Fashion Must Haves For Christmas


It is time to start dreaming of a white Christmas again and get yourself ready for the festive season. Christmas is a holiday perfect for spending time together with your friends and family. There are a lot of parties you … Continue reading

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Top 10 Most Baffling Lady Gaga Getups

cheese wheel

Lady Gaga is the Queen of creative fashion, and one of the few people who can make a dress made out of raw meat look good. Every once in a while, however, she comes out with a creation so confusing … Continue reading

Infographic: Celeb Style Essentials

Nicki Minaj sits next to Vogue Editor, Anna, Wintour at the Carolina Herrera show during Fashion Week. Look at her facial expression; I know she can't be frowning at the clothes teh models are wearing. Wow...

A lot of women are into fashion and to be “in,” it is essential to know what’s trending in fashion. Being updated is important when you are a fashion-enthusiast since trends change very fast. What is trendy now may not … Continue reading

High End Temporary Tattoos: Amazing Body Art Without The Pain Or Permanence

temp tattoo

  Whether you realize it or not, you probably thrive off change. Renewing your identity by switching up your look can work wonders to energize your life and help you pull yourself out of a depressive slump. Change your hairstyle, … Continue reading

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Are Fashion Trends And Styles Impacted By The Music Industry?


Throughout the previous decades music performers have played a large part in changes in the fashion industry. There are many singers who have their own clothing line or have made appearances for designer clothing brands and labels. People are naturally … Continue reading

5 Ways To Re-Use Old Business Cards


Business cards are both the ultimate tool to transform and represent your business and fantastic resource for creating new products, a fun distraction or a new business idea in themselves. How so? You can re-use them that’s how! Whether you … Continue reading