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5 Myths About Fat


The era of low-fat diets seem to be on the wane. There has been compelling evidence showing that fats are not something you should be skimping out on if you want a healthy, balanced diet. Despite the well-deserved good press fat’s been getting lately, a lot of misconception persists about fat. Here are the five main myths about fat.

1. Fat makes you fat

Perhaps this is an issue with semantics. Because dietary fats have the misfortune of sharing a name with the blubber around our bellies, we automatically associate the one with the other. Alright, fair enough, fat is high in kilojoules so absolutely will lead to weight gain if not consumed in moderation. But we need to stop thinking we shouldn’t eat good fats if we want to be slim. Besides the many health benefits, good fats help you regulate your hunger, keeping you feeling fill and satisfied for longer. A low fat diet isn’t going to do you any favors. Rather cut out low quality carbs if you’re trying to watch your weight.

2. Saturated fat is the bad guy of fats

Even reports of the health properties of fat still tell you to avoid saturated fat. Is saturated at all that bad for you really though?

In the late 50s, Ancel Keys from the University of Minnesota conducted the “Seven Countries” study, which concluded that high levels of saturated fatty acids anticipated higher rates of coronary heart disease. Many scientists now say that the study disregarded data from 20 other countries showing no connection between saturated fat and heart disease. The studies don’t take into account the quality of saturated fat or other important lifestyle factors.

Scientists are now saying that not all saturated fat is equal. Saturated fat typically comes from animal sources. But, grass-fed beef is very different to grain-fed and hormone-riddled beef, and so will provide better quality saturated fats. There have in fact been studies showing that “… a high-fat, high–saturated fat diet is associated with diminished coronary artery disease progression in women with the metabolic syndrome.” So while it wouldn’t be recommended that you load up on animal fats, it needn’t be completely cut out. What’s important is that you look into the quality of its source.

3. Butter is bad for you

Butter is an animal fat rich in saturated fats. This used to be evidence enough that butter must be avoided and replaced with margarine. However, after having suffered a bad rep for many years, scientists are changing their tune.

There is growing research to suggest that natural forms of saturated fat, like butter, aren’t as bad as previously thought. Also, we now know that natural butter is far more preferable to the synthetic concoction of margarine with its substandard oils. Butter is high in vitamins, beneficial saturated fats, and the good kind of cholesterol. Butter also gives you that satisfied feeling that keeps you longer. Butter is rich in the short and medium-chain fatty acids that give you energy and prevent tumor growth. Try finding butter sourced from grass-fed cows though, which is the healthiest option.

4. Salads are healthiest with fat-free salad dressing

Many nutrients, like beta carotene, vitamin D, and vitamin E, are fat-soluble nutrients, so consuming those alongside fats help your body more efficiently absorb nutrients. Many of the nutrients found in vegetables in particular need to be eaten with fats to be properly metabolized. So a fat-free dressing is in fact still not the healthiest option.

Salads are, however, the perfect opportunity to get the good fats. Liberally drizzle salad with your choice of healthy oils, such as extra virgin olive oil, grape seed oil or flax seed oil. And it’s not only salads that benefit from a splash of oil. For instance, you can liven up pasta with sesame seed oil.

5. Low-fat and fat-free snacks are your healthier options

Just because the label says low-fat or fat-free, don’t think this an indication of healthiness. Fat makes food taste good, so to compensate for the lack of taste, manufacturers pile in the sugar.

Rather than reaching for fat-free snacks, grab a (small) handful of nuts and seeds, which contain the type of fat that will in any case keep you fuller, for longer.

However, when it comes to dairy products (which are full of saturated fats) do opt for the lighter versions, like skim milk or lower fat cheeses like mozzarella or feta. If you want fat-free yoghurt or cottage cheese, however, look carefully at the ingredients for added sugar.

We dread the calories in fat, but our bodies make good use of its nutrients. Make sure that you go for natural, unprocessed food wherever you can, with as little added synthetic preservatives and chemicals as possible. And as an added tip, try use oils with high smoking points in your cookware, like avocado or peanut oil. The smoke point is the temperature that marks the beginning of both flavor and nutritional degradation. And finally, as there are many different types of fats, try to get your intake from as varied a diet as possible.

Queenie Bates is an avid reader, researcher and writer, currently based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a particular interest in nutrition and diet.

Secrets You Should Know About Reality TV Shows


When the phenomenon of reality T.V hit our T.V screens in 1999-2000 with the likes of Big Brother and Survivor, most of us were led to believe that everything that was shown to us was unedited and real. There was just something interesting about watching drunken antics and dramatic arguments that captivated the audience. Most times the drama and the moments that left you saying, “Did she just say that?”  Were and still are what makes you still tune in for more. Unfortunately the gullible will be sad to discover that not everything in reality T.V is actually reality. Here are a few secrets you should know about reality T.V shows:

The circumstances are staged. This may not be entirely a surprise to some. An example of this is the contestants of Survivor don’t actually walk all the way to the tiki-torch eliminations, but are actually driven then walk for the last part of the way so that they look tired.

They participate in Franken-byting.  “Franken-byting” is the process of piecing selected bytes of audio or video in a way that a particular effect is portrayed. For example editors can rearrange conversations to portray a dramatic effect.

Celebrities are not followed around 24/7. A schedule is in place. Producers can’t tell them what to say, they try to produce it themselves. They give producers a hard time if it’s not to their liking, or if they’re not represented in a certain light. Their lives are made to seem more glamorous than they really are which is what most celebrities want.

Everything shown is already outlined. It is already designed, built and they already know what is going to happen. The show is a maze and the directors pop the mice in and watch the reaction. But the mice are manipulated.

The characters are cast to have conflicts. Having a show with people that get along and there is no drama doesn’t bring high ratings like a drama filled cast.

Characters or cast are edited into a one-dimensional character. The editors can make characters into whoever they want through editing. Characters have no control.

They make a big storyline from the littlest thing. A tense moment can be turned into something so major and have the world talk about it for weeks.

The cast is not allowed to do anything. They are monitoring the cast twenty-four hours per day, making sure they adhere to the rules. They barely have contact with family and friends.

Contestants are coached on how to win the game.

The concept sold to the audience is not always the concept sold to the contestants

Some scenes are scripted.

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How to Be Beautiful

The concept of beauty is difficult to define. It’s highly subjective and very hard to pinpoint. Scientists have conducted numerous tests, from facial symmetry studies to how babies react to unattractive faces, all in an attempt to define what makes us beautiful. In today’s world, the idea of beauty is usually synonymous with the shallower, more skin-deep aspects. Big-name supermodels are paid $100 000 per day, just for being “beautiful” (NationalGeographic.com). Studies have found that attractive people make more money, get called on more often in class, have lighter court sentences, and are seen as friendlier (NationalGeographic.com). Being considered beautiful is clearly important, but this doesn’t mean that we have to resort to cosmetic surgery to meet certain standards. Beauty is, admittedly, skin-deep, but it’s also found deeper inside. Here are three easy suggestions on how to make yourself beautiful – inside and out.

1. It’s all in the eyes

The cliché about windows and souls is so true. A pair of beautiful, radiant eyes can be astoundingly attractive. If you want to be beautiful, you need to start here. According to a study done at St.Andrew’s University in Scotland, men generally prefer women with larger eyes (NationalGeographic.com). The best way to highlight your attractiveness is to emphasize your eyes. According to Medimanage.com, women should use some eyeliner and transparent mascara. It’s best not to over-do it and to create a natural look. Don’t hide behind sunglasses or clunky frames either.

2. Lips

The mouth is another area of beauty. According to NationalGeographic.com, a woman’s lips reach their fullest between the ages of 14-16. This is when she has a lot of oestrogen, as full lips indicate fertility (conversely, in menopause the lips get thinner). Men prefer a woman with full, plump lips, as this shows she can bear children and that she’s full of vitality. In order to highlight your lips, Medimanage.com, says women should avoid using lipstick and should use honey as a natural lip balm instead. Honey will keep lips moist, supple and pink.

3. Confidence

Not only are full lips important, but a confident smile is also a big beauty asset. According to Oprah.com, studies show that a smile is the single most physically attractive feature. A confident smile projects inner confidence, as what we feel inside manifests outside. No matter what age or body type, a woman can look beautiful if she feels beautiful.

It’s difficult to describe what “beauty” is or how to become “beautiful”, but we all know beauty when we see it. The three most important aspects are definitely the eyes, lips and a bright inner confidence. If you can just focus on these simple elements, you can ditch the plastic surgeon, expensive cosmetics and the glossy magazine spreads. 

Ang Lloyd is a freelancer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She writes on a variety topics including education and training, such as online beauty courses in Australia.

7 Places to Visit in South Africa by Car

South Africa is one of the most alluring places in the world. The country welcomes you with a wide variety of attractive cultures and local traditions. The beautiful country sides, beaches and dazzling city roads steal away one’s heart. Thus, tourists flock to South Africa for its natural beauty, wildlife and many other local attractions. There are several modes of transportation that one can avail for a tour (ex, local airlines) but the best mode would be to rent a car as the drive through the long stretched roads intersecting mountains, beaches and countryside is just breathtaking and exciting.

•    Cape Town will be the best place to start the trip as the natural beauty and beaches makes it one of the most attractive cities in the world. There best attractions in this city would include the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront for dining and shopping experiences, Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Robben Island, Winelands and Beaches. Last but not the least; the Table Mountain is the best place of visit in Cape Town. It offers incredible hikes along with the facility of a cable car to enjoy the view of nature from a high altitude.

•    After Cape Town, you can move ahead to Knysna which is a town in the heart of South Africa’s Garden Route. The town lies in between the Outeniqua Mountains and the Indian Ocean. It is Consider to be the most popular destinations in South Africa and welcomes with a lot of attraction and activities. The place has excellent facilities for water sports and forests surrounding the area which are great for walking. The overall experience in this town is thrilling and exciting.

•    The next destination to head towards is Kruger National Park which is the oldest wildlife park in the entire Africa region. It offers one of the best safari experiences and is situated north of Johannesburg. The park has the highest variety of wildlife which includes hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, cheetah and many more. One can opt to stay back by hiring rented cottages and bungalows in the park depending upon the budget.

•    Now its time to boost up as Durban is the next destination. This city is situated on the east coast of South Africa and offers warm water throughout the year making it one of the top vacation spot of South Africa. Golden Mile is a string of beaches that provide a perfect surfing environment for swimmers and body-surfers. Other attractions would include the Victoria Indian Street Market for an exciting shopping experience and the Umgeni River Bird Park.

•    The Drakensberg Mountains is the next spot to be visited. It is a 600 mile stretched mountain range where one can enjoy rock climbing and horseback riding in the Royal Natal National Park. The place also offers a unique adventure known as the Karkloof Canopy Tour.

•    Hogsback is another place situated in the Amatola Mountains. The landscape has beautiful waterfalls and indigenous forests where one can enjoy trout fishing and horse riding.

•    The last destination is Hermanus which lies on the Western Cape. It is a sea side town which is always buzzing with festivals and events throughout the year. It is the best place to watch the whales swim, especially the Southern Right Whale.

These places are the few among the numerous tourist spots in South Africa. The country welcomes you with warm greetings offering all types of experiences. One can do the car hire south africa at affordable charges but it should be hired before one’s arrival to South Africa. So, its time for Africa!

Author Bio – Uttoran Sen is a blogger and a travel writer since 2004, he likes to rent a car and visit various places throughout the world and write them down on his travel blog.


Roxette: Dangerous or Joyride?


I loved Roxette back in the day because I was a big fan of the song, Joy Ride. I didn’t know any other songs they sang except the slow jam they did for the Pretty Woman Soundtrack, and as you can see I can’t recall the name. (Ten minutes later) OK, I Googled it, the song is “It Must of Been Love”.

Anyway, they have a song called “Dangerous”.

Check it out:

I prefer this track:

Roxette is still making music together and are very popular overseas. Visit them at their official website.

Maybe I need to live overseas so I can be popular too!


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