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Skin Care Essentials You Must Focus On At The Age Of 30

Most women dread turning 30, because they know that this is the age where fine lines and wrinkles will start to develop on their face. Worse, for women who have been regular smokers or drinkers, these lines start to develop very rapidly, and can sometimes even start to appear on the face much sooner than … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interview: Nicci Leigh Teaches Us To Love Our Skin

Why do people need your book,  “Love Your Skin”? Because we deserve to. Many people are unhappy with their skin; with aging, dry skin, and acne, being the most common concerns. Caring for our skin goes beyond just cleansing it and slapping on some moisturizer and SPF. You don’t have to live with skin you’re … Continue reading

What Sensitive Skin Really Means

What does it really mean to have sensitive skin? A lot of us might assume that we have it when we really don’t. For example, just because your face is always dry after washing it doesn’t mean that it’s actually sensitive. All it might take is using a new product and applying a moisturizer afterwards … Continue reading


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