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365 Days of Dangermas: Day 114 – Thank You Discount Mufflers & Brakes!

Day 114 – April 24, 2013: Highlights of The Day My car repair cost me less than $80! Thank GAWD! I had a broken sensor that was preventing gas from reaching its destination. The poor car is still riding with issues, but as long as it doesn’t stop I’m happy. Nothing for the Dangermas tree. … Continue reading

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 112 – I Got Pulled Over!

Day 112 – April 22, 2013: Highlights of The Day Wouldn’t you know it, the day I publish an article about what to do when you’re pulled over…I get pulled over by state police! How ironic! Why did I get pulled over? I drove through a yellow light! Apparently, unless I am in the intersection … Continue reading

Top 10 Jams To Listen To While Driving

No matter what car you drive or where you’re traveling to, there’s something about some songs that you just can’t help but turn up the volume and start singing along to.  Whether it’s because it matches your trip, destination, makes you laugh, or makes you feel invincible, here are the top 10 songs to listen … Continue reading

Am I Weird Because I Think The Guy in This State Farm Commercial is Hot?

I know, I know…I promise this is the last blog about commericals for today, but I am strangely attracted to the man in this commerical. No, not the fake French dude, but the guy having car trouble. I wonder what his name is and if he’s married!

Hey, Asshole! Stop Walking in the Damn Street!

I love Spring and Summer for many reasons, but I hate it for one reason; people who walk in the street! During warm weather months it immediately becomes uncool to safely walk on the sidewalk. The street, meant for automobiles, becomes the place to be for pedestrians. It’s almost as if they’re daring you to … Continue reading


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