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Same Sex Marriages Legal in England and Wales

The government has announced that same sex couples will be able to marry in England and Wales from March 29, 2014 which is earlier than expected. While certain rather backward members of the establishment and society will undoubtedly be indignant, the move is right and just and will bring a welcome boost to the wedding … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Water Purifier

Clean drinking water is essential to life and should you find yourself in a situation where there is no clean drinking water available then you will have to purify the water yourself. Here is how you can build your own water purifier. You will want to start out with 2 large plastic containers. One will … Continue reading

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Creativity

Creativity plays an important role in both our personal lives and our careers. It can provide a valuable release to those who take up writing or art as a hobby, enhance your social life by providing you with the ability to interact well with other people and it can make you indispensable within a company … Continue reading

Same Sex Marriages Ending In Divorce

Allowing same sex marriages is still a topic for debate in many states. There are a total of thirty-seven states in the US that still don’t accept same sex unions. Getting married to the person you love if you are the same sex therefore is a challenge if you don’t live in a state that … Continue reading

Christmas Cards Can Be Charitable

Christmas is renowned for being a time for giving, where families and friends meet up to exchange thoughtful presents as a token of their appreciation. However, Christmas is also renowned for being one of the busiest times of the year for charities – as people are finalizing their shopping lists, preparing to make travel arrangements … Continue reading

10 Weird And Wonderful Facts You Never Knew About Alcohol

We have used alcohol for a variety of reasons over the years, most commonly as a beverage and an aide to surgery. However, most people aren’t even aware that the first recipe for beer was the first ever recipe produced (for anything) in the world. There are various amazing, funny and fantastic facts about alcohol … Continue reading

Autumn: It’s The Perfect Time To Network

Who doesn’t love the Fall? It is the perfect time for BBQs, picnics and seeing the leaves change in the mountains. But did you also know that it is the ideal time for networking? Don’t think the only thing you can do during the Fall is rake leaves – there’s actually a lot you can … Continue reading

Attention Technology Whores & Poor People: 10 Ways To Afford An iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most controversial gadgets of all time. With everything from its luxury price tag to it’s operating system constantly up for debate among mobile lovers. Whether or not you’re into arguing the pros and cons of the iPhone, there is no denying that people want it. A Lot! While there is … Continue reading

Bariatric Surgery Could Improve Sex Drive

Many people undergo bariatric surgery because they want to improve their appearance and health. A new study has shown that there is another major benefit that can be reaped from undergoing bariatric surgery. People who undergo bariatric surgery may be able to improve their sex drive. The study was performed by a team of researchers … Continue reading

How To Make Losing Weight Fun

With the holidays here, many people are beginning to get paranoid about their weight. People in Western climes are also bundling up for the winter and eating more hearty foods intended to warm them to the cockles of their hearts. Unfortunately, the weight gain that comes with hibernating instincts is hard to battle, especially when … Continue reading

How To Successfully Create A Brand

Brand is a buzzword that constantly resides at the tip of marketers and business’s tongues, and has quickly become an essential for any company wishing to achieve continued success. With the definition of branding varying from company to company, businesses looking to develop their brand should be aware that it is largely a personal concept … Continue reading

3 Reasons Meetings Are A Waste Of Time

Almost everyone who has attended meetings has complained about their time being wasted. Managers are trained in the “secret tips” of leading successful meetings, yet meetings are still frequently ineffective and poorly managed. It’s difficult to have effective meeting patterns simply because meetings are not just a part of business processes; there is an inherently … Continue reading

How To Explore The World Cheaply

We live on such an incredible planet that it makes me sad to think so many people out there have no desire to explore it. If I had my time again I would spend every extra penny I have traveling and seeing those places of the world our parents could only have dreamed about. Things … Continue reading

Top Story: The Most Badass Hobbies In The World

We start hobbies for many reasons. Sometimes it’s so that we can develop ourselves and learn a new useful skill. Sometimes it’s as a form of ‘meditation’ almost so that we can relax and calm down after a busy day at work. Other times it’s just because we find that hobby fascinating and find ourselves … Continue reading


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