakfast nook. It could be a fitted … Continue reading

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Is Sitting At Your Desk All Day Killing You?


It isn’t a secret that creating an ergonomic work environment is beneficial to your health. Dishing out for ergonomic office furniture such as a lumbar supportive desk chair can really make the difference in the battle between you and repetitive … Continue reading

Why Is Looking At Clutter Stressful?


Our visual sense has a strong effect on our mood. Whilst some people can work on a desk that is covered with papers, with empty coffee cups festooning any empty surface, computer cables in a tangle and pens scattered everywhere, … Continue reading