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Top Story: 7 Stylists Share Their 2015 Fashion Tips

sos by bernard buieBernard Buie: Designer & Humanitarian – sosbybernardbuie.com

Trends for next season will be The Nautical Theme, Buie Blue as the main color. Buie shirt, pants and LifeSaver Condom Boxers are the next big thing for the S/S season.

Dress for Success 100% of the time.

BriBri Thomas: Freelance Journalist – glitterandlife.com

As a fashion blogger and marketing manager in Austin, Texas, my top fashion tip for 2015…Do you! Sure, winter whites, chunky knits and fabulous capes are “in,” but you won’t be able to pull off any of those looks without inner confidence and your own personal touches.

As you’ll see in my blog, I mix affordable outfits with luxurious pieces – then top it all off with a signature piece or two.

Trends come and go, but your style is original and should be seen in all that you do, especially your great #OOTY (Outfits of the Year ;)!



layer7Gina Curko: Stylist – seesawboutique.com

It is all about the layers baby!

Take your point of destination into consideration when you’re dressing. The outfit has to be right for the occasion. So when walking in the city layers adds to your overall look. It gives you depth and flow. In winter we can get extremely cold but this does not mean to get sloppy when we are choosing to stay warm.

Fashion needs to be applied in layers so that your over look is well thought out and well put together. Every item has to be coordinated. The jacket, bag sunglasses, shoes, and of course the hair! It all has to tell a story.

Look at this picture. Now you are in the know.



 hoo-kongAlexis Davis: Designer & Founder of Hoo-Kong – Hoo-Kong.com

A simple yet significant style is always the way to go. Hoo-Kong jewelry adds that significant touch to your ensemble. I love an all black outfit with a signature piece of Hoo-Kong jewelry.

1. Keep it simple (Don’t over-think your outfit)
2. An all black look is ALWAYS in style.
3. Compliment your outfit with a bold statement piece.
4. Most importantly wear what makes YOU feel and look good…simple.

MeghanMeghan Celeste: Creative Director – ThriftingwithStyle.com

2015 The Year of Being Fearless!

Forget about Orange being the New Black!!! In 2015, Cobalt Blue is the New Black. From winter to summer cobalt blue will work in every season. Because of its brighter shades of cool hues this color will work with all ethnicities light to brown shades.

Dare to be different this year!!!! Make it your business to set a trend this year, not just following the ones given to you.



Catenya McHenry: TV Host/Re-Stylist/Style Editor – catenya.com

You may have cheated on your new year’s resolutions by now but one resolution you should definitely keep is whipping your closet into shape.

Get Organized – Sort through your tops, bottoms, and accessories. Group them together. You could even color code and sort pieces by type; meaning all short-sleeved tops together, denim together and so on. If that’s much too OCD for you, start gradually and at least sort like-minded pieces together. That’s a sensible way to see what you have and it makes getting dressed in the morning simpler and less stressful.

Hang it Up- Purge and toss the wire dry cleaner hangers and upgrade to sturdier ones that match in style and color. Hang your heavier pieces like cardigans, blazers and sweaters on strong hangers like wood or velvet. Hang your trousers on grip clip ones so they hang without the risk of the permanent crease.

Since I’m a Maxxinista, I tend to shop T.J. Maxx for quick organization ideas and reasonably priced bundled hangers. Other shops like The Container Store, Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond have wonderful organization and storage solutions too!



LuxeColore.com founder, Tanya SotilloTanya Sotillo: Founder – luxecolore.com

Being stylish is just not about fabulous clothes. Jewelry, shoes, handbags, scarves, belts, the list of awesome accessories that can take your look from boring to chic goes on and on.

There are accessory dos and dont’s when it comes to stepping out in style and we’ve got you covered.

Here are just a few accessory tips for any season:

•Remember, when it comes to jewelry, a statement should complement your outfit not overpower it.

•Something as simple as changing your jewelry and slipping on stilettos can transition a daytime outfit to a date night ensemble.

•No matter the season, a stylish scarf or belt and help complete a look.

To the people who don’t find black women/men attractive, why? – GirlsAskGuys.com

Question: To the people who don’t find black women/men attractive, why?

Black people seem to be the least liked by a lot of people on GAG, and I really don’t understand why..


The responses to this “popular question” on Girls Ask Guys really tripped me out!

Read responses via - GirlsAskGuys.com.

A Guide to Improving the Smell and Taste of Your Vagina


Odds are, every woman out there has at one time said to herself, “What’s going on with the smells down there?” When it come to the vagina, there are several things that can have an effect on the odor and taste.

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that it is normal for the vagina to have a smell and taste. It is a body part! And this particular one has nearby sweat glands, changes with hormonal differences, and – let’s be honest – there’s a lot going on down there!

Second, it’s good to keep a good relationship with your lady parts. Know the smells and even ask your partner about the taste. This is the only way you will understand what’s normal for you, and if anything you try brings improvement (or causes decline) to taste and smell. If you or your partner notice a particularly strong odor or taste, this could be a sign of a vaginal infection and you want to have this checked out.

But for now, here are some ideas and information on optimizing the fragrance and flavor of your flower:

Female Hygiene is First

Your vagina is most affected by how clean it is, and how it is cleaned.

Keep the area clean through your normal cleaning regimen, but you might also consider using a different soap on the vaginal exterior (washing inside the vagina can mess with your Ph balance and cause infection and irritation) than you use on the rest of the body. Use mild soaps with no perfumes or dyes.

Rinse, rinse, rinse! Rinsing with extra water helps clear the area of extra build-up and discharge, and can leave the vagina smelling fresh.

Consider shaving. Pubic hair is a trap for sweat and dirt, and can hold odors. You don’t have to completely shave the hair off to see improvement; just consider grooming.

10 Top Winter Beauty Tips

Except for Christmas, reindeers and presents, cold weather also brings sullen skin, itchy scalp and other non-attractive things. Before panicking about your appearance, read a list of beauty tips that will make you shine this winter.


1) In winter we tend to feel less thirsty and often neglect drinking plenty of water. It is very important though to drink 8 glasses per day even if doesn’t come naturally. Herbal teas and clear soups can also replenish your skin’s moisture.

2) Avoid long, hot showers. According to dermatologist Barbara R. Reed, “Just as you use hot water to get grease out of dishes, you can wind up removing natural oils from your skin”. Lukewarm showers might not be that comforting but at least they will not contribute to your skin dryness.

3) If you feel like snacking prefer seeds and nuts. You will get a zinc boost, essential for preventing rashes and skin irritations. On the contrary, sugary snacks will make your skin look even more sullen.

4) To protect your lips from dryness use a moisturizing, natural lip balm which does not contain ingredients like camphor and menthol (they only worsen a cracked mouth). You can also try an exfoliant on your lips to get rid of flaky patches.

5) To soothe lackluster hair use conditioner. Scan the labels for quaternary ammonium compounds, also known as “quats”. Quats such as cetrimonium chloride and behentrimonium chloride “neutralize the static electricity that causes flyaways leaving your hair soft and silky” says cosmetics chemist Jim Hammer.

6) Bolster your beauty from the inside by consuming enough Omega-3s, the essential fatty acids found in foods such as salmon and walnuts. Omega 3s are so vital for skin health, that we should take supplements to ensure we get enough, said Doris Day, M.D., at Womens Health magazine.

7) The lack of humidity in winter can cause our scalp to peel. If the peeling is accompanied with symptoms such as limp locks, super dry face and rashes on the body, then it is probably dandruff. To get rid of the annoying white flakes use a shampoo with zinc or sulfur. Their antibacterial action free follicles of buildup and eliminate flakes in a few weeks.

8) Some body parts, like arms and legs, have fewer oil glands than other parts and tend to be drier, especially in winter. It is essential to moisturize these parts with a lotion to keep them hydrated and soft. You can try a soothing lotion with milk as the main ingredient. The natural fats and lactic acid in milk can soften our skin, lightly exfoliate, and abate irritation, says Regina Viotto, skin-care specialist.

9) Heat styling your hair in winter could dry it out more. Warren Holmes, International Creative Director at Nicky Clarke, who has styled the locks of Kate Moss, recommends using a low-heat setting on a dryer with ceramic technology, to achieve silky styles without damaging it.

10) You can try adding some moisture to your home with a humidifier in the bedroom, which can help clear sinuses in cold weather and keep skin from over-drying. To prevent your humidifier from becoming a germ haven though, change the water daily and clean it every three days.

Katerina is an avid blogger with a real appreciation of beauty. She is currently blogging about fashion trends, hairstyles and beauty tips for Vixen and Blush vixenandblush.com/contact/hair-extensions-salon-hoxton-shoreditch/ a hair extensions salon in Shoreditch, London.

Say What! Bronzing Can Remove Cellulite?

kate moss airbrushed to hell and back

Kate Moss has been bronzed and Photo Shopped to hell and back!

I’m about to give you a beauty secret only known by the most experienced in the industry: cellulite looks less obvious on bronzed skin. So if you can’t beat it…hide it with a fake tan!

There’s no denying it, a golden body is a great confidence booster. You tend to look longer, leaner, more toned with a bit of color. Faking it is so much safer than baking in the sun. Many of us would agree that we would be less tempted to soak up the sun rays if we arrived on vacation with a bit of color already taken care of.

It’s also brilliant at helping disguise cellulite – a fake tan somehow seems to even out lumps and bumps. Plus the prep work you do before you apply it – exfoliating, moisturizing and so on – helps hydrate the area, remove dead skin cells and even out skin-texture. So cellulite ruined skin will look better before you even get around to the bronzing.

Applying a fake tan used to be a messy, smelly old business. And the shades were questionable. Thankfully, gone are the days of George Hamilton-style tans in a shade of tangerine that smelt of something you’d keep under the sink. These days fake tans are sophisticated, easy to use, quick-drying and incredibly effective. They’re a great way to prepare your body for your two weeks in the sun, or cover up pasty white bits when you’re wearing that sundress/mini-skirt/strappy outfit.

Why does it work?

The magic ingredient here is the DHA (dihydroxyacetene) which turns the skin brown by oxidizing the amino acid in the skin. Manufacturers usually add lots of other lovely softening, toning, hydrating ingredients, too. Fake tans come in mousses, creams, gels, lotions. You can either apply them yourself – home tans tend to last up to four or five days – or you can go the professional route and visit a specialist, who might put you in a booth and spray you with the stuff. Salon tans tend to last longer – some claim theirs last between a week and a fortnight. A salon is the best route if you want an all-over tan without the hassle of doing it yourself. Best salon choices include St-Tropez, Guinot and Clarins.

What to expect

Here’s what to expect if you’re a salon tan virgin. You disrobe (and usually pop on a pair of those charming paper pants), after which the therapist exfoliates you, and slaps on handfuls of goo, covering you thoroughly. She’ll then leave you there for up to an hour while the tanner works its magic, and she then removes the excess. When you shower the next day (if you can leave it that long) you look fantastic. Make sure you wear dark clothes to avoid staining on your clothes.

Many fake tans take a few days to look beautifully natural, so if you’re preparing for a special do, book your treatment a few days prior to the event. And always remember that a fake tan won’t protect your from the sun so you still need sunscreen. If you’re using a self-tanner at home, make sure you patch test the area beforehand to avoid an allergic reaction. Don’t be tempted to go too dark; always choose one that matches your natural skin tone. Best tried-and-tested self-tanners include those by Decleor, Ambre Solaire, St-Tropez and Lancaster.

Just follow the three golden rules – exfoliate, moisturize and layer

Start by exfoliating the area with a body scrub, loofah or a flannel. Apply exfoliator with circular movements (it helps boost circulation). Make sure you pay particular attention to heels, knees and elbows where the skin is rougher. A cheaper option is Epsom salts – which will help to deep-cleanse your skin. Just fill a cup with salts and add enough water to make a paste. Massage over skin, then rinse off.

Always moisturize after exfoliating. Leave the moisturizer on for about 15 minutes before you apply your fake tan so it doesn’t interfere with the active ingredient in fake tanning products.

Remove excess moisturizer with a damp flannel before you apply the tanning product – especially on bony areas such as knees, elbows and ankles – it’ll prevent any uneven tanning.

Apply the fake tan, smothering it on as you would a moisturizer. Don’t forget backs of knees and hands, and your inner thighs.

Then build up gradually. You don’t need as much where your skin is thinner as the color will stay longer here. A tan usually appears about three or four hours later – if you find you have streaks, try exfoliating the area. Avoid swimming or having a shower for about twelve hours after a treatment. Moisturize your body well over the next few days; it’ll help prolong your fake tan and keep your cellulite at bay.

Olivia Winters is an established author and contributor in the health and beauty industry. After spending over 15 years as a professional make-up artist she now blogs and shares her secrets with the world. You can find more of her beauty secrets at Breathtaking Hairstyles.

Creative Or Crazy? 7 Ways to “Spruce Up” Your Vagina


You’ve tried shaving. You’ve groomed and kept it clean. But you’re still not quite satisfied with the aesthetic down there. What’s a girl to do to go that extra step in showing some love to the lady parts?

Maybe you’re just curious. Maybe you or your partner want to try something new. Or maybe seriously looking for an edgy new way to spruce up your vagina. Whatever the motivation, there are several options.

Piercings and tattoos have been around a while, but there are some newer choices. This is by no means a complete list (there are some amazing things out there), but here are eight things you can choose when looking to beautify the vajayjay.

#1 The Vajacial

Yep, it’s like a facial for your vagina. A spa treatment of sorts. The Vajacial is a 50-minute treatment that includes plucking ingrown hairs, special cleansing, intense moisturizing, and an enzyme mask. Different salons and spas may call it something different and offer variations, but the main purpose is soothe and beautify the area. The vajacial calms those red bumps after shaving, and exfoliate and smooth the skin.

Competition Between Women – Does Beauty Cause Jealousy?


By Marcea Hibbert-Roye

Women can be so beastly to one another. Women can also be the perpetrators of hate towards other women. Women can instigate and continue a trail of destruction towards another woman.

It can be very uncomfortable to acknowledge that women can act just as aggressively as men and cause the emotional breakdown in others especially towards other women.

There are many diverse and oddly strange reasons for women behaving badly and jealousy is one of those reasons.

When the green eye of envy glares from the pulpit of internal vision in a woman, the results can range from mild verbal contact to being downright unbelievably heinous. Due to jealousy, a woman could temporarily appear insane. Some behaviors include verbal rages appearing irrational and incessant; her stiffened body taut from the venom squeezing from every pore. Jealousy is potent and can destroy both the holder and the receiver.

I covered my perspective on the Beauty Myth in another article but wanted to pay particular attention to jealousy in a woman because of beauty noting the Beauty Myth.

The Beauty Myth looks at the overall impact on women and I will be examining the psychological impact on women. To surmise the concept and explain the Beauty Myth, here is a quick precis.

The Beauty Myth is an allegorical ideology about what a woman should look like to be readily accepted in society. Men, for control over women construct this ideology. The ideology of beauty as in the Beauty Myth is not defined, therefore there are no clear guidelines or demarcation.

There are many ways in which a woman gravitates towards making herself appealing and to appease men and the resulting language, spoken or not, determines how women view themselves. Women then systematically enshrine the essence of the Beauty Myth by plundering themselves to a regime of incessant grooming including the use of surgery, cosmetics and diets. A woman does not have to be aware of the Beauty Myth to be complicit in its language. The control over women by men renders women out of control in mind and body as she strives for attainment of acceptance. Remember, what the actual concept of beauty should look like is not defined! Whilst this is happening locally for women, the woman then sees other women as potential rivals. Women compete with other women vying for the attention from men creating a war on each other that may appear comical to some but is in no doubt very debilitating for women reciprocally.

Women readily accept striving to achieve the ‘ideal’ weight and maintain this notion even at the risk of their own health. In some contexts, this ideal is nothing short of experimenting with their life. In an attempt to mask over her own lack of self-esteem, a woman may originate a furtive competition with her colleagues, peers and even friends to appear to be the better looking therefore more acceptable to men. Is the archetypal jealous woman real or fictitious? Just take a look around you.

Women eyeing up other women whilst measuring their own selves and sometimes leaving others feeling as though they are below standard. If a particular woman measures against another woman and feels she is more attractive than she perceives her ‘rival’ to be, just watch her physiology prolifically change in an instant. If she perceives this same ‘rival’ to be featuring an attribute she is keen to personally gain this same change in her physiology is evident but this time, she retreats within herself. The Omni-presence of the Beauty Myth is indeed powerful even if not understood by its participants. The concept of the Beauty Myth makes women jealous towards other women a certainty.

Throughout my working experiences in some companies, I have sometimes felt it was better to have a man as a manager than a woman. I work passionately to improve women’s lives so how can I possibly justify the previous statement? Well, if your female manager is managing her own set of negative self-perceptions and gracelessly views you as having something that she does not, well, put it this way, your working day can be hell. This information should not be taken out of context. Women are able to manage effectively managerial roles, I am speaking about the female manager who may allow her position to denigrate another female based on the idea of perceived threat. I am also admitting, however uncomfortable that women in ‘powerful’ positions can use this to feather their own pride by reducing another women’s intent. The inception of jealousy not just in thought but put into practice has some very untenable traits for the recipient, the acts done against her is nothing short of bullying. Even in an informal group of friends, there is always some kind of rivalry going on, some form of argument stemming from the lack of something, the underbelly being self-esteem. Yet, if we took a look back into the lives of much younger females (ages 4 – 8 years old), you can see a characteristic in them that might explain the neuroticism that follows later on.

Young girls are tenacious; they are determined and self-assured. They can appear bossy and knows how to get their wishes completed. They can manipulate others for their gains without blinking. The young female knows who she is and will fight for control in her circle. (This description is architypically of young females before society teaches them that their voices are not to be heard, another discussion!) Many times, the young female who views herself as mentally and emotionally strong will seek friends who appear to her to be the opposite of her traits. This way, she will continue to reign. When she does befriend another young female who then goes on to outwardly presenting with the same strong traits, they may remain friends but will experience bouts of rivalry towards each other. However, why they would remain as friends needs further explaining. The need to reign is secondary in spiritual terms to the more important aspect of having, nurturing and maintaining friends. This means that whilst the need to reign is strong, this is borne from the pressures put on them from their outside world. The need for friends is borne from their inner world (subconscious) and is much stronger than the need to reign. Young females, growing females and grown females will find a comfortable place with each other that accommodates their rivalry as long as they are friends. So does this mean that the Beauty Myth perpetuates the traits already found in females and uses it against them? In my opinion, most definitely a YES.

The competition between women to beautify self to surpass their ‘rival’ is not done explicitly. There are no words that are used that determine such acts of rivalry; the competition is clandestine. There are times when a female will depict her sense of being at war when she negatively calls on the ‘flaw’ of her rival, teasing her about her perceived ‘afflictions.’ Or when a female has been perceived to have ‘achieved’ the mythological beauty, the backlash from her peers is all too evident. The sniping, the backbiting or even the silent treatments towards to the poor female are tools that are used to demonstrate the discomfort women feel towards their ‘rival’ but borne from their own lack of a positive self identity. The need to reign (starting in early age) is ever-present but made more complex when they become older and now also vying for acceptance from men.

Young girls in the playground demonstrably sending some other poor girl ‘out to Coventry’ merely for having a super pair of shiny shoes that the reigning girl does not. The teenage female who turns on her friend because that boy she likes is not reciprocal with her attention-seeking activities. The new woman at work who makes the standardized corporate uniform look incredibly perceptively sexy even without trying. Supermodels are dicing with their health in an attempt to be the thinnest therefore prettiest amongst her peers. She has learned that this ensures continuous work for her. Media depict background scenes of the cliched females behaving beastly towards each other in the same attempt to reign and be accepted. Movie celebrities all seeking the reduced weight as the camera ‘puts on pounds’ and media shouts out any imperfections on a woman in a public way. Not all publicity is good publicity! Feuds are started by women with other women just because of perceptions based on looks. Especially worsened if the female celebrity is newsworthy and over-exposed. So all women are somehow affected by beauty and can become, coupled with a typically feminine trait, extend into jealousy. The levels to which jealously can extend to, is dependent upon what the attacking female feels she has to gain to extinguish her rival or equally how she much she has to lose.

Here are a few explanations of jealousy:

Fearful or wary of being supplanted; apprehensive of losing affection or position; resentment or bitter in rivalry; having to do with or arising from feelings of envy, apprehension or bitterness; vigilant in guarding something; intolerant of disloyalty or infidelity, autocratic.

The need to feel beautiful therefore accepted by self and others is inextricably linked to having better self-esteem. This increases the competition in and for women. The ‘rewards’ are both self-serving to women and for men. However, with the Omni-presence of the Beauty Myth makes jealously a sure fire win for men, whoever wins the competition, they cannot lose. Until women build their self-esteem on feelings on individualism, compassion for other women and acceptance of other women and their equally beautiful features, the war with jealousy will continue. The Beauty Myth continues to reign over the female who thinks she reigns. Until women understand that they are men’s half-witted sense of delusions and will never aspire to true equality, they remain incarcerated spiritually. The creation of ‘the woman’ needs to happen and how this is done is by understanding who they are and remove self from men’s expectation. Women then need to build up spiritually by becoming aware of their inner resources to begin the trade off with men for equality because at the moment, men do not have to trade with women on equal grounds.

My name is Marcea Hibbert-Roye, qualified Social Worker and Life Coach. I work as a Strategic Lead Developer for Women. My specialism is developing emotional awareness in females as I am passionate about improving women’s lives. I have devised a 6 Step Program that promotes good emotional health by accessing information held in the subconscious mind to the conscious mind. The result is having more control over thoughts, feelings and behavior.

We have a range of cards that can be used to initiate and stimulate conversations for females especially supporting them through challenging experiences. There are cards that also reminds the female that she is worth it!

Help to improve your life by better understanding you and why life is experienced in the way this it is. It is only when you have the tools for change, will change happen.

To keep abreast of the latest news from Safe Space Access, sign up to our email list.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Marcea_Hibbert-Roye

Top Story: What Does Your Hair Say About You?


Despite what some of us think, various studies now suggest that the way we wear our hair send strong messages about our personality. According to Rose Weits, ASU Sociologist, hair is a powerful indicator of identity. It is attached to us and as such is an integral part of who we are and how we express ourselves.

The way we wear our hair sends signals about our mood and leads people to make subconsciously assumptions about us. Philip Kingsley, leading Trichologist, claims that hair is a secondary sexual characteristic. ‘You can’t flaunt your primary sexual characteristics in public so that’s what makes your hair important from a social viewpoint.’ This explains why long, glossy hair – which denotes youth and fertility – has been so popular for so long.


According to fashion historian Caroline Cox, our perceptions about hair color have changed over the past few years. Blondness for instance – once regarded as a signifier of youth – is becoming dated due to the large numbers of older women wearing it.


Karin Lesnik-Oberstein, professor of Critical Theory at the University of Reading, suggests that short hair is still equated with masculinity. On the contrary, it is widely reported that long hair is seen, especially from men, as the most feminine and desirable hair length. Medium length could suggest a woman who is intelligent and good-natured.


The dominant trend today is for styling long and glamorous hair rather than cutting it. Fashion icons such as the Duchess of Cambridge create the impression that styling long hair is an indication that a woman has the time and money to spend on her hair. Bearing in mind that a posh element characterizes the British culture, the UK is now the third-largest importer of human hair in the world.



Long wavy hair has always been associated with beauty and femininity. Wavy locks convey a laid-back style but they could also suggest a lot of time spent in front of a mirror.Across the board, women with this hairstyle are often seen as more likeable and approachable.

Long straight hair on the other hand symbolizes sensuality, efficiency and dominance. It suggests a woman who is serious and practical.


Bangs – Bangs ooze sexuality since they draw attention to a woman’s eyes. Their form however can create different perceptions. Side-swept bangs give a more classic look suggesting a motivated, career-oriented person. They remain playful and youthful but not as much as blunt bangs which are seen as more trendy and “high fashion”. Blunt bangs also project individuality suggesting a woman who is secure in her likes and dislikes.

Bob Hairstyle – Women wearing their hair in a bob are often seen as daring and elegant. A bob may also suggest that people’s perceptions do not influence those ladies in their decision making.

Pixie Style – The pixie suggest that its owner is confident and bold. This hairstyle that reveals facial features is also associated with an artistic flair.

Katerina has a real appreciation of beauty. She blogs about fashion trends, hairstyles and beauty tips. For natural hair extensions visit Vixen and Blush: vixenandblush.com/contact/hair-extensions-salon-hoxton-shoreditch/

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lady danger lips

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Infographic: Top 10 Beauty Turn-offs Voted For By Men

It’s not often that we get to hear the male opinion about the actions that we take to enhance our beauty. Beauty blogs are written by women, for women; and we all have our own opinion about what looks best on ourselves, what is the most flattering and what we should avoid. However, it is sometimes a good idea to get feedback on any beauty choice we make from men, particularly if we are making ourselves beautiful for their benefit.

For this reason, the study depicted in this infographic asked a group of 1091 men to vote for their biggest beauty turn-offs, in order to find out what men really want. The overall result was that men prefer a natural appearance, and anything done to excess seems to have made it to the top ten beauty blunders.   Making it into the top ten are chapped lips, lipstick on your teeth, visible hair extensions and orange fake tan. Topping the list though with 17% of the votes is the heavy make up look. If you are overdoing your make up, be warned, you may be leaving the club alone.

This infographic was created by WebVoucherCodes.co.uk from the results of their survey of 1091 men carried out . The top ten beauty turn-offs have been ranked in order of the number of votes they received.


10 Easy Beauty Tips You’re Overlooking


There is an old adage that “It takes pain to be beautiful,” but this is certainly not always true. Many beauty secrets are much easier and more painless than we imagine though they are so simple, we may be overlooking them. Here are ten easy beauty tricks so simple you may not be taking advantage of them.

1. Have a nice pair of large sunglasses in your wardrobe.

Sunglasses are fashion’s way of allowing you to travel incognito. Have errands to run but not time to put on make up? Simply throw on a pair of shades and some lipstick and instantly look put together.

2. Fix broken eye shadows and powders with rubbing alcohol.

Few things make a shadow palette look unusable like cracked or broken colors, so mend shattered make up by mixing in a little rubbing alcohol. Reshape the color and let it dry.

3. Eat your apple last.

Apples are a natural breath freshener and tooth cleaner, so if you pack a lunch at work, save your apple for last, which will keep your smile looking fresh and clean all the way through the afternoon.

4. Use baby powder as dry shampoo.

Depending on your hair type, shampooing too often can lead to brittle, overly dried hair. Unfortunately, not shampooing enough can leave hair looking oily. Dry oily roots without washing your hair by sprinkling in a little baby powder.

5. Use lotion at least twice a day.

Moisturized skin looks healthier and has a much nicer glow than dry, ashy, skin, so don’t forget to stay on top of your moisturizing schedule. Using lotion all over your body once in the morning and once at night will keep skin soft and smooth.

6. Reduce the appearance of scars with cocoa butter.

Cocoa butter is one of nature’s most helpful and magical formulas. This inexpensive oil can be used to soothe rough and dry patches, and can also help reduce the appearance of scars.

7. Look to your pantry for beauty products.

Many simple household objects can be wonderfully beneficial as beauty products. Try using an avocado as a quick and easy face mask for instant moisture or slathering dry hair with coconut or olive oil. Cucumbers can be sliced and used to bring down puffiness in eyes.

8. Get your beauty sleep.

Getting enough sleep is beneficial for mental and physical health, and it is also a wonderful way to stay looking young and vibrant. Aim for seven or eight hours a night for a great skin tone and bright eyes.

9. Ask for samples at the beauty counter.

Never get stranded without make up again! Keep a small bag of samples of your most important items in your purse at all times for emergency touch ups anytime and anywhere.

10. Drink plenty of water.

Water has a detoxifying effect on the body and keeps skin looking clear and fresh. Carry a reusable water bottle with you all day to make sure that you’re sipping often enough.

Teresa Thomas is a fashion and beauty logger who loves dispensing advice to help people look great. Learn more about her work at Hollywood Tans.

6 Hairstyles That Will Always Impress


Your dress is gorgeous, your heels are killer and you’ve just applied a fresh coat of lipstick to take on the world. But what about your hair? What styles will be able to complete your look and turn every head in the room? Here are just a few ideas.

1: The Bob
Sleek and straight, the bob is a classic style that also speaks to sophistication and class. It’s the kind of hairstyle that you can’t roll out of bed with: It takes time and dedication, symbolizing your commitment to a fashionable look and the effort you put into taking care of yourself.

2: The Chop

The chop is a compromise between long locks and short crops. It falls to your shoulders, usually in layers, but it can be styled with curls, waves, straight hair, et cetera. It’s the perfect hairstyle for those who aren’t ready to cut it all off but are tired of a daily battle with longer hair.

3: New Jersey Curls

Popularized by the ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, these big, bold ringlets are a statement of confidence and fearlessness. Drop by a
Freehold Barber Shop and tell them to do their worst.

4: French Braids

Unlike ponytail or pigtail braids, French braids offer an older, more mature look that’s easily customized depending on mood or outfit. They also look great but don’t take long to achieve in the mornings, making them perfect for working women or moms on the go.

5: The Updo
Dare to impress with an elaborate updo, a name given to any hairstyle that sweeps the hair off your neck and into a slightly-messy collection at the back of your skull. Just remember to leave a few tendrils hanging, because that’s where you’ll tempt men into tucking it back behind your ear.

6: Pixie Cuts
Short and boyish, pixie cuts are cropped close to your head, usually leaving your bangs for a hint of femininity. They work best with oval and heart-shaped faces and can really make your eyes pop with the right kinds of mascara and eye shadow. If you aren’t afraid of going all the way, welcome the breeze on your neck with a pixie cut.

If you’re looking for great hairstyles, take your cues from these six, which are some of the most lasting and iconic looks of our generation. But don’t forget to experiment, too! You never know when you’ll accidentally create a signature look just for you.


Halloween Hairstyles: Mermaid, Witch, Corpse Bride, Cat, Day of the Dead


Corpse Bride

It’s one of the favorite times of year for many people, whether you’re a child or an adult. The most fun part of Halloween is getting dressed up!

So whether you’re going for something gruesome, fun, or pretty, the next step is going to be hair and makeup. Makeup is usually quite easy to do – green face paint and fake warts for witches, or red fake blood and white paint for vampires. But what about hair? Hairstyles are often the part that people struggle to find inspiration for.

So we’ve picked out 5 of our most popular hairstyles for various Halloween costumes.



Mermaids are a popular choice for Halloween parties as it lets you show a feminine side. For this look, team sparkly pastel makeup with luscious long locks. For the extra length, use clip in hair extensions and create waves or curls to give a true mermaid style. For a pop of color, you could also clip in small clip in highlights in pinks and blues.



One of the easier costumes, the witch is a great idea if you want something quick and easy to style for Halloween. Again, using hair extensions and heat spray, crimp the hair to create that messy, crazy witch style. Try leaving some pieces straight for an even better disheveled look.

Corpse Bride

This is a fantastic costume to try if you want to go all out on hair and makeup. Makeup is still girly and made up, but using very pale colors on the face to give the corpse look. For the hair, firstly use hair extensions to give extra thickness and length, as this is key to the look. Start off by creating a deep side parting and curling the hair and hair extensions. Next create a braid across the front from one side of head to the other. Keep the sections large so that it creates a chunky braid, bringing in more hair as you go like you would with a French braid.

Secure with a bobby pin behind the ear then the rest of the hair at the roots. Create a side ponytail with the remaining hair and this is where you can either bin into a side bun or leave it loose and wavy.



Like the witch costume, a cat is also a popular and easy choice. The best hairstyle to match this costume is a long, sleek and smooth ponytail.

If you haven’t got long hair, use hair extensions to create a ponytail. First tie your hair in a high ponytail, using hairspray to make it as sleek as possible. If you’re using hair extensions, create a small ponytail with just the middle section of hair in the center of your head (leaving all hair around the outside of your head free). This is the base ponytail that you will clip in the hair extensions pieces around. Then take the remaining hair and pull into a ponytail over the top of the base ponytail – this will then hide all hair extension clips and make it look natural.

Use hair straighteners to smooth the hair and hair extensions as you want it to be as straight as possible for a cat look. Now you can add your cat ears and you’re good to go!


Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is a great way to show off your makeup skills. But if it’s hair you’re struggling with then clip in some hair extensions and curl both your natural hair and extensions to create volume and gorgeous barrel waves. For this look you want to show off the makeup and the best way to do that is to create a very deep side parting and sweep all of your hair over the shoulder on the opposite side. Continuing with the Day of the Dead theme, get some flower hair clips to keep the hair in place at the side and off your face.

Laura is a hair and beauty writer with extensive knowledge in Beauty, Makeup and hair care.


5 Easy One-Hour Beauty Upgrades


Do you feel like you just don’t have the time for pampering and feeling pretty? Try one of these 5 beauty upgrades that take an hour or less! Lunch break, anyone?

1.      Extend your lashes.

One of the latest crazes in beauty is eyelash extensions—these aren’t the stick-on, fake lash strips from the drugstore. A professional eyelash consultant will place individual lashes, by hand, onto your eyelid, creating a beautiful, lush fringe. Appointments can usually be completed within an hour. Plus, the extensions cut time on your morning routine, since you won’t need eyeliner or mascara anymore.

2.      Get your hair washed and set.

Let’s face it—the real reason we love haircuts is the blowout and styling at the end. So why not just cut to the good part and spring for a blowout during lunch break or a kiddie’s nap time? Many salons offer a “wash and set”, so check with your favorite stylist. There are also some salons devoted to wash and set, called blow dry bars. These bars are springing up across the country, so look online for one nearby. Make sure it has good recommendations and ratings though—ask around and look online for reviews.

3.      Whiten up those pearls.

A white smile is an instant upgrade that people will love to compliment. Nothing says “I am confident” like a bright, open smile. While do-it-yourself kits are available and often have good results, why not try out a professional whitening available at your dentist’s office? Edmonton teeth whitening clients often boast of being in and out of the office in under an hour with a spring in their step and a whiter smile to boot. Professional teeth whitening can whiten teeth several shades, helping the most yellow of smiles. And, it usually only has to be done once, as opposed to daily applications for DIY kits.

4.      Rub out the tension.

Beauty is inside and out—treat your stressed-out insides with a nice, relaxing massage. While you could splurge for an hour-long, full-body massage, even just a scalp or head massage will help relieve tension. Can’t stop into the massage parlor? Sometimes those massage chairs in the mall are just as effective…

5.     Clean up your facial hair.

Did you just realize your uni-brow has become visible or your little mustache has returned? Ladies (and men!)—it’s not hard or painful to fix. Try out threading, a Turkish technique that uses twisted thread to remove hair at the follicle. It is faster and more effective than tweezing and less painful and harmful than waxing. While waxing will leave you with red marks and puffy skin, redness from threading will dissipate within 15 minutes. With an experienced threader, you’re on your way to better brows in less than 5 minutes. Seriously.

Keeping up with beauty can be time-consuming and stressful, but these 5 quick options will help you indulge in (a little) personal time and revamp your look. So get to it—we’ll see a new and improved you in just an hour.

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