The Fine Line Between Belief and Bigotry : (My 2 cents on the Duck Dynasty Fiasco)


Written by: Montre Bible So today in the news, it seems that everyone online is talking about  Phil Robertson (ya know the backwoods guy who looks like a red neck Osama Bin Laden) and his comments about homosexuals (and might I … Continue reading

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If You’re An Asshole And You Know It Read This Blog!


FreeBlogging: The Internet Is A Breeding Ground For Assholes, Including Me! I wrote this weeks ago as I was going off on a tangent. I’ve debated publishing it because I don’t think it’s written very well. Then I said, fuck … Continue reading

Breaking News: Nicholas Maze’s New Book “Deleting God” Examines How Christian Culture Is Changing


Deleting God: Distractions, Misunderstandings, & Misinterpretations, by author Nicholas Maze, was released on May 21st, 2013.   In Deleting God, Nicholas critiques the state of the modern church and brings attention to the many overlooked issues that exist. He discusses … Continue reading

Ask Dangerous Lee: What’s your say on matters of religious delusion?


Name: Theodore Shwantz Email: Question: Belief in any personal god is mind-numbingly stupid. This all sane people know. What’s your say on matters of religious delusion? Location: Costco I am not a religious woman, so I do not like … Continue reading

Black History Month Spotlight: Odette Hooks – Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach & Author

Name and occupation? Odette Hooks, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Author What do you love most about being a Black woman? If the question were asked what do you love about being a woman than the answer would have been … Continue reading