5 Most Controversial Album Cover Photos of All Time


At one time, the cover of an album was almost as important as the music it contained. In order to entice buyers or to generate publicity, some musicians pushed the boundaries of good taste right over the edge. Here are … Continue reading

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How To Live Like A Celeb On A Budget


If you’re always poring over magazines and finding yourself sighing at how beautiful and glamorous celebrity’s lives seem to be, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of ways to live like a celebrity on a budget. While … Continue reading

Infographic: The Science Behind Celebrity Breakdowns


There seems to be a new headline every week; another actor or musician whose life has seemingly gone completely off the rails, as evidenced by drugs, alcohol, or bizarre behavior. Suicide attempts and overdoses, hate-filled rants and the entitled behavior … Continue reading

The Beauty of Photoshop

Stop emulating celebrities. It’s not real. Love yourself!