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10 Top Winter Beauty Tips

Except for Christmas, reindeers and presents, cold weather also brings sullen skin, itchy scalp and other non-attractive things. Before panicking about your appearance, read a list of beauty tips that will make you shine this winter. 1) In winter we tend to feel less thirsty and often neglect drinking plenty of water. It is very … Continue reading

10 Easy Beauty Tips You’re Overlooking

There is an old adage that “It takes pain to be beautiful,” but this is certainly not always true. Many beauty secrets are much easier and more painless than we imagine though they are so simple, we may be overlooking them. Here are ten easy beauty tricks so simple you may not be taking advantage … Continue reading

How To Apply Metallic Lips

The Do’s and Dont’s of How to Get and Maintain Metallic Lips. It’s Easier Than You Think! The metallic runway trend from everyone from Oscar de la Renta to Dior is not just for clothing. Celebrity make-up artists have translated the look into a fall beauty staple: the bold, metallic lip. Whether you choose to … Continue reading

Understanding The Zombie Craze

George Romero, revered director of arguably the most famous zombie film, Night of the Living Dead, was once quoted as saying, “I have always liked the monster within idea. I like the zombies being us.” Romero’s opinion is a celebrated one today. Indeed, with the recent influx of zombie-centric entertainment it appears that Western society … Continue reading

Top Story: The Biggest Makeup Faux Pas That You Should Avoid At All Costs

Most of us teach ourselves how to apply make up to our face. The majority of us don’t get help from the professionals. We tend to improvise in our teens, experimenting with different colors and styles until we find a look that suits us. With no lessons to tell us what is right and wrong, … Continue reading

Skin Care Essentials You Must Focus On At The Age Of 30

Most women dread turning 30, because they know that this is the age where fine lines and wrinkles will start to develop on their face. Worse, for women who have been regular smokers or drinkers, these lines start to develop very rapidly, and can sometimes even start to appear on the face much sooner than … Continue reading

Fun Summer Makeup

Now that summer is here, you may be tired of wearing the same smoky eye makeup each and every day. It is time for you to switch it up and try something new. It is also time to break out a new color pallet and try wearing some new colors. Summer is the perfect season … Continue reading

8 Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is a wonderful, magical, romantic, relaxing time of year.  It is also hot, humid, and uncomfortable!  But just because it is hot doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous. To look fabulous, you need the best beauty products that were specially designed with summer in mind.  Many people focus on their skin during the sun-scorching … Continue reading

Top Story: Cleaning Tips To Save You Time

Nowadays we all lead such busy and fast-paced lifestyles that it can be hard to find the time to get on with the household chores. It’s understandable to feel like you are just far too hassled to have the time to clean your home properly – you need to know the tricks to save you … Continue reading

5 Ancient Skin Care Techniques

Ancient civilizations all over the world used a multitude of methods for skin care before the area of modern medicine and dermatology. We’ve put together a list of five ways people cared for their skin way back, some of which you might even consider using today. Many substances and techniques ancient people used in the … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interview: Nicci Leigh Teaches Us To Love Our Skin

Why do people need your book,  “Love Your Skin”? Because we deserve to. Many people are unhappy with their skin; with aging, dry skin, and acne, being the most common concerns. Caring for our skin goes beyond just cleansing it and slapping on some moisturizer and SPF. You don’t have to live with skin you’re … Continue reading

Top Story: 6 Alternative Uses For Nail Polish

Ask any woman how many bottles of nail polishes she owns and she probably wouldn’t be able to count. Women often have a surplus of bottles in multicolored hues that they use to adorn their nails with chic color and designs. Well-painted nails have long been a fashion statement ever since the first modern nail … Continue reading

5 Beauty Products You Can Make From Garden Herbs

A lot of today’s beauty products are filled with chemicals that can actually do a lot more harm than good. The good news is that you can make your own beauty products using herbs from your garden. Below are five products that you can make from herbs: Bath Oil It is very simple to make … Continue reading

How To Get Dark and Sultry Smoky Eyes

Many women feel that they cannot go out in public without wearing makeup and for many of these women, dark eye makeup is the look of choice. If you have always liked the way that smoky eyes look for quite some time, you may be wondering how you can get the look. Dark and sultry … Continue reading


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