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Hate and Hip Hop

I’m not gonna write about how I hate reality TV or that I think it needs to be off the air. I do enjoy many of the reality shows on VH-1 and I am currently enjoying Celebrity Apprentice though I have no doubt that there are strategically more Black people on this season than any other. I want to talk about how when we are given a look at how stank some celebrities really are as people that’s it’s a huge turn off… for me. Having said that, I can’t turn away.

I know from reading comments online that some people love the stank side of celebrities; perhaps because they are also stank or they only like them for their talent. I have never been able to separate the two. If I can’t stand your attitude or how you carry yourself, I cannot be your fan.

When I think of people on reality TV that I do not like, the first show that comes to mind is Love & Hip Hop. Somaya in particular rubs me the wrong way and I have no idea what Chrissy sees in Jim Jones. He always looks like he just smoked a blunt and he clearly does not want to marry her. Granted if I had a camera in my face for most of the day, aside from being bored to death, you might not like my attitude either, but I have no interest in my life being filmed for profit.

Does the way celebrities behave on reality TV make you love them or hate them?

Note: I use the word “hate” loosely in this article. I do not hate anyone or anything. I do dislike many things, but “Dislike and Hip Hop” was a corny title ;)