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Argentine Mom Rescues Hundreds of Sex Slaves

argentine mom saves sex slaves

Susana Trimarco was a housewife who fussed over her family and paid scant attention to the news until her daughter left for a doctor’s appointment and never came back.

After getting little help from police, Trimarco launched her own investigation into a tip that the 23-year-old was abducted and forced into sex slavery. Soon, Trimarco was visiting brothels seeking clues about her daughter and the search took an additional goal: rescuing sex slaves and helping them start new lives.

What began as a one-woman campaign a decade ago developed into a movement and Trimarco today is a hero to hundreds of women she’s rescued from Argentine prostitution rings. She’s been honored with the “Women of Courage” award by the U.S. State Department and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize on Nov. 28. Sunday night, President Cristina Fernandez gave her a human rights award before hundreds of thousands of people in the Plaza de Mayo.

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6 Books Every Writer Should Have On Their Bookshelf


Every writer knows that reading is essential to good writing. Here are six books that all writers should have on their bookshelves for reference. If you don’t have them all, get them today.

The Writer’s Market

For every freelance writer or write who dreams of getting published one day, The Writer’s Market is an invaluable resource. Every year a new edition of The Writer’s Market is published, and it contains information about almost every single publication that take submissions. Detailed information is given regarding what that publication pays, what type of work it accepts, how to submit, and more. Submissions are organized by genre, and the book also contains helpful information and advice on writing query letters and following up with your submissions.

The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style by William Strunk and E.B. White is a classic book that’s been popular with writers, professors, and editors for decades. It’s a timeless book that gives concise, easy-to-understand advice on writing style and guidelines that work for improving the work of all types of writers. While “style” certainly varies from writer to writer, the “elements of style” in this book are simple rules that work for everyone and truly make for better writing, no matter the genre or personal style of a writer.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary

A dictionary is essential for all writers, and The Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a solid choice. There are many different dictionary publications, and it really doesn’t matter which one you choose, so long as you have one. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary has been trusted for centuries, and it’s updated every year to reflect changes or new word entries.

The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus

Another bookshelf staple is a thesaurus, and The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus is a popular choice. Once again, there are many different thesaurus publications to choose from; it’s just important that you have one. The Merriam-Webster Thesaurus contains more than 150,000 synonyms and antonyms, and it includes example sentences and brief definitions.

The Associated Press Stylebook

For journalists, The AP Stylebook is a must-have reference tool. All news writers can benefit from this book that helps to clear up just about all of the word usage questions you could ever have. The AP Stylebook contains incredibly useful information and rules on spelling, capitalization, punctuation, proper nouns, number usage, and much more. It’s updated every year to reflect any changes, and the dictionary-style layout makes it easy for you to look up the answer to any question you have while writing.

The Chicago Manual of Style

The Chicago Manual of Style is a book just like The AP Stylebook, but it is intended more for book authors and editors. It contains many more rules and guidelines, so it’s a helpful reference to supplement The AP Stylebook for journalists, too. It’s updated every year, and while there are some conflicts with rules in The AP Stylebook, this is the go-to reference for authors.

Author Byline: Jacob Smith is a teacher and freelance writer.  He enjoys writing and is currently involved is a writing project for nanowrimo.

Grandma: Is That Icicle Hanging Off Your Cheek a Frozen Tear?

Follow up from my prior blog post: Grandma: Is That You In the Soup Line?

From a Yahoo News Article ” Northeast States Cut Heating Aid to the Poor” :

“Mary Power is 92 and worried about surviving another frigid New England winter because deep cuts in federal home heating assistance benefits mean she probably can’t afford enough heating oil to stay warm.”

Imagine having to make the decision whether to purchase food, medications, or heating your home in the freezing winter? All because our government and politicians don’t think the elderly deserve a cost of living increase or help after working most of their lives? Entitlements? What about these wealthy politicians’ taxpayer paid entitlements that most of them don’t even need?

From an Associated Press article by Hope Yen: “Consensus Shows 1 in 2 People are Poor or Low Income”.

“Squeezed by rising living costs, a record number of Americans- nearly 1 in 2- have fallen into poverty or are scraping by on earnings that classify them as low income”.

“The reality is that prospects for the poor and the near poor are dismal,” “If Congress and the states make further cuts, we can expect the number of poor and low-income families to rise for the next several years.”

That is already almost 50% of the American working class. In addition, the real unemployment numbers are around 20-25%, depending on who is calculating them.

From an Associated Press article by Andrew Taylor: “Agreement near on $1 Trillion Spending Bill”.

There were minor cuts to many government programs, mainly the EPA, The Pentagon Budget, and foreign aid. Tax breaks for people on Social Security were held hostage in exchange for the continuance of tax breaks for the wealthy. Ironic isn’t it?

And: “Drafted behind closed doors, the proposed bill would provide $115 billion for overseas security operations in Afghanistan and Iraq but give the Pentagon just a 1 percent boost in annual spending not directly related to the wars”.

Our government and politicians should be ashamed. We have people and families living in our streets. Working Americans who are unable to adequately take care of themselves and their families. Prior taxpayers like the retired elderly and unemployed  living in poverty.

Yet we continue to spend BILLIONS to take care of , police, and rebuild other countries? Disgraceful!

In the book I predicted over a year ago : “If we continue on the current path, there will be another civil war in this country. Not a war about race and color, but a war between the have’s and have not’s”.

When a large part of the population can no longer feed and shelter themselves and their families, what choice will they have?

Occupy is a perfect example of this. Can you foresee what may happen as the numbers continue to escalate? Even more important: They obviously ARE.

“American Me?” the book   www.americanmeus.com    

   Get involved   –  Make a difference

O-Bee Releases Music Video Tribute to Michael Jackson

Omer Bhatti aka “O-Bee”, who was once known as Michael Jackson’s secret love child and is newly known as Janet Jackson’s secret son with her first husband, James DeBarge; according to a new National Enquirer rumor, has released a new music video and single titled “My Life is a Movie” in honor of Michael Jackson. Check it out by clicking the image and going to my latest GimmeMo.com feature!

Michael Jackson Invades the Body of Child at Baseball Game

Lil’ man is jamming! He must own a Wii!


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