Top Story: Stop Grinding Your Damn Teeth! 5 Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety


It might be exams, flying, or visiting your dentist. There’s plenty of sources of anxiety in this world. The key is knowing how to properly deal with that anxiety so you can move on with more important things in your … Continue reading

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Celeb Specs Through The Ages


In 1284 in Italy, Salvino D’Armate invented the first wearable pair of eyeglasses, 729 years later and glasses and sunglasses have come a long way! They’re the must have accessorise for anyone and everyone! The stigma that was attached to … Continue reading

Attempts to Save the Environment (That Failed, Badly)


Saving the Earth is widely considered a good thing to do if you aren’t Galactacus, the Daleks or the “evil” business people in Captain Planet. However, like anything worth doing, saving the Earth is really hard. This means a lot … Continue reading

5 Most Controversial Album Cover Photos of All Time


At one time, the cover of an album was almost as important as the music it contained. In order to entice buyers or to generate publicity, some musicians pushed the boundaries of good taste right over the edge. Here are … Continue reading

Top 10 Best Selling Music Posters


Wait! Before you peek at the list below, can you name the top 10 most “posterized” musicians of all time? All of the names should be familiar, but only a true poster connoisseur can get them all on the first … Continue reading

Who Are The Best Music Artists of All Time?


Depending on whom you ask and what part of the world you are in, you could get a lot of different answers to, “Who are the best musical artists of all time?”  Some of you might say that Boy George … Continue reading

How MTV Changed Our Lives and Shaped A Generation: The Good and The Bad


When “Video Killed the Radio Star” debuted on the new music channel known as “MTV,” it wasn’t with just a little bit of irony. It wasn’t lost on MTV bigwigs that their endeavor to visualize music for the masses could … Continue reading