5 Myths About Fat


The era of low-fat diets seem to be on the wane. There has been compelling evidence showing that fats are not something you should be skimping out on if you want a healthy, balanced diet. Despite the well-deserved good press … Continue reading

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7 Places to Visit in South Africa by Car

south_africa flag

South Africa is one of the most alluring places in the world. The country welcomes you with a wide variety of attractive cultures and local traditions. The beautiful country sides, beaches and dazzling city roads steal away one’s heart. Thus, … Continue reading

Roxette: Dangerous or Joyride?


I loved Roxette back in the day because I was a big fan of the song, Joy Ride. I didn’t know any other songs they sang except the slow jam they did for the Pretty Woman Soundtrack, and as you can see I can’t recall the name. (Ten minutes later) OK, I Googled it, the song is “It Must of Been Love”.

Anyway, they have a song called “Dangerous”.

Check it out:

I prefer this track:

Roxette is still making music together and are very popular overseas. Visit them at their official website.

Maybe I need to live overseas so I can be popular too!