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5 Myths About Fat

The era of low-fat diets seem to be on the wane. There has been compelling evidence showing that fats are not something you should be skimping out on if you want a healthy, balanced diet. Despite the well-deserved good press fat’s been getting lately, a lot of misconception persists about fat. Here are the five … Continue reading

Secrets You Should Know About Reality TV Shows

When the phenomenon of reality T.V hit our T.V screens in 1999-2000 with the likes of Big Brother and Survivor, most of us were led to believe that everything that was shown to us was unedited and real. There was just something interesting about watching drunken antics and dramatic arguments that captivated the audience. Most … Continue reading

How to Be Beautiful

The concept of beauty is difficult to define. It’s highly subjective and very hard to pinpoint. Scientists have conducted numerous tests, from facial symmetry studies to how babies react to unattractive faces, all in an attempt to define what makes us beautiful. In today’s world, the idea of beauty is usually synonymous with the shallower, … Continue reading

7 Places to Visit in South Africa by Car

South Africa is one of the most alluring places in the world. The country welcomes you with a wide variety of attractive cultures and local traditions. The beautiful country sides, beaches and dazzling city roads steal away one’s heart. Thus, tourists flock to South Africa for its natural beauty, wildlife and many other local attractions. … Continue reading

Roxette: Dangerous or Joyride?

I loved Roxette back in the day because I was a big fan of the song, Joy Ride. I didn’t know any other songs they sang except the slow jam they did for the Pretty Woman Soundtrack, and as you can see I can’t recall the name. (Ten minutes later) OK, I Googled it, the … Continue reading


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