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Fashion Must Haves For Christmas

It is time to start dreaming of a white Christmas again and get yourself ready for the festive season. Christmas is a holiday perfect for spending time together with your friends and family. There are a lot of parties you might attend and generally it is a nice time to get those fashion items out … Continue reading

9 Legitimate Online Jobs and a Few Illegitimate Ones

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at home with the kids while you earn money too? That’s a dream come true for a lot of parents. And it’s not only about spending time with the kids, it’s also enjoying the flexibility of your own schedule. If you choose to take this route, be glad to … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Baffling Lady Gaga Getups

Lady Gaga is the Queen of creative fashion, and one of the few people who can make a dress made out of raw meat look good. Every once in a while, however, she comes out with a creation so confusing that it’s difficult to see where she got her inspiration from. The following examples are … Continue reading

Suitable Fashion Advice For Every Age

Every little girl would like to be a princess one day. Playful dresses with many intricate, colorful details and every little girl can feel like a king’s daughter. Most of them will insist on the dress being some kind of pink as it’s many girls’ favorite color. But the pink craze does not stop at … Continue reading

Infographic: Wearing Pop Culture On Your Chest

You may not stop to think too much about it, but almost every T-shirt design that has been popular over the past few decades is either born from popular culture or inspires a generation to take up a cause. For example the yellow smiley face design may seem ingrained into our subconscious, but did you … Continue reading

Infographic: Celeb Style Essentials

A lot of women are into fashion and to be “in,” it is essential to know what’s trending in fashion. Being updated is important when you are a fashion-enthusiast since trends change very fast. What is trendy now may not be trendy anymore in the next months, while some old fashion styles tend to come … Continue reading

How To Create A Dangerous Look For Fall

This autumn offers some nice options to play with when it comes to women’s clothing. It is a season when you can either go with a more rebellious and playful look or go with a much more modest and serene look. Although you can be more playful in your evening and weekend clothing, the more … Continue reading

High End Temporary Tattoos: Amazing Body Art Without The Pain Or Permanence

  Whether you realize it or not, you probably thrive off change. Renewing your identity by switching up your look can work wonders to energize your life and help you pull yourself out of a depressive slump. Change your hairstyle, buy some new clothes and consider exploring the world of temporary body art. 1. Style, … Continue reading

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Are Fashion Trends And Styles Impacted By The Music Industry?

Throughout the previous decades music performers have played a large part in changes in the fashion industry. There are many singers who have their own clothing line or have made appearances for designer clothing brands and labels. People are naturally fascinated with celebrities, and singers have always played a part in setting the tone for … Continue reading

Hoop Earrings Make A Dangerous Impression

Hoop earrings have always been a hit with women of all ages and they seem to have a made a big impact on the fashion scene off late. You see them being sported by runway models while they flaunt their gorgeous clothes and Hollywood Divas are making them their style statement on the red carpet. … Continue reading

5 Ways To Re-Use Old Business Cards

Business cards are both the ultimate tool to transform and represent your business and fantastic resource for creating new products, a fun distraction or a new business idea in themselves. How so? You can re-use them that’s how! Whether you choose to invent a game, a craft session for the kids or some way of … Continue reading

How To Get The Look With A Boyfriend Blazer

As the name suggests, clothes with the word, ‘boyfriend’ in the title originates from the wearer having a sneaky rummage through their boyfriend’s clothes and then deciding to try some of them on for size. This trend began with celebrities, but as it grew in popularity, ‘ordinary people’ as well as those who did not … Continue reading

Worst Accessories To Wear With Black

Black never goes out of fashion. It is the color that often stands out and creates an impression that you know your style. It is also a color that works well for both men and women and can be easily worn on any occasion from weddings to funerals! You can always rely on this color … Continue reading

How To Sneakily Increase Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Sense

You’ve found the perfect guy but his dress sense is lacking. That can be changed. It only takes a few steps. The following article lists some simple ways to encourage your man to take more pride in his clothes and general appearance. It’s Not A Race You to keep in mind that this is not … Continue reading


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