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Money Or Temptation What Make’s You Truly Happy?

The Happy Start Mags and Derek met when they were in their early twenties and married soon afterwards. Mags had 2 young daughters from a relationship she had in her teens, but the father of the girls left her as he couldn’t deal with the responsibility at such a young age and she never saw … Continue reading

Are Women Catching Up In The Cheating Game?

Why Do People Cheat? People get involved in affairs for all sorts of reasons; they don’t necessarily set out to deceive, it’s more about being in a certain place, in a certain situation and having the chance. Even people who value a monogamous relationship can get tempted as human nature makes us attracted to the … Continue reading

Do You Feel Like Someone Is Watching You?

Why Do You Think You Are Being Bugged? Every time you go out do you feel as though someone is watching you? You feel as if you are seeing the same strangers all the time but in different places? Do people know about things that only you should know and if so who are these … Continue reading

How To Find A Missing Person Who Owes You Money!

Track A Missing Person When someone that you thought you could trust owes you a large sum of money and disappears without a word it can be very annoying and disappointing, especially when they are a family member or very old friend. When a large amount of money is involved it can be very worth … Continue reading

Once A Cheat, Always A Cheat: 5 Men Who Didn’t Learn Their Lesson

How can you be sure that someone who has been unfaithful in the past will ever be faithful again? Once trust is lost it’s hard to regain and these showed why it’s best to think twice before trusting a cheater. One – The Serial Cheater! We all know one of them, unfortunately this woman didn’t … Continue reading


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