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How To Wear Jackets With Dresses and Look Good!

Dresses form the wardrobe basics for any woman across the world. While it’s quite easy to pull of dresses during summers and spring, most of us are quite stumped when it comes to dressing up for winters. What jacket to wear with what dress? This is one question that confounds most women who want to … Continue reading

High Heels, Clothes And Accessories That Make You Look Thinner

If you’re not a natural born model the world of fashion might seem distant and not for you, with all these clothes designed for women with perfect figure. But fashion isn’t your enemy and clothes are not your foes, as long as you know how to make the best use of them. Every shape and … Continue reading

Fashion Tips And Tricks For Women with Big Breasteses

Men find heavy breasts sexy while women with small chests go to the extreme of surgery in a bid to get bigger breasts. While heavy busts look good and make women feel more confident, it can be very difficult to dress them. Most women with big busts try to wear clothing that hides that area. … Continue reading

Fashion Trend: Wearing Lingerie As Clothing

Celebrities have been doing it for years.  Carrie Bradshaw made it look flawless and Courtney Love practically made a career out of it.  Other celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Beyonce have been seen sporting the look over and over again, even as evening wear.  Have you been able to guess the trend?  Lingerie … Continue reading

Style Solutions for the 3 Basic Body Shapes

Some body types can pull off certain fashions better than others, and everybody wants to pick items that flatter them the most. Before we look at how to pick out the best styles for your body shape, heed this universal rule: Buy clothes based on fit, not size. Every store’s sizes are different, and just … Continue reading

10 Jackets That Every Woman Should Own

Winters are here. And as you feel a sudden nip in the air, you welcome a host of winter wear that make this season absolutely delightful. While coats and sweaters all figure very importantly in the wardrobe of a women, jackets is a fashionable and edgy outerwear that finely complements your winter style. There are … Continue reading

Top Story: 7 Deadly Lingerie Sins

The Lingerie Addict has a sermon for you today and we’re talking about the 7 Deadly Sins of Lingerie.  Don’t worry about it if you see yourself in one or two of these; I’ve done all of them at one time or another. But if you feel the need to make a confession (or just … Continue reading

How To Get Paid For Wearing Your Work Uniform

If you wear a uniform, and it doesn’t matter whether that is a full attire or simply a polo shirt with a logo on, are able to reclaim taxes back for washing their work wear.  This can be anything between $12 and $56 annually.  You have to register, at which point the payments can be … Continue reading

The Most Fashion-Forward Ways To Wear A Tee

T-shirts seem like such an obvious type of wear – we are so used to the simple shape of a tee that it feels so difficult to come up with an innovative way of wearing it. But when you think about it – a skirt or a pair of jeans are equally popular and worn … Continue reading

5 Reasons Your T-Shirt Is Unethical

Even though a lot of us are well aware of ethical concerns related to many of the foods we eat and also clothes we wear such as leather and more-so fur; we never really consider cotton as an issue. In fact, there are a lot of negatives surrounding conventionally farmed cotton and it is even … Continue reading

5 Fashion Tips For Not So Tall Women

Though I am still studying women’s fashion designing, I get a lot of friends everyday who want me to help them with dressing up for parties, the disco or for some other occasion. With time I have learned quite a few things that make me a favorite among my friends, as far as women’s fashion … Continue reading

Female Fashion – A Man’s Perspective

For the last couple of years I have been seeing girl after girl sporting ridiculous outfits with mesh revealing almost everything without any mystery. Outfits with mesh including mesh dresses, tops, bottoms, and one piece outfits have been seen on all types of girls from average Jane’s to top celebrities. Regardless of the celebrity approval … Continue reading

How To Look Good Dancing Even If You Suck

If you are worried about how you look on the dance floor, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. There are hundreds of people out there who are terrified by the thought of having to dance in public, not only because they get embarrassed but also because they just can’t dance. However, dancing doesn’t have … Continue reading

Victoria’s Actual Secret: 3 Mistakes Women Make With Their Bras

There are some universal items people think all women need to own.  A little black dress, a comfortable pair of heels, and a shade of lipstick you can put on without a mirror all come to mind, but there’s one thing that every woman truly can’t do without: a good fitting and dependable bra.  It … Continue reading


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