5 Myths About Fat


The era of low-fat diets seem to be on the wane. There has been compelling evidence showing that fats are not something you should be skimping out on if you want a healthy, balanced diet. Despite the well-deserved good press … Continue reading

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How To Make Real South African Biltong


Biltong is a type of cured meat snack that originated in the 17th Century in South Africa. At that time, Dutch settlers brought with them recipes for curing meat with vinegar, salt and spices. Pioneering “voortrekkers” needed to preserve food … Continue reading

Successful Companies Are Supported By Good Foundations


Good foundations Communication is vitally important within an organisation in any business venture that has any hope of being successful. Before you think big and go rushing off to the trendiest PR company to splash your company’s image everywhere possible, … Continue reading

Top Skills for Future Millionaires


You might think that this would be a personal experience and, therefore, impossible to define past a very general outline but research actually says otherwise. We can prove exactly what skills and styles make a person successful because we have … Continue reading

Eight Curious Guinness World Records From South Africa


Guinness World Records have continued to fascinate and amaze us since 1955. How tall was the tallest person to ever live? Who has the world’s largest natural breasts, and how big are they? If you’ve ever wanted to know the … Continue reading

When Good Drugs Go Bad


Celebrities sometimes, unwittingly, shine the light on serious social problems. If it wasn’t for some high-profile celebrity cases, many people would be blissfully unaware of the growing problem of prescription drug abuse. Elvis Presley is perhaps the most famous (and … Continue reading