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Safiya Sings!

As the holiday approaches, we are often overwhelmed with the sound of holiday tunes. Every station, all the time, for a month. For many, this is a joy. But if you’re like me, you prefer to go a month listening to your itunes in the car just to avoid the whole jingle bell ball. However, I do enjoy a fresh crisp new sound – especially one with a purpose. I stumbled upon this new talent, Safiya, by accident. Her look was what first caught my attention. I had been viewing her natural hair tips on her You Tube channel. I haven’t made the decision to go natural yet, but that’s neither here nor there.

I then realized she had a separate You Tube channel – one to showcase her singing, so I figured I’d check her out. When I saw her cover version of Beyonce’s “Love on Top”, I was sold. That’s a VERY hard song to do. So despite my thoughts on Christmas music, having peeked at her cover songs,  I was compelled to listen. Her first single, “WISHING YOU HOME”, which is now being sold on itunes, is a different kind of Christmas song. The video, which can be seen on her website – www.fiyasings.com, pulls at the heartstrings.

Picture the scene – a young girl, her small apartment decorated for the holidays, but she’s far away from the one she loves, as he is overseas serving his country. Everyone can relate to the scene. The fact that a portion of the proceeds is going to Operation Homefront, is even better. So my thoughts are this….if you’re going to buy some Christmas music anyway, why not support a young upcoming artist while supporting our country’s troops at the same time. Check her out at her links listed above.

To purchase her itunes single, visit:


Enjoy the holiday this week!

-VL on the DL