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Video: Our 10 Hottest Stories of the Week

Viral Top Story: How To Become A Goddess In The Bedroom Viral Top Story: 5 Reasons Marrying A Nurse Is Like Winning The Lottery Viral Top Story: 7 Reasons Engineers Make The Best Boyfriends/Husbands Top Story: The Do’s and Dont’s of Ugg Boots Viral Top Story: 6 Male Celebrities Who Have Had Hair Transplants Top … Continue reading

That time I tried to write a script about skin color

In 2006, I tried writing a script for the first time and the following is what I came up with: SKIN An original script by Dangerous Lee July 2006 Draft 1. BLACK SCREEN: Sound of baby crying. 2. INT: Hospital Delivery Room A beautiful black baby is born and crying. The doctor and nurses are … Continue reading

I Am The 14% – Black People in America: Why We Will Never Overcome

  Remember the following fact the next time a Black woman or man is unjustly killed or why it is so hard for us to overcome the effects of racism in this country. Also factor in that many of us only want to assimilate. We are a minority in more ways than one. In 2012 … Continue reading

To the people who don’t find black women/men attractive, why? – GirlsAskGuys.com

Question: To the people who don’t find black women/men attractive, why? Black people seem to be the least liked by a lot of people on GAG, and I really don’t understand why.. The responses to this “popular question” on Girls Ask Guys really tripped me out! Read responses via – GirlsAskGuys.com.

Celebrate Black History Month the Dangerous Lee Way

Top Story: Dangerous Black Woman – Lana Reid

Credit: Lana Reid To be dangerous you must have some sort of influence.  I think what makes me more dangerous is that I know where my talent is and how to not abuse it.  I’m in the business of helping people find their inner peace and when you have the ability to teach someone how … Continue reading

Phil Robertson and The Duck He Rode in on Can Kiss My Black Ass!

So can anyone else that has issues with Black people or women. Ya’ll ain’t gon’ worry me! Can we stop paying so much attention to and giving so much power to racist, sexist, bible thumping, homophobic bigots in 2014? Read – Duck Dynasty Distracts from Civil Rights Work

Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet!

I wrote an optimistic blog on December 31, 2012 titled, Dangerous Lee’s Top Life Events of 2012 & Resolutions for 2013, in an attempt to write great things into existence and in the blog I go on and on about some of the good and bad experiences I had in 2012 and I proceed to talk … Continue reading

Top Story: The Trouble with SNL’s White Christmas

Lorne Michaels must have a massive pair of balls. Not only did he brush off the call for more black women in the Saturday Night Live cast earlier this Fall, he also put his rubber stamp of approval on what was possibly the most offensive two minutes of television I have viewed in a long … Continue reading

Get Your Copy of “How To Deal With White People” at The Dangerous Lee Mall!!!

At last! An honest, straightforward and unapologetic guide to help reduce culture shock between the races. Using the methods and tips within, you can ease the confusion of interacting with white people, establishing a more direct approach, ensuring your own sense of peace. Learn How to Communicate With Whites. Identify which whites wear “The Mask”. … Continue reading

Top Story: Dangerous Black Woman: Abimbola “Bim” Fernandez

It’s disappointing to see how often black women are misrepresented in the media. It makes me cringe to see the cat fights and negative energy on screen. Especially when that energy can be utilized to make the world a better, more equal place to live. As an adolescent, I was very sheltered. I attended highly … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee Bitstrip of the Day: Stop Supporting TMZ!

I created this Bitstrip to make a point about how so many of you are hypnotized by online media outlets like Bossip and TMZ and fail to support independent media in the same way. Low and behold, a day after I created it, TMZ posted a story with a poll asking if Black people should … Continue reading

Dangerous Black Woman: Shawntel Asemota White

“I’m black, but you’re just jealous because you’re not a pretty black girl like me, inside and out.” My classmate left me distraught as she told me boldly and confidently that I was “an ugly black girl.” I ran home to my mother, tears in eyes, certain that being black meant being ugly and that … Continue reading

The Strong Black Woman – Myth or Fact?

By Marcea Hibbert-Roye I am of the opinion that the strength of a Black woman is both a fact and a myth, in equal measures. Women of any color are inherently strong but it is the information gained from this perception about Black Women that can escalate the myth aspect of this subject. For Black … Continue reading


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