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Take Me With You! Lady Gaga to Sing on Virgin Galactic Rocket Ride


The famed 27-year-old pop singer is scheduled to blast off on Virgin Galactic‘s SpaceShipTwo in early 2015, according to press reports. Gaga will reportedly sing one song during her trip into suborbital space.

“She has to do a month of vocal training because of the atmosphere,” said a source speaking with Us Weekly. The source also told the publication that Gaga\’s entourage would accompany her on the space flight.

Read full story via Lady Gaga in Space: Pop Star to Sing on Virgin Galactic Rocket Ride | Space.com.

Top Story: 5 Lessons NOT To Learn From Celebs


We all love celeb gossip, but maybe we shouldn’t copy their life choices. Here are 5 lessons that you probably shouldn’t learn from celebrities.

How to dance.

We dream of dancing like Jenna and Channing from Step Up, but honestly, the majority of celebrities can’t dance. Did you see Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke? If that was the right way to dance, I don’t ever want to be right. There are countless celebs who should be banned from dancing, but they just keep going like they just don’t care! Case in point: T. Swift at the VMAs (or anytime, really). Taylor, calm down and sit still. Please.

How to age.

Celebrities don’t age, and then suddenly look 97 years old. I would rather just look my age (meaning I look 28 until I’m 45, then resume aging), but celebs go to extreme lengths to keep looking young. Interested in injecting snake venom into your face to paralyze facial muscles? How about a bird poop mask to stave off fine lines and acne? Or the classic “rolled-in-Cheetos-and-coffee-grinds” tanning look? That will put you on the fast track to looking three times your age by the time you are 40 (yes, you will look 120). Do us a favor and age naturally—it kills you slower.

How to breakup.

Sorry to bring up Taylor again, but this boyfriend killer teaches this “lesson” time and time again. With more exes than Elizabeth Taylor and Kelsey Grammar combined, she’s written a song about each of them. But, maybe it would be better if you didn’t produce your boy rants for the world to hear (even if I do love “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”). And we can’t ignore Justin Timberlake’s stab at Britney in his “Cry Me a River” video, even if it was called for. Still, it’s better to not humiliate your exes because, in J.T.’s own words, “what goes around… comes all the way back around.”

How to budget.

I personally don’t have $250,000 to put down for a real diamond manicure like Kelly Osborne’s, but hey, if you do, go for it. Celebrities are notorious for bad money-handling and poor spending habits. How is it possible for celebs to declare bankruptcy when they make so much money? Answer: Gaga’s 27 koi fish, totaling $60,000. Don’t follow their examples. Make a budget, keep it, save your money, and be a normal person. When you become a world-wide sensation, you can buy whatever you want.

How to relax.

Ever considered collecting pig skeletons while playing with Barbies? Johnny Depp does. Or, you could go to Chris Brown’s dog breeding farm. These are just a few ridiculous celebrity hobbies to avoid. I’m more like Jennifer Lawrence: I’d like to hang out in my house all day in my underwear, eating French fries. If that’s not for you though, try exercise, painting, or picking up an instrument. Just no pig skeletons.

Please do me proud and never repeat these celeb mistakes.

Author Byline:

Candice Harding enjoys writing about the great products and technology she finds online. When she’s away from the computer, she loves riding her bike and exploring the outdoors. She scours the Internet for quality deals to publish on her website, myredbicycle.com.


Where The Rich And Famous Really Put Their Money

When a group of Russian hackers broke into the credit history database of celebrities and public figures like Beyonce and Bill Gates (embarrassing them by revealing what they earned), it highlighted the need for some of the world’s biggest earners to make sure that their money was kept securely in a private bank account.

Discretion is paramount when it comes to celebrities, but there are some things about their investment habits which are in the public domain for all to see…


Image Source

Tech start-ups

Ashton Kutcher may be playing Steve Jobs in real life, but he’s also pretty involved in the tech world in real life. The star has had financial interests in Skype, news reading app Flipboard and mobile social network Foursquare. His investment in Skype at the right time paid off well: the company was acquired by Microsoft for $8 billion after being valued at $2.8 billion. Certainly a smarter move than throwing it away on bottles of Moet at the Chateau Marmont.

Justin Timberlake must have been similarly inspired after playing Sean Parker in The Social Network: the crooner has become an investor and ambassador for MySpace which is trying to claw back market share from Facebook and make a comeback.

Other retch-savvy stars include Leonardo Dicaprio (who’s proved he’s not just a pretty face by investing in photo sharing platform Mobli), Edward Norton (who has backed crowdfunding platform Crowdrise) and Bono, who has famously made a lot of money from his Facebook shares.


Celebrities, just like the rest of us, lost a lot of money when the property bubble burst. But those who held on to their property might start to benefit now that the market is showing tentative signs of recovery.

Oprah Winfrey has amassed an impressive portfolio over the years while actor Rupert Grint, not content with starring in the Harry Potter films, has a property portfolio worth an estimated £12.9 million.

Starting a business

And then there are the celebs that aren’t just content with investing in other people’s businesses – they want to start their own.

Actress Jessica Alba turned her passion for organic living into a thriving business selling baby products (the Honest Company). Kim Kardashian, who some may dismiss as being a ‘do nothing’ celebrity, is actually a savvy businesswoman who has successfully launched an online shoe business which now has over three million customers signed up. Brad and Angelina have even brought out their own brand of wine.

Altruistic investments

There are of course some investments which might earn the celebs a bit of extra cash, but the main driving factor is more altruistic. Beyonce bought a theatre which she had a soft spot for that closed down for a year, while tennis player Andy Murray has saved a local Cromlix House Hotel in his home town Dunblane, refurbishing it and sprucing it up before it opens in 2014.

Invest in what you know: lessons from Jay Z

Blue Ivy Carter is one lucky baby: she had the smarts to be born into one of the world’s richest and finance-savvy power couples. Sports fan and music mogul Jay Z has cleverly spread his money in a string investments in companies he backs, like music companies, a vodka brand and sports teams, largely focussing on industries that he already understands or at least has a personal interest in himself.

Invest like a celebrity: privacy comes first

For a celebrity or a High Net Worth Individual, privacy is one of their biggest concerns. They don’t necessarily want the world knowing how much they earn or what they’re investing in this month.

They tend to gravitate towards limited liability companies (so they don’t have to be named) and private bank accounts for complete discretion.


Catherine Halsey is a keen blogger that writes about a variety of topics including finance and travel.


Why Do Celebrities Cover Up Cosmetic Surgery?


by Dani Porter

Celebrities, Hollywood A-listers in particular, are often reticent about owning up to any cosmetic work they have have done to their face or body – when in reality they are proportionately the largest demographic who undertake such procedures.

There are some who openly talk of their plastic surgery, but these are the exception rather than the norm. Is this natural and mirrored in ‘real life’ plastic surgery patients too, or is it a peculiarly celeb thing to hide it? And if celebrities or indeed others do hide it, is there anything inherently wrong in that? Should there be an obligation to disclose such surgery, especially if you are in the public eye?

An Impossible Pressure?

The problem with celebrities is that they are revered for how they look and many are also put on a pedestal and heralded as examples that people should follow. This puts pressure on them in multiple ways.

The first is that they need to look their best all the time, possibly even achieving aesthetic perfection. As a result there is more pressure to look at their optimum, but also a pressure to reinforce the myth that they are naturally perfect – creating more distance between them and ordinary folk. On top of this there is sometimes an (unrealistic perhaps) expectation for stars to act as role models.

When you combine all of these factors it’s easy to see why celebrities may opt for cosmetic surgery in the first place, and then go about hiding it – it all helps to present a shiny veneer, that they are somehow aesthetically ‘better’ than the rest of us.

Let’s not forget too that they have a job to do; in many cases (particularly female) it is safe to assume that the pressure comes from within their industry, too. For actors, for instance, it may better for their career to opt for nips and tucks – and possibly detrimental if they don’t. Hollywood in particular is notoriously obsessed with beauty and youth.

The Plastic Surgery Taboo

This attitude of ‘undergo but keep quiet’ about plastic surgery has trickled down to the mainstream, where currently many of the techniques used set out to achieve natural or subtle results. Why, then, do the non-famous also cover up? Perhaps there is something in our psychology that makes us want to keep up the pretense of looking good naturally; this may boil down to the basic human trait of competition, which is, according to Darwin, essentially what keeps us alive.

This is evidenced by trends in plastic surgery, where a tummy tuck may follow childbirth so as not to appear obvious, masked as it is by natural change. Or breast implant patients who opt for more naturally shaped implants and results.

Plastic surgeon Adrian Richards has noticed this in his clinic:

“It’s not uncommon for patients to request an operation, say breast augmentation or rhinoplasty – procedures that are typically quite noticeable, to yield subtle results. They specifically request that people may observe an improvement but can’t pinpoint what, or necessarily detect surgery.”

Damned If You Admit It, Damned If You Don’t

In the case of non-famous patients covering up their surgery, they are hurting no-one and that is their personal decision. Perhaps, though, if celebrities insist that their looks are all ‘natural’ when they are not, it is less innocuous. That said, by forcing stars to admit to it, it’s simply putting further expectations on them rather than valuing their personal choices as a human being.

Also, stars will attract criticism whether they admit to it (in the form of ridicule – see Heidi Montag), or for denying it (see constant before and after shots peddled in the media). They simply can’t win, so refusing to talk on the subject is perhaps just a pragmatic response to limit public interest.

7 Celebrity Sex Tapes I Wish Existed

Will and Jada

Will and Jada

Brad & Angelina

Brad & Angelina

Chris Brown & RihannaI can't stand him, but I bet the sex between these two is great!

Chris Brown & Rihanna
I can’t stand him, but I bet the sex between these two was great!

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey

Nick & Mariah


Miguel & Nazanin


Beyonce & Jay-Z

Wentworth Miller and whoever he's sleeping with!

Wentworth Miller and whoever he’s sleeping with!

How To Live Like A Celeb On A Budget

If you’re always poring over magazines and finding yourself sighing at how beautiful and glamorous celebrity’s lives seem to be, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to live like a celebrity on a budget. While we can’t get you invites to A-list parties, we can help you out in other areas of life.

Celebrities spend thousands every year on clothes and while they have the pick of designer outfits, all you need to do to get their look is have a little creativity. All the fashion magazines and websites like My Celebrity Fashion are constantly scouting out celebrity and designer lookalikes. You really don’t need to buy named brands to create a celebrity look. Try out cheaper fashion shops like New Look, H&M and Primark for really affordable clothes and get customizing to make them unique. Designer is only expensive because of the unique, hand crafted details and this is something you can do yourself with a little creativity.

If you wish you could spend your time in the hair salon or pampered in a spa on a regular basis but didn’t think you could afford it, think again. Plenty of hair salons offer discounted rates if you don’t mind a trainee doing your hair. That can sound a scary prospect but they’re guided by fully trained staff so there’s no danger of you leaving in tears. If spa treatments are what you are after, find out if your local college teaches it. Again, because the staff are in training, the cost is much lower. You can also check out sites like KGB Deals and Wahanda for massive discounts on hair and spa treatments.

One of the main things people are jealous of when it comes to celebrities is the holidays they go on. It can feel like life must be one big holiday in celeb-land but unless we’re talking about WAG’s, pop stars and film stars spend a huge amount of time working so it’s no surprise they will take a couple of weeks or five, to chill in Barbados. The good news is that you don’t need to spend millions on a celeb style holiday. The trick is to keep an eye out for holiday discount codes and sales. Sandals, for example, often have 2 for 1 deals on luxury, exotic holidays to the Caribbean so and your other half can laze on the beach feeling like Mr and Mrs Beckham.

Apart from Gwyneth Paltrow, I’m pretty sure there isn’t a celebrity who regularly cooks for themselves. They always seem to be at the classiest restaurants, that or they just don’t eat. We mortals, however, need to eat and if you wish you could eat out more try sites like Voucher-Discounts for hundreds of printable restaurant vouchers. Wowcher is another great site for deals on restaurants; it’s all about shopping around!

Not many of us can afford to drive around in a Ferrari every day but if you do want a taster session in your most lusted after super car you can either ask someone very nicely for an experience day gift voucher or sign up to a deal site like Groupon.

If all that doesn’t tickle your fancy, get someone to follow you around with a big camera. That should do the trick.

If you’re always poring over magazines and finding yourself sighing at how beautiful and glamorous celebrity’s lives seem to be, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to live like a celebrity on a budget. While we can’t get you invites to A-list parties, we can help you out in other areas of life.

This article was written by a guest blogger for DangerousLee.Biz.

Dangerous Lee Paints Tamara Dobson (Cleopatra Jones)

Infographic: The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns

There seems to be a new headline every week; another actor or musician whose life has seemingly gone completely off the rails, as evidenced by drugs, alcohol, or bizarre behavior. Suicide attempts and overdoses, hate-filled rants and the entitled behavior of spoiled brats, these seem to be the hallmarks of celebrity. These behaviors are found in regular folks, too, of course, but celebrities, due to lives spent in the spotlight, seem to dominate these behaviors.

A question we must ask, though, is what causes these very public breakdowns? Is it a byproduct of celebrity, the inevitable conclusion when one is surrounded by an abundance of money and people willing to grant every whim and wish? Is it a simple case of ego run amuck? If so, why do the non-rich and famous experience similar afflictions?

Perhaps the celebrity breakdowns witnessed by the public have a cause rooted not in celebrity, but in science.

From: http://www.bestmastersincounseling.com

Dangerous Lee Paints Supermodel Iman

4 Things We Can Learn from Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan went from being the cute little girl in “The Parent Trap” to an attractive older girl in “Mean Girls” all the way down to a hot mess. She let fame and fortune affect her and get her into plenty of trouble, and she has been paying ever since.

She has made her fair share of mistakes, and surprisingly, she has lived to tell about them. While Ms. Lohan may not be a role model in the sense of trying to be like her, she has taught us plenty of things about how to live our life.

1. Taking risks is not always smart.

Sometimes we need to take risks in order to achieve something great. For example, we may need to talk in front of a crowd or start our own company. These risks will help shape us for the better.
The risks that Lindsay Lohan is notorious for, such as partying all night and then driving drunk, is not a risk that you want to take. The world doesn’t care if you’re a celebrity or an unknown individual—if you drive drunk, bad things can happen. Not only can you gets DUI (like Lindsay did) or get into an accident (also like Lindsay did), but you are also putting the lives of other drivers at risk. Before you get behind the wheel of a car after a night of drinking, think about whether or not you want to turn out like Lindsay Lohan.

2. Ankle bracelets are not flattering.

Lindsay has been in jail numerous times, and she has adorned an ankle bracelet to keep track of her sobriety. It doesn’t matter how rich, famous or beautiful you are, an ankle bracelet is not a flattering piece of jewelry. Instead, it lets the world know that you were caught doing something illegal, and now you can’t be trusted to quit drinking on your own, so the courts need to monitor you.

3. Blaming others is childish.

Have you ever noticed that no matter what kind of trouble Lindsay gets into, it’s never her fault? The blame is always passed on to someone or something else. Granted, this may be the fancy work of her publicist, but sometimes when you make a mistake, you need to act like an adult and admit it.
If you continue to blame other people for your mistakes, not only will people stop believing you, but you’ll shortly run out of people to blame, as nobody wants to be the scapegoat.

4. Plastic surgery is not for everyone.

If you haven’t seen a recent photo of Lindsay Lohan, you should. What did she do to herself? She was always a pretty girl, and for some reason, she enlisted the help of a plastic surgeon who completely butchered her face. Sorry Ms. Lohan, but you were too young to need any work done.
There are celebrities who continue to do good and provide us with real important life lessons we can learn from, and then there are celebrities like Lindsay Lohan who let us know that not everyone has it all together.

Alexandra Kelly is a school teacher, dedicated mother, and celebrity expert who loves to write about her passions. She never writes without a grammar checker to proof her work for grammatical errors and general clarity. Without one she would never be able to remember all the grammar rules she would need to be a successful writer.

Who Does This Sweaty Back Belong To?

This chick just had a helluva workout! Click the sweaty purple top to find out who it is.

Hate and Hip Hop

I’m not gonna write about how I hate reality TV or that I think it needs to be off the air. I do enjoy many of the reality shows on VH-1 and I am currently enjoying Celebrity Apprentice though I have no doubt that there are strategically more Black people on this season than any other. I want to talk about how when we are given a look at how stank some celebrities really are as people that’s it’s a huge turn off… for me. Having said that, I can’t turn away.

I know from reading comments online that some people love the stank side of celebrities; perhaps because they are also stank or they only like them for their talent. I have never been able to separate the two. If I can’t stand your attitude or how you carry yourself, I cannot be your fan.

When I think of people on reality TV that I do not like, the first show that comes to mind is Love & Hip Hop. Somaya in particular rubs me the wrong way and I have no idea what Chrissy sees in Jim Jones. He always looks like he just smoked a blunt and he clearly does not want to marry her. Granted if I had a camera in my face for most of the day, aside from being bored to death, you might not like my attitude either, but I have no interest in my life being filmed for profit.

Does the way celebrities behave on reality TV make you love them or hate them?

Note: I use the word “hate” loosely in this article. I do not hate anyone or anything. I do dislike many things, but “Dislike and Hip Hop” was a corny title ;)


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