Flint Stuff Spotlight: “KILL I” by Lawrence Washington Jr.

Love poetry? Check out the inspirational poems inside the pages of KILL I. Click image to learn more!

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Black History Month Spotlight: Daya Devi-Doolin

Name and Title:  Daya Devi-Doolin: Dir. The Doolin Healing Sanctuary

What do you do and why? I have a national center for helping (aligning) with others for their own self-healing with vibratory energy work with them. The systems I use are non-invasive and help balance and rearrange one’s body, mind and spiritual vibrational rate to one of healing. I know what it’s like being in pain and stressed out because of it. I also know what it’s like to be free of pain and how that feels. I desire to see people realize they don’t have to live that way and that there is a “better” way to live. I am also and have been a singer/songwriter, musician and recording artist with my husband and partner for many years after meeting on the streets of Philadelphia, where I was a “street musician”. We make up the Duo, aka Level Seven and perform original and cover music at fairs, festivals, clubs, concert halls and do Radio/TV interviews. We are members of the Recording Academy and our CD, Smile America was considered for nomination to the Grammys. A few of my books have received national book awards and best-selling status. I have written six books in the category or motivational, self-growth and inspirational. I was inspired to learn the guitar after being exposed to music by my father when I was a child. Music was around us through records, him singing as he painted and listening to him play the piano, ukulele and guitar for us.

What mark have you left on Black history? I started writing poems in college and wrote a short play that was put on. I got a lot of enjoyment seeing my thoughts and feelings transported onto paper and then dance into action. My words made me feel good inside and outside. It was like the feeling you’d get seeing a beautiful butterfly land on your finger or hold a newborn baby.

When I graduated, I distinctly said to myself “I am never going to read another book in my whole life again!” What did I end up doing? I ended up writing books twenty years later and accepting speaking engagements. It was not a goal of mine to write, let alone read another book. I agreed with Spirit to write because I felt and saw the need to answer people’s questions about things of substance. I was impressed by a still quiet Voice to do so.

Once I started writing without fussing about the direction given me by this comforting Voice, I found how satisfying the process was. I’m glad I listened and acted. The results have been far more reaching and fantastic than I could have ever imagined.

As President of The Doolin Healing Sanctuary, I give talks on metaphysical topics to my participants. Some have stayed after my workshops and lectures to talk with me and one time, a student asked, “Daya, what do you think is the most important thing we as humans need to know or need to learn?” I said, “People have to learn that the thoughts we have are our Word made flesh. Thoughts are our inherited gifts that become our reality and that no thought is neutral. I told her people need to realize that the thoughts we hold in mind (Heaven) become manifested on earth (the body).” Her expression revealed she was stunned at my answer! Spirit informed me that I could answer that question in book form and it would reach far more people. People, regardless of their race, nationality, creed, need to remember they are responsible for everything they see and do and experience in their reality.

My greatest victory is in several different chapters of my life as a writer. In one chapter for example, two of my books received the same prestigious award in two consecutive years with the NABE Pinnacle Best Book Achievement Award. In another chapter of my writing life, victory was receiving an award from a black national award-winning online magazine, the EDC Creations Literary Award in the self-growth category while Jack Canfield won it for his Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul. We both won the same award but for different categories. Overall, my greatest victory is taking myself from a non-writer status to being a sought after author-speaker. Seeing my thoughts, efforts, feelings expressed in book form is a fantastic gift. I see a win-win situation for me and the reader of my books.

I have been blessed to read and learn from hundreds of authors whom I lovingly call my mentors whether alive or not. They know the truth about universal principles and how to apply them to our lives as a human being in order to experience the best that life has to offer. They know what is possible when you are conscious of what your thoughts are and how they become “things”. If I were to have the opportunity to have lunch with any one author, I would choose to have lunch with Dr. Maya Angelou.

I have authored six books and each one is my favorite. They each have their own life, their own energy and quality of substance. The Only Way Out Is In: The Secrets of the 14 Realms to Love, Happiness and Success has been my most successful because of the motivational, healing and inspirational principles the reader has picked up on and applied to their lives. People write books because they feel what they have to say is valuable, important to the health of others, motivational, inspirational, educational or funny. They feel they have learned a valuable lesson and want to help someone else. I know I have valuable information and my intention is to share that and leave it as my legacy with mankind.

People ask me how they should begin writing. I say enjoy the journey and try not to figure out what is the next thing. That will present itself naturally when you are ready. The pieces will fall into place for you. My advice to writers regardless of color who are just starting out is to meditate first. Be quiet, breathe in deeply and slowly. You already have the information within you and it will come pouring through. Trust yourself and trust your inner being.

Why is celebrating Black History important to you? All who have gone on before us and left us a legacy of strength, fortitude, persistence, perseverance and a sense of adventure to go and do, to go and be the best we are meant to be. It’s important to me to be of service by BEING in and of your passion that lifts up someone else (adult or child) and lets them know, they can overcome anything whether it be physical, spiritual, mental, emotional or medical. We have many examples of men and women who were doctors, nurses, lawyers, ministers or simply laypeople who wanted to make things better for themselves, which affected all people regardless of race, nationality or creed. I am honored to be able to celebrate them for having been my ancestors by living and leaving such inspirational gifts for me to carry on with for my children, family and country.

Who or what do you honor most in Black History? Dr. Maya Angelou for being a remarkable Renaissance woman who is hailed as one of the great voices of contemporary literature. She is a poet, educator and historian. In a recent interview by The Authors Show TV, I was asked who would I love to have lunch with and why? My response was, “I have been blessed to read and learn from hundreds of authors whom I lovingly call my mentors whether alive or not. They know the truth about universal principles and how to apply them to our lives as a human being in order to experience the best that life has to offer. They know what is possible when you are conscious of what your thoughts are and how they become “things”. If I were to have the opportunity to have lunch with any one author, I would choose to have lunch with Dr. Maya Angelou.”

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Flint Stuff Spotlight: Quinton “Ethereal” Robinson – Butterflies



“To spread some positivity in the world”, Ethereal announces the release of his first self-published book of poetry entitled,”Butterflies”. Click image for book details and to buy!

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Does Book Size Matter?

Several months ago I had a conversation with someone regarding my first book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down. They asked how many pages the book was and my response was “less than 100”; you would of thought the bottom dropped out by the response I was given. This person, an aspiring author, proceeded to inform me in so many words that my book was too short and that the cost of $10 was too high. Ya’ll already know I let him have it in my own way, but I have a question:  Do you take the size of a book into consideration before you buy it? Or, do you buy a book because the author, genre, or subject matter interest you?

Dangerous Lee Interviews Denise Matthews Formerly Known as Vanity

Dangerous Lee Live returns Tuesday, August 17th at 4pm EST for a special show to highlight Evangelist Denise Matthews about her past life as singer/actress Vanity and her new autobiography, Blame it on Vanity.

Click here to listen!

The King of Erotica Reviews “Self Love and Pain” from ‘Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down’

King of Erotica Website

King of Erotica Website

Dangerous Lee, DANGEROUS LEEEEE is the song you hear when listening to her fabulous Blog Radio show, but who knew the wonderfully enigmatic vixen had a knack for great story telling? I was in both awe and amazement when reading “Self Love and Pain”. It tells the story of one sexy, take-no-prisoners woman falling in love with a man with AIDS, going outside the norm to find love and finding so much more. She found herself again, discovered love through another man’s eyes and nursed the pain of his untimely death by using vivid and bittersweet memories to tell her mind, body and soul “I Will Always Love You” by shunning other relationships to hold onto the one she had.

It’s both relevant and sad, as I lived through my own moments of love. I am living with HIV and she captured everything a man feels when discovering love again after vowing to never sleep with anyone else when contracting a deadly disease. She single-handedly PROVES that you don’t get HIV/AIDS through kissing, touching and using protection when making love to your significant other. So all the taboos and the mis education of the disease is thrown right out the window. Her story was tasteful and made me curl up in the bed and read, read, read!

I give the story five stars. If Dangerous writes more stories of this nature she just might cause women to hang up their Freakum Dresses, wipe off half the unnecessary make-up and put on beautiful clothes that emphasize their natural physiques, flaunting their natural beauty and going out and mingling with the fellas. And this time, with the advice she offers, ask a man his HIV status. If they can’t produce the proof (being positive or negative on a blot is proof), then they can’t make the decision of still giving him a chance or telling him to “Fuck off!”


The King of Erotica

Next week Terrance Dean, the author of Hiding in Hip Hop, will review “Elderly and Edible”, from ‘Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down’.


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