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6 Surefire Ways To Make Extra Money Fast

Whether you need extra money to pay off debt, deposit into your savings account, or simply make ends meet, there are many ways you can get started earning cash today. These businesses do not require any special skills or knowledge. In addition, you can start on a shoestring budget because they can be advertised inexpensively … Continue reading

The 16 Worst Types of Selfies

Hello, cyber friends. I would like to address something that is causing me great anxiety and has become the bastard child of social media. Now don’t get me right, I love social media. Twitters, The Facebook, Instantgrams, Youporn–they are all amazing and consume just about 90% of my waking hours. However, with the good comes … Continue reading

Funny Grammar From Craigslist – The Best Of The Best

Craigslist is a great resource for people to find a variety of local items, events and jobs. By posting a simple ad on the site, you can sell items you no longer need, buy items you want at a cheaper price, find jobs or gigs, hire people for jobs or gigs, find places to live … Continue reading

Solo Parenting: Tight Budget? Barter!

As much as solo parents face emotional problems dealing with the absence of Dad (or Mom, if the solo parent is a widowed or custodial father), not all problems that challenge solo parents are of the interpersonal variety. Some are practical…like the shortage of funds that is frequently more severe in a one-parent family. These … Continue reading


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