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Top Story – 10 Tunes To Listen To While You Drive


A recent study conducted in the United States and UK among drivers over 25 years of age reported that over 90% of all drivers who listen to music can concentrate much more than those who prefer to ride without listening to any tunes whatsoever. Moreover, they are more likely to fall asleep and can reach their destination in one piece. Listening to music while driving also calms you down and gives you the peace of mind that your future is bright. On top of all, you will be able to stay on top of daily circumstances.

The Importance of Listening to Good Music While Driving

Of course, there are some songs that can have a negative effect on your driving skills, suppressing your ability to drive safely. An experiment conducted recently by Confused.com showcased that some styles of music, such as hard rock, hip hop or trance, might have a disturbing effect on your driving. They’ve used a modern app to collect the data from eight drivers. Each of them had to listen to a different song while driving. The outcome was quite interesting and suggestive: a man listening to hip hop started to drive more reckless than usual, while a woman listening to hard rock drove way more faster than normal(with 20 miles more).

After this research was conducted, psychologist Dr. Simon Moore concluded that music which is upbeat, noisy and powerful is a deadly mix, because it increases your heart rate beat. He also remarked that these types of songs increase the chances of being distracted for over 40% of all women and 45% of men. When listening to a quick song, the first impulse is to speed up your car, and you don’t even notice. This is how influential music is today, especially for drivers who are keen on listening to their favorite songs while going to work, shopping or at the grocery store.

While most of the types of songs listed above can make an awesome playlist when working out at the gym, they are certainly not the best option when driving. According to Dr. Simon, the songs that have a rhythm quite similar to your heartbeat are the best you can choose to listen. One good example of such a song is considered by many drivers out there the famous “The Scientist” by Coldplay, which hit the headlines on 10 July 2000.

Because driving is a big responsibility, you need to make sure that the music you’re listening to offers you a state of well-being and enhances your attention and focus, not on the music, but on the road. We have made a list of 10 top tunes you can listen to while driving. These songs will make your driving experience be more pleasant while keeping you awake.

10 Top Tunes To Listen To While You Drive

1. Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts. This is the ideal song for young people who grew up with muscular cars and love to listen to passionate rock music at a loud volume. The tight harmony and the groundbreaking rhythm of the song enhances your driving experience and makes you have fun.

2. HighwayMan – Johnny Cash. Another honorable mention for our top 10 tunes to listen while you are driving. When you’re planning to hit the road at 4am in the morning, window down and the mild wind whipping your hair, nothing can even come close to the feelings you have when listening to this anthologic song.

3. Stuck in the Middle With You – Stealers Wheel. Featuring an outstanding rhythm for a perfect 4-wheel cruising, this song was made by the classic songwriters Mike Stoller and the famous Jerry Leiber.

4. Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean. Another top-notch song that created quite a buzz when it was launched in 1988. Even if this song was extremely commercial, it’s still a perfect song to listen while on the go. Billy Ocean will certainly manage to convince you to sing along with him in no time at all.

5. Drive My Car – Beatles. While some old songs are long forgotten, some of them are still alive for decades, and will probably remain like that for more decades and centuries to come. Within our top 10 must-listen songs list, we need to mention “Drive my car”, the song that kicks off one of the most famous pop albums ever made: “Rubber Soul”. While the melody is perfect for a getaway, the words are considered by many among the Beatles’ most witty.

6. Dream On – Noel Gallagher. The fourth single from the album that made Noel Gallagher famous, this song features a huge sing-along chorus and a relentless guitar rhythm that was specially made for the road. With this song, you will certainly not be bored while driving.

7. Doom and Gloom – The Rolling Stones. This song manages to capture the Stone’s ideology while transforming it into a subtle commentary on today’s world. This tune is considered a must to listen by all rock lovers and especially by those who can drive with ease and are able to focus on the road even if the loud rock song in the background literally rocks.

8. Go Right Ahead – The Hives. This play is a typical Hives stomper. With only 3:06 length and a minimum amount of lyrics, Go Right Ahead is a top-notch driving material which can help you have an amazing trip.

9. Sweet Nothing – Calvin Harris. This song has somewhat a street race quality, being considered a contemporary tune to listen to while driving. If you are a youth and love to feel the adrenaline in your veins, this song is the perfect choice for you.

10. Everybody Have a Good Time – The Darkness. Lastly, this is another rock song that is among the best driving music out there. With a big chorus, this songs gives you a feel of a classic road-trip territory. Listen to it and enjoy life more.

All these songs are simply amazing and are considered some of the best driving music in 2013. The next time you take a car on a test drive, pop one of these tunes on. Even if each of them belongs to a certain music style, they are all guaranteed to make trying out new cars a pleasure!

Pat Simon loves rolling the roof down of his car and pumping up the volume of his stereo. He hopes that you found his tune suggestions useful!


5 Most Controversial Album Cover Photos of All Time

At one time, the cover of an album was almost as important as the music it contained. In order to entice buyers or to generate publicity, some musicians pushed the boundaries of good taste right over the edge. Here are arguably five of the most controversial album covers of all time. Yes, there are some worse examples from lesser known artists, but these album covers all graced the works of some of the most legendary names in the business.

The Beatles, “Yesterday and Today”

The original cover of this album, which was only released in the United States and Canada, had an image of the smiling Fab Four, wearing butcher smocks and holding bloodied baby doll parts and chunks of meat. While this album cover would probably not even raise a single eyebrow today, at the time, the image was very jarring, especially for such an influential band. Most of these album covers were either destroyed or had a more innocent image slapped over the top of the offending picture.

Nirvana, “Nevermind”

Many people find this album cover, which depicts a naked baby swimming towards a dollar bill on a hook, controversial, but often for different reasons. Some people find the sight of the naked baby’s penis offensive, while others didn’t like that the wee one was floundering around in a pool. Still others don’t like the message of a baby chasing after money.

Lynyrd Skynyrd, “Street Survivors”

At first, there was nothing controversial about this album cover, which depicted the band standing on a street, surrounded by flames. Unfortunately, only days after this album was released, a plane carrying the band crashed, killing three of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s members, as well as four others.

After the plane crash, the album cover was changed, at the request of family members, to one that showed the band standing against a black-coloured background.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience, “Electric Ladyland,” U.K. Version

If you think the “Electric Ladyland” album cover released in the U.K. that featured 19 naked women and a photograph of Jimi Hendrix was the artist’s idea, you’d be wrong. He had actually wanted this album cover to show the band members with their families. Instead, Track, the U.K. label, chose the naked ladies. The Hendrix estate considers the United States version, which features a blurry photo of Hendrix, the official album cover.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono, “Unfinished Music, No 1: Two Virgins”

As the comedienne Jerry Seinfeld once said, “There is good naked and there is bad naked.” The cover of “Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins,” which featured John Lennon and Yoko Ono standing nude and unsmiling was bad naked — or maybe, just uncomfortable naked. The back of this album featured the couple nude from behind.

It is, however, a good look at what men and women looked like before the Brazilian and man-scaping came into vogue.

Author Byline: Kerstin has a strong passion in graphic design. In between pinning her favorite graphics on Pinterest, she works for several Sydney printing services creating eye-catching marketing collateral for her clients.

5 Artists Inspired By African Music

From America, to Africa, modern bands and artists have taken inspiration from the sights, sounds and instruments of cultures and countries the world over. And one of the most popular places to take inspiration from is Africa. With so many instruments, and such a colorful cultural history, it is no real surprise that bands have been influenced by these sounds for decades.

The classic tones and rhythms of African music have helped to transform some of the worlds’ most famous songs. Here we look at five of the worlds’ biggest musicians that have been inspired by this rich and earthy music – how many did you know?


Famous for their elaborate stage performances and constant reinvention of their sound, Irish rock band U2 have made the most of African instruments. The band’s drummer Larry Mullen has often played the traditional West African djembe drum in live performances and during recordings of tracks such as ‘Vertigo’.

The Beatles

Liverpool’s Fab Four, The Beatles, were also known with their musical proficiency and versatility. The band also made use of the unique sound of the djembe drum in their live performances and recordings. The earthy and traditional sound of the drum brought a whole new dimension to the quartet’s sound.

Paul Simon

American singer-songwriter Paul Simon – one half of Simon & Garfunkel – has also taken inspiration from the earth sounds of the djembe drum. The guitarist is famed for using a variety of instruments in his music, including traditional West African drums. ‘So Beautiful, So What’ is the most famous song in which Simon has used djembe drums to add dimension to the sound.


One of the UK’s biggest rock bands, Coldplay, has also experimented with different sounds and instruments to create different albums every time. Not one for sticking to the same sound, Chris Martin and co. have been known to take inspiration from African culture and music for their live performances and live recordings. This has helped cement the band as one of the biggest around, and seen them constantly develop their sound.

Vampire Weekend

One of the greatest modern ‘mash-ups’ of western and African music has come from Columbian band, Vampire Weekend. The band combines preppy, Americana lyrics with high-energy African inspired rhythms. This effortless combination first hit airwaves in 2008 and has since paved the way for many similar sounding artists and bands.

These influential bands have helped to bring traditional African music to the mainstream, by effortlessly mixing sounds and instruments. It is truly surprising to see just how many of the most popular Western songs and artists have taken inspiration from these amazing instruments.

See how West African drums like the djembe make the perfect instrument by visiting Djembe Drum Shop today.

Friday, March 20th on “Ask Dangerous Lee Live”

The Last Beatle Standing

Dangerous and HP talk to David Wood the author of Around the World in 80 Rounds, Jacob James the author of The Good Guise a book that identifies John Lennon and Paul McCartney as being the two witnesses that appear in The Bible at Revelation 11:3, and comedian and star of NBC’s Last Comic Standing Dante Rusciolelli. The Dangerous Item of the Week is book Darwin’s Dangerous Idea.


Dante Rusciolelli

Dante Rusciolelli


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