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8 Reasons To Shop Online

With online shopping, you have nearly every product in the world available to you. Shopping online is becoming more popular as people find that it has benefits that you can’t get by walking in to a brick and mortar store. Besides convenience, shopping online is often cheaper, and that makes waiting for delivery worth it … Continue reading

How To Sneakily Increase Your Boyfriend’s Fashion Sense

You’ve found the perfect guy but his dress sense is lacking. That can be changed. It only takes a few steps. The following article lists some simple ways to encourage your man to take more pride in his clothes and general appearance. It’s Not A Race You to keep in mind that this is not … Continue reading

Fashion Faux Pas: Wearing One Color

While plain, simple clothes can offer a timeless appearance, wearing outfits that are limited to just one color can easily backfire.  Monotone outfits may not date easily, but if there no accents and no variations in shades, then you can end up with an outfit that looks boring and dull. Some people opt for single … Continue reading

How Your Man Should Dress for a Date

Know Your Enemy No, gentlemen, I’m not talking about your date here, well, not yet anyway!  However what you do need to do is consider the occasion and where it is you’re going.  A first date to the cinema to watch Scooby Doo is a far cry from a graduation ball or a black tie … Continue reading


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