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Branding – How Do YOU Appear on Facebook?

By Terry D Kozlyk Late to the party, many small and medium size businesses are discovering Facebook as a tool for promoting and branding themselves. In the past few years, the term “branding” has been a hot business topic, created by the media hype around advertising using social media. But I never fully understood the … Continue reading

Dats Jus Swift Presents: The Lagoon Giveaway

Originally posted on The Billion Dollar App :
? I just wanted to take a sec to thank all of you for your love and support.  I am super excited about The Billion Dollar App and I’m well on my way there y’all.  I just need a push from all of you!!! Get all your friends,…

The Way Not To Run A Business

There are just so many poorly ran businesses out there and it is really sad to see. Running a business for many is their dream and to see people struggling is not at all nice. There are some fundamental points that these people need to bear in mind and if they do then the chance … Continue reading

Dangerous Black Woman: Tangela Walker-Craft

My name is Tangela Walker-Craft.  I am a native of Lakeland, Florida. I’ve been married to my husband (Ernest Craft, III) for 21+ years. I’m a wife and homeschooling mother to my 11 year old daughter.  I’m also a patented inventor and business owner. After my daughter was born, I breastfed her for two years.  … Continue reading

How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Everyone wants to save money while food shopping. For some time, there has been a persistent myth that it has been impossible to eat cheap while still eating well; quality and nutrition have always associated with high cost. However, this traditional idea could not be further from the truth. It is possible to save quite … Continue reading

The Funniest Responses for Annoying Telemarketers

Nothing is more annoying than having constant contact from someone you simply don’t want to talk to – that is, unless that person gets paid to do it! Telemarketers might be simply doing their job, but it can cause pesky disturbances and interruptions do your daily routine or leisure time. If you have a company … Continue reading

9 Legitimate Online Jobs and a Few Illegitimate Ones

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay at home with the kids while you earn money too? That’s a dream come true for a lot of parents. And it’s not only about spending time with the kids, it’s also enjoying the flexibility of your own schedule. If you choose to take this route, be glad to … Continue reading

Memoirs: Why You Need To Write One

Image by Antonio Litterio   Sue William Silverman led a double life. Although she appeared to have a normal life, she was actually suffering from sexual addiction. It wasn’t until she began to write down her thoughts that she realised how writing a memoir could change her life… for the better. She saw how jotting … Continue reading

Why I Have Issues With Secret Santa

There are both advantages and disadvantages to working from home especially at Christmas. Whilst lonely workers like me miss out on the festivities and parties we at least escape the potential nightmare of Secret Santa. In case you have been living in a cave Secret Santa is a gift giving procedure favored by many offices … Continue reading

13 Situations Where Someone Better Have Insurance

When disaster strikes, is good to know that someone has your back. While friends and family are there to help you pick up the pieces emotionally. It’s the insurance company that helps you recoup financially. No matter what kind of business you run or what you might do in life, it always pays off to … Continue reading

Help! I Have No Money To Spend This Christmas

Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, and a time for families and friends to gather together to exchange gifts, eat, drink and be extremely merry. Its a time when children’s dreams are realised seeing them finally get the new, up to date toys they’ve been desperately asking for in the months leading up … Continue reading

Autumn: It’s The Perfect Time To Network

Who doesn’t love the Fall? It is the perfect time for BBQs, picnics and seeing the leaves change in the mountains. But did you also know that it is the ideal time for networking? Don’t think the only thing you can do during the Fall is rake leaves – there’s actually a lot you can … Continue reading

6 Surefire Ways To Make Extra Money Fast

Whether you need extra money to pay off debt, deposit into your savings account, or simply make ends meet, there are many ways you can get started earning cash today. These businesses do not require any special skills or knowledge. In addition, you can start on a shoestring budget because they can be advertised inexpensively … Continue reading

How To Successfully Create A Brand

Brand is a buzzword that constantly resides at the tip of marketers and business’s tongues, and has quickly become an essential for any company wishing to achieve continued success. With the definition of branding varying from company to company, businesses looking to develop their brand should be aware that it is largely a personal concept … Continue reading


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