Top Story: Little Known Ways To Make Your Boyfriend’s Birthday Special

boyfriend gift

So, your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner, and you’ve got a bit of a problem knowing what to get him. You would get him a DVD or a computer game, but, unless you live together, there’s no way … Continue reading

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How To Have A Grown Up Party

Portrait of business colleagues holding each other and laughing

Parties at home are generally taken to mean small children playing musical statues and eating jelly, but there are many other occasions where it is appropriate to host a celebration at home too. Graduation, engagement, milestone birthday or baptism are … Continue reading

When Should You Give Yourself A Gift?


You’re making your gift list and checking it twice, but did you remember to include yourself on that list? So many women focus on everyone else’s needs that they rarely take time to think about their own needs. You want … Continue reading

5 Things To Do When You’re Bored At Home


Sick of spending yet another afternoon doing the same ol’ same ol’?  Give yourself a change of pace with these 5 activities: 1.  Have a movie marathon Come up with a great theme — like best action movies, biggest tearjerkers, … Continue reading

The Essential Birthday Etiquette Guide for Girlfriends

Just for you a party celebration cake with candle

Celebrating our friends’ birthdays can break the bank. We’re invited to birthday celebration weekend getaways or fancy group dinners, and with every planning detail, another dollar sign appears in our line of vision. Sure, we want to partake in the … Continue reading