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5 Interesting Facts About Christmas Music

Music is a central part of Christmas and the tunes can really get you into the festive spirit. Everyone has their own favorite Christmas jingles and these songs are a big part of the tradition during this lovely time. Next time you are listening to Christmas music you can think about these five fun and … Continue reading

6 Must Have Holiday Indie Music Albums

Looking to throw a holiday party but dreading that clichéd, cheesy, same-old Christmas music? You’re in luck. There’s a whole host of awesome indie holiday music out there, sure to give your party the festive yet hip vibe you’re looking for. Here are your best bets.  1. She & Him – A Very She and … Continue reading

Safiya Sings!

As the holiday approaches, we are often overwhelmed with the sound of holiday tunes. Every station, all the time, for a month. For many, this is a joy. But if you’re like me, you prefer to go a month listening to your itunes in the car just to avoid the whole jingle bell ball. However, … Continue reading


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