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Romantic Gestures You Can Make Online

The internet is often accused of ruining relationships or of making us less sociable. While it helps to connect us with more people, many believe that it has replaced quality relationships with a quantity of more shallow acquaintances. If you’re the kind of person who now sits up in bed next to their partner tapping … Continue reading

Sex Accidents Send Victims to ER Twice a Week

About twice a week, sometimes more often, Dr. Jordan Moskoff attends to a sex accident at his Chicago emergency room: objects stuck in places they shouldn’t be, broken penises caused by inept lovers and even severed organs they jokingly call “Lorena Bobbit” cases. “[Penile] rings are really problems,” Moskoff told ABCNews.com. “That should be a … Continue reading

Top Story: Read the Full “Stomach-Churning” Sexual Assault Accusations Against R. Kelly

It has been nearly 15 years since music journalist Jim DeRogatis caught the story that has since defined his career, one that he wishes didn’t exist: R. Kelly’s sexual predation on teenage girls. DeRogatis, at that time the pop-music critic at the Chicago Sun-Times, was anonymously delivered the first of two videos he would receive … Continue reading

Top Story: #MJWeAreOne – Things Michael Jackson Taught Me

If Michael Jackson were alive today he’d be celebrating his 55th birthday. As a child raised by a single mother, Michael was my obsession, boyfriend and father-figure. Here are some of the things Michael Jackson taught me as I was growing up! Love Everyone Through his words and music Michael Jackson taught me that we … Continue reading

What Your Sneeze Reveals About You

Everyone has their own individual sneezing style. Some sound like cannon fire, while others sound like someone just stepped on a mouse. In that way, sneezes are a lot like laughter and often are the same from childhood onward. But, what determines whether sneezes come out dainty or blow the whole house down? Dr. Alan … Continue reading

10 U.S. Cities Known For Their Fun And Exciting Nightlife

Whether you’re looking for a hot vacation destination or an exciting new city to call home, there are more than enough U.S. cities to appease your appetite for nightlife. New Orleans There’s no going in early when you party in New Orleans’ French Quarter. Music is pouring from every bar door, and you can’t help … Continue reading

National Poetry Month Spotlight: Allen Vaysberg – March To Your Own Drum

There are critics in this world Hoards and hoards of babble And it makes your stomach curl Hearing all their gabble They will piss on your creation Rip it into shreds Stamp it with their condemnation And go off to bed That’s their job, they do it gladly This is how they’re made Till today … Continue reading

5 Great Urban Beaches

If you can’t decide whether to go to the beach or a big city, you can get the best of both worlds. There are plenty of big cities in the United States that have great beaches. When you are done sunbathing on the sand, you can explore the city’s restaurants and nightlife. Here are some … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Interviews Tamika Newhouse – Founder of Delphine Publications

Attention single mothers who think they can’t live their dreams; Tamika Newhouse became a single mother as a teen and is now a best-selling, award winning, self published author and the founder of a highly successful book publishing company, Delphine Publications. She is also the CEO of Obsessive Soul Media with plans for short films, … Continue reading

The 5 Basic Rules of Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle can help to prevent health problems, lack of energy, depression and more. Following are five basic rules of healthy living that a person will want to take note of and adhere to. Eat Right Eating right is a must. This does not mean going on a diet; it does mean having a … Continue reading

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Candy

Candy has been deemed a bad thing by many people, as it will rot your teeth and add unnecessary calories to your diet. This is more or less true, but that doesn’t mean candy is completely bad for you. There are surprisingly quite a few health benefits of candy, so before you pass up on … Continue reading

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 43

Day 43 – February 12, 2013: I bought these earrings a few days ago because they made me think of Lady Gaga. And, I thought of Lady Gaga, not only because I am a huge fan, but because I had tickets to her now postponed Detroit concert this weekend. Mother Monster is sick and cannot … Continue reading

Top Story: Meet Graffiti Queen Stef 1

Graffiti is an important part of the five elements of hip hop culture. Many times it is often looked at as a male dominated art form. But of course there are plenty of females representing and doing a great job.   I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Chicago graffiti queen better known … Continue reading

How to Get The Pizza Delivery Guy to Hook You Up!

You have a bunch of friends over for a game night and decide to order pizza. Sounds like a great plan, right? Unfortunately, that great plan falls apart when the pizza arrives late, the boxes smell like cigarette smoke, and the pizza is lukewarm at best. Crummy pizza delivery service – again! Wouldn’t it be … Continue reading


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