#MJWeAreOne – Things Michael Jackson Taught Me


If Michael Jackson were alive today he’d be celebrating his 55th birthday. As a child raised by a single mother, Michael was my obsession, boyfriend and father-figure.

Here are some of the things Michael Jackson taught me as I was growing up!

Love Everyone

Through his words and music Michael Jackson taught me that we are all one, we are equal, and it don’t matter if you’re Black or White.

Take Care of the Earth

Songs like Earth Song and Heal the World hit the point home that we have to take care of our planet.

Wait To Have Sex

Well, he didn’t really teach me not to have sex, but because I was so in love with him as a teenager and no boy could hold a candle to him, I kept my legs closed for a long time!

Thanks Michael – I love and miss you!


Dangerous Lee Interviews Tamika Newhouse – Founder of Delphine Publications

Tamika Newhouse

Attention single mothers who think they can’t live their dreams; Tamika Newhouse became a single mother as a teen and is now a best-selling, award winning, self published author and the founder of a highly successful book publishing company, Delphine Publications.

She is also the CEO of Obsessive Soul Media with plans for short films, stage plays and much more.

She has been featured in Uptown Magazine, Essence, Juicy Magazine, Vibe Vixen Magazine, and now here at DangerousLee.biz!

In a recent letter written to your younger self published on your website, The Passionate Spot, you mention that you have a hard time relating to people. Why is that?

I am a unique person; I lack the desire to want to be in crowds and within groups. Naturally I am a loner and choose to be a home body. The simple life is me. So I lack the skills sometimes to interact with others thus I don’t relate to them as I should.

You moved from Forth Wort to Atlanta, a city known as Little Hollywood; do you see California as a future home?

Absolutely not. Not only am I going to return to Texas one day and be bi-coastal but California is expensive. I like Atlanta because it’s still the south but I choose to live in the suburbs of Atlanta because the city itself is too crowded and full of a lot of fake people.

You’ve been very open about your past weight issues, what type of health and fitness routine do you follow? You look great!

I now eat every three hours or so in small portions and I am in the gym 3-4 times a week. I had the desire to lose weight so that I could have better odds of living a longer life. I did a drastic change in my life, hence I had a life style change not a diet.

You recently tweeted that you’re working on titles to be released in 2014. What type of writers/books catch the attention of Delphine Publications?

I like to look at hungry artists. Ones who don’t mind be taught the business and how to brand themselves. I am looking for novels that reflect black readers currently.

Have you experienced any downsides of receiving a certain level of success and notoriety?

Absolutely I have. My level of success brings a lot of hate and sometimes stalkers. I have been threatened or stalked before due to my public figure platform. I have also been talked about negatively from my peers. I shake all of the negativity off because in the end their opinions do not determine my future. God does. I use it as motivation.

Many women, including myself, are looking for revenue to further promote their business and brand. Did you receive any type of grants along the way?

No ma’am, I simply work hard at every dime that comes into Delphine. The investment I have put into myself for years has now come back tenfold. If you do lack the resources to do what you desire fundraisers and donation campaigns for a particular project are always ideal.

Tell us about your new release, Cookie Too:

Cookie Too is a story based on the life of a young woman who is the sister to the character of Cookie in the first book. It details the story of a young girl who did whatever she could illegally to be loved by any man who would accept her. It gives an example to young women on what not to do.

What is the future for Delphine Publications and Tamika as a person?

We are building onto our roaster of authors and have numerous titles set to release once a month of a next several months. We also will be touring the country hitting major cities like Cincinnati, Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, Miami, and more.

Twitter @TamikaNewhouse

Instagram @BossLadyTamika


Meet Graffiti Queen Stef 1


Graffiti is an important part of the five elements of hip hop culture. Many times it is often looked at as a male dominated art form. But of course there are plenty of females representing and doing a great job.  

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Chicago graffiti queen better known as, STEF 1.

On an international level this lady has gone beyond in regards to what is “expected” out of a graffiti artist.

Not only is she a teacher, painter, DJ, spiritualist, and hip hop enthusiast, she is real with no pretensions or  hating on other artists.

She’s about pure support (just ask the many artists from all over the world that have slept on this woman’s couch from the “locals” to others from abroad ).

She’s art and love in the female form.

So, ladies and gentlemen of the world I am pleased to introduce the one, the only STEF 1 – CHI-TOWN GRAFFITI QUEEN.


When did you first discover graffiti?


The first time I ever wrote graffiti on a wall I was 14 and it was for a party crew in Florida called LJC around 1986.


Who are some of your favorite graffiti artists from Chicago?


My favorite graffiti writers in Chicago are Trixter, Sivel, and Temper, strictly for style and ups.


What are some of your favorite colors to work with?


My current favorite colors are Smurf blue for bombin’ because it really vibrates against the ugly buff brown all over the city. I also love this Orlando orange I just used recently. I love Montana Cherokee and I love Belton anything. The old school colors I liked were krylon jungle green, terra cotta, and i used to love American accents summer squash.


Do you have any preferences in regards to where and what to paint?


I prefer to paint on trains, freights, trucks, billboards, rooftops, roll down gates, street spots, highway spots or nice organized permission walls with free paint. I also like good food, music, swag bags, and no drama. None of these situations happen nearly as often as I’d like them to.



What are some of your favorite memories?


My favorite memories painting were on the streets of Chicago, mostly by myself. Freights are nice and chill evenings where you can soak in the atmosphere and kinda bond with whoever you’re painting with. The most beautiful chill wall I ever painted on was in Puerto Rico in La Perla with nothing on my back but the ocean and also in the Bronx with Cope and Lucha. Costa Rica was also nice because I have a spot on the local wall of fame.


Any scary moments that you can recall?


Scariest moment painting is being chased by a dog on the metra tracks and laying in a puddle of water on a rooftop in the middle of winter for about 2 hours till it was safe to come down. I almost got hit by a train and had to dive and roll in the rocks on the side of the tracks. Just dealing with the authorities in general is never fun.


Any complaints or issues that you would like to address in regards to the Chicago Graffiti Scene?


I can’t stand the bitchiness that comes with graff “competition”. I think we are all in a big family against the world and need to realize that graff is a spiritual path. What would Jesus do if he wrote graff? That’s what all these bitch ass dudes need to ask themselves.


What are you working on at the moment?

STEF 1 :

I’m working on more of a legit web presence as an artist and traveling to Art Basel in Miami to paint, network, and just have fun.  I am also organizing a block party for women in hip-hop in the summer in Chicago.


I know you gave me a few of you favorite artists from the Chi , but overall who are some of your favorites?


My favorite graffiti artists in the world are really other women that I want to paint with like Rosy, Musa, Nina, Spice and Lady Pink.


I can’t let you go without letting the world know which crews you represent


The crews I represent are THC, TME, ESP, K.A.O.S Inc., and XMEN worldwide boyeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ask Dangerous Lee: Do you think Black History Month is necessary?

Q: Do you think Black History Month is necessary?

Eric S.

Chicago, IL

A: Of course it is. I am always baffled by this question and by those, especially Black people, that think we have come far enough to ignore our history. Yes, Black history is American history, but so much of our history is not included in American history books. And, yes we should celebrate Black history all year long, but we don’t celebrate anything all year long. As a Black American, I think I uphold Black history by working my way to being a successful business person.

The problem I have with celebrating Black history is that we only seem to focus on people like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. There are many present day under the radar figures that should be celebrated during Black History Month, and during February I make sure to highlight many of them at DangerousLee.Biz.

Celebrating Black history is a beautiful thing, so I think those that are against it are trying to assimilate which is something that I can only SMH about. Also, we must further educate ourselves to learn that in March we celebrate Irish-American Heritage as well as Women’s History. Should Irish Americans and women not be celebrated? Regardless of your answer, both will have their time to shine at DangerousLee.Biz.

Got questions?


Movie Review: Source Code

I didn’t expect to like this film because I had heard from a good friend that it sucked because it was the same thing happening over and over again. I’m glad I didn’t take their word for it.

Source Code is about a soldier who wakes up in the body of an unknown man and discovers he’s part of a mission to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. He is sent back in time 8 minutes before the train explodes more than a few times to find the bomb and identify the bomber, but it is done in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

This film is deep and has quite a few unexpected twists and turns. You have to keep up with the storyline and the lingo because it does get a little confusing, but the end will blow your mind. I loved it! I wish I had seen it on the big screen.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Ask Dangerous Lee: Which is sexier – sexting, cybering, or phone sex?

Q: Which is sexier – sexting, cybering, or phone sex? Why?

Pam S.

Chicago, IL

A: I personally prefer sexting. Maybe it’s because I am a writer and I enjoy playing with words, but I find that sexting  allows your imagination to run wild and create sexy and erotic visuals in the mind. Also, if a man (or woman) can use words creatively to turn you on there is hope that he (or she) can please you in the flesh. Remember, sex takes place in the mind first! To be honest, I participate in sexting with men that I have not had sex with and perhaps never will. I guess I am a sexting tease!

Got questions?


The Cost of Closure in California

My recent trip to California was not just a vacation, it had a purpose; closure. Without giving away too many personal details I can say that I received my closure and I was a bit disappointed at how it was served, but now I can finally fully move on with my life. Yes, it was about a man.

My view of Alcatraz

I do want to tell you that unless you have a lot of money on your credit or debit card that flying American Airlines sucks! Unfortunately, it was the cheapest flight I could catch out of Flint at the time I purchased my ticket. Everything on American Airlines costs extra: baggage, food, earphones, even wi-fi,  and they don’t accept cash for anything except baggage fees. I essentially flew to California with no money, well I had $6, but I had to save that to put gas in my car when I got back home. I was conned into checking my bag on the way to California because of a bulge, but I wasn’t a fool twice. On the way back I took my bag on the plane with me and saved $25. Thanks to using my debit card to pay the first $25 fee, I had an overdraft in my checking account. Go figure!

On the way to California the in-flight film was “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps“. I didn’t want to see it (I haven’t seen the first Wall Street), but it would of been nice to be distracted for two hours (I am very uncomfortable flying) instead, because earphones are $2 and can only be purchased on a credit or debit card, I spent most of the trip nodding off and waking myself up every time my head bobbed forward. Side note: When I got home I found some earphones that I could have used. Again, go figure!

Night time view of Chicago from my window seat

I did have a free drink (non alcoholic) to wet my whistle, but skipped the second free drink because I didn’t feel like having to bother my seat mate if I needed to use the bathroom because I chose the window seat. I’m thinking that an adult diaper may be a great investment for future flights. Thank goodness there was no one in the seat between us, however on the way back I was not so lucky. I was blocked in my window seat by two other passengers. I didn’t have to use the bathroom once thanks to only having a cup of hot tea during the entire four hour flight.When I think about it, I’m not sure I want the aisle seat either. Having to get up for other people that need to piss, pisses me off!

I did want to see the in-flight film that was being shown on the way back, “You Again”, instead I wrote this blog, glanced up at the screen from time to time, and watched other peoples reaction to it along with smelling their food. By the way, I was hungry as hell. I didn’t eat anything before I left California, but I had some pork the night before and it tore my damn stomach up. For those that don’t know, I am taking baby steps to remove meat of any kind from my diet. I rarely eat pork other than bacon and an occasional neck bone, but after what I experienced the night before, pork will not be hard to let go.

Chick getting dolled up in paste colored make up at San Francisco Intl. Airport

I would have loved to lolly gag on the internet, but I’ll be dammed if I pay $5 to access the internet (I couldn’t afford it anyway). My battery would of ran low way before I had even used my quota, so I sat and looked out the window and kept wondering “Are We There Yet?” until we got there and wrote poetry which I only do when I am very emotional. On the flight from Chicago to Flint they didn’t offer drink service to passengers as they did on the way to Chicago. You had to request a drink. Lazy bastards! I guess fancy ass beverage service to Flint is a bit ridiculous with our reputation and all.

I missed my daughter, my bed, my apartment, and my home. I couldn’t wait to get my feet back on the ground.

Hours later with my feet back on the ground…

Well, well, well I couldn’t even afford parking at the airport. It was $28, and all I had was $25  at the time. Remember, I had $6 at the start of my trip, but I used a dollar to buy a Twix at Chicago O’Hare and my friend in California gave me $20 for parking. I had no idea how much parking would cost. Bishop Airport will be billing me for the $3 and on top of everything, I didn’t have any gas money.

Going back to Cali. Nah…I don’t think so.

Wow!  Such is life. I’ve  gotta do better in 2011. Trip, not so Dangerous.

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