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Top Story – 10 Tunes To Listen To While You Drive

A recent study conducted in the United States and UK among drivers over 25 years of age reported that over 90% of all drivers who listen to music can concentrate much more than those who prefer to ride without listening to any tunes whatsoever. Moreover, they are more likely to fall asleep and can reach … Continue reading

5 Most Controversial Album Cover Photos of All Time

At one time, the cover of an album was almost as important as the music it contained. In order to entice buyers or to generate publicity, some musicians pushed the boundaries of good taste right over the edge. Here are arguably five of the most controversial album covers of all time. Yes, there are some … Continue reading

5 Artists Inspired By African Music

From America, to Africa, modern bands and artists have taken inspiration from the sights, sounds and instruments of cultures and countries the world over. And one of the most popular places to take inspiration from is Africa. With so many instruments, and such a colorful cultural history, it is no real surprise that bands have … Continue reading

Friday, March 20th on “Ask Dangerous Lee Live”

The Last Beatle Standing Dangerous and HP talk to David Wood the author of Around the World in 80 Rounds, Jacob James the author of The Good Guise a book that identifies John Lennon and Paul McCartney as being the two witnesses that appear in The Bible at Revelation 11:3, and comedian and star of … Continue reading


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