Now You Can Pay For A 5 Star Jail Cell


When you book a flight or a hotel room, you can pay for upgrades in comfort or service. You can buy a first class seat, have a little more elbowroom and get your drinks first. You can even reserve a … Continue reading

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5 Christmas Gifts You Deserve To Get


As Christmas season fast approaches everyone is rushing around buying gifts for the loved ones. Although the act of giving is a great thing and will definitely bring a smile on your face, you also deserve some pampering yourself. So … Continue reading

How To Make Your Own Water Purifier


Clean drinking water is essential to life and should you find yourself in a situation where there is no clean drinking water available then you will have to purify the water yourself. Here is how you can build your own … Continue reading

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Creativity


Creativity plays an important role in both our personal lives and our careers. It can provide a valuable release to those who take up writing or art as a hobby, enhance your social life by providing you with the ability … Continue reading

Christmas Cards Can Be Charitable

all i want for christmas is you

Christmas is renowned for being a time for giving, where families and friends meet up to exchange thoughtful presents as a token of their appreciation. However, Christmas is also renowned for being one of the busiest times of the year … Continue reading

10 Weird And Wonderful Facts You Never Knew About Alcohol


We have used alcohol for a variety of reasons over the years, most commonly as a beverage and an aide to surgery. However, most people aren’t even aware that the first recipe for beer was the first ever recipe produced … Continue reading