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Starving Artists Unite! Vas Littlecrow is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

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13 Questions with Dangerous Lee for WorkYourArt.com


Hello there! What’s your name and where do you live?

Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston and I live in Burton, MI. It’s a small town outside of Flint.

What do you create? Are you currently selling (and if so, where can we find it)?

I am an author that has self published two books. One is available in paperback and eBook form, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, which is an erotica anthology with a focus on safe sex.

I recently published another eBook that started as a blog series called, The Half Series – When Black People Look White. It’s doing so so on the Amazon rankings.

I also paint from time to time and I like to be crafty as well. Lately, I’ve been creating infinity scarves and totes from old t-shirts. You can find most of my work in the store at my website.

How would you describe your work?

I’m not sure how I would describe my work. I leave that up to others.

Do you have a lot of competition in your field? What do you do to stand out from the crowd?

As an artist (of any kind) there is automatically tons of competition. Attempting to stand out is a job in itself. The name “Dangerous Lee” is a way that I try to stand out.


What is the best compliment you’ve ever gotten about your work?

An actual testimony for my book, Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down:

The book was the sh*$! The stories were awesome and the real deal. Your book is definitely an eye opener and should serve as a reminder that the last thing a person has to worry about is pregnancy! This book should serve as a reminder to simply cap it before you tap it! I loved how each story unraveled and how each was completely different and will make you sit back and question the person that is laying next to you! This is a must read! Thank you for being you! I’ll see you at the top!

Read more testimonials!

What usually inspires you to start creating something new?

Inspiration does not strike me often, unfortunately. However, when I am in stoner mode I tend to get lots of creative ideas.

Read the full interview via – A conversation with Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston from Michigan, USA. | Work Your Art.

Research Finds the Obvious – Most Artists Who Make A Living From Their Work Are White

Duh! and No shit! were the first thoughts that came to mind when I saw this article heading. This really isn’t shocking or surprising. The research revealed interesting numbers, I suppose, but it really just makes me more depressed.


A study compiled by data gurus BFAMFAPhD reaffirms what many, many, many critics have postulated — American artists are facing a diversity problem. As The Washington Post reported, BFAMFAPhD’s research reveals that most artists making a living from their work are white. And by most, we mean 77.6%.

The Diversity Problem

The study, titled “Artists Report Back,” analyzed data for over 1.4 million working artists* (as well as a group of 2 million art school graduates) across the United States using the Census Bureau’s 2012 American Community Survey (ACS). The results show that nearly four out of five working artists are white. That leaves 7.5% of working artists identifying as black, 3.9% as Asian and 8.3% Hispanic.

The statistics for art school graduates are a bit bleaker. A solid 80.8% of this population is white, while 4.4% is black, 7.0% is Asian and 5.7% is Hispanic. Of art school graduates who make a living from their work, 83% are white. BFAMFAPhD compares these findings to the U.S. population at large, which is 63.2% white, 12.3% black, 5% Asian and 16.6% Hispanic.

Read full story via Most Artists Who Make A Living From Their Work Are White, Research Says.

Sonia Sanchez Knows What it Means to #KeepitDangerous!


”The black artist is dangerous. Black art controls the “Negro’s” reality, negates negative influences, and creates positive images.”

Sonia Sanchez (b. 1934), African American poet. Black Women Writers at Work, ch. 10, by Claudia Tate (1985).

Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet!

I wrote an optimistic blog on December 31, 2012 titled, Dangerous Lee’s Top Life Events of 2012 & Resolutions for 2013, in an attempt to write great things into existence and in the blog I go on and on about some of the good and bad experiences I had in 2012 and I proceed to talk about all the cool things I had planned for 2013.  Well, let’s just say that I have not gotten in better shape and I’m not worried about it, I also shot a pilot for a TV show in 2013 and I have absolutely no idea where that stands and I’m also not going to worry about that,”Dangermas” sucked and no one, including me, gave a damn about it other than Senia and I got rid of my P.O. Box because most of the mail I received went straight to recycling. However, I did start recycling all paper products in 2013 as I said I would, so I am proud of that achievement. We gotta help the planet.

I am also proud and quite frankly shocked that I have been able to survive on less than $10,000 a year. There’s gotta be some type of recognition given to me and others like me. Getting by on less than $10,000 a year is a feat. Currently, I am driving a car that’s about to blow a gasket without tags or insurance, I’m hoping to get my student loans in deferment or forbearance for the hundredth time, I haven’t payed Consumers Energy in a few months, I owe Comcast more than I typically make in a month, I can’t always pay Senia’s monthly $17 violin rental on time and I sell what decent things I do own to consignment stores for extra money. I’m making it work. I really will survive.

Senia makes all A’s, we currently have a roof over our heads, food, our health (mine is questionable), electricity (we didn’t even lose power during a recent widespread power outage), we also currently have cable, phone and internet service, but most importantly we have supporters – my mother and people like you. Yes, you reading this helps!


I had high hopes. I guess that’s why this is so big. SMH *laughing at myself

In 2013, I also tried to give the ladies some weekly eye candy by featuring Hotties and while it seemed to work when I directly posted sexy images of men on Facebook, no one was checking for them once I placed them here at the network first. I thought: Zuckerberg is already a millionaire! Facebook does not need your extra hits, I do! Then I felt bad because that’s a selfish thought, but then I was OK with it because I’m broke as hell.

I also had many open calls to feature people or their business including an opportunity for music artists called, The D List, but it didn’t get many bites. Most of the people that ended up on The D List got there because I found them, not because they contacted me. Then again, being on The D List is often considered a bad thing. Maybe people didn’t get that the “D” stood for Dangerous and who am I to change the meaning that most are familiar with?!

will write for money

T-shirt I designed and wore – Will Write 4 Money.

I had a vision for this network and it was obviously a bad one or one that is ahead of its time. Can you believe that the three most popular articles featured this year are about nail polish, nurses and engineers? I can’t. And, no matter how hard I’ve tried I can’t get an intern to save my life. So, 2014 will be the year I stop trying so hard. 2013 was the year I was doing the most. In 2014, I will not be featuring tons of guest content by other writers as I have been for the last two years. It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I haven’t gone completely insane…yet, so it’s time to change the plan.

Most of the content featured at DangerousLee.Biz  in 2014 will be written or created by me. It’s time to be selfish. It’s time to focus on myself, my writing and my art; not other people’s art. I want to be more open and honest about my life and how I feel so that’s exactly what I am going to do. My main role was that of Publisher and Editor in Chief, now it’s time for me to get back to being an artist full time. My head is too small for all these hats.


Click image to support our fundraiser and get an official Dangerous Lee t-shirt!

2013 wasn’t all bad. Every website in the network was nominated for a Black Weblog Award and DangerousLee.Biz was selected as a Top Fashion Blog to Follow in 2013. I also created BlackGirlsAllowed.com because I am more than disgusted by the negative reputation, ugly image and lies being told as truths about Black women, so I am focusing on changing it to be more of what it really is from my POV and the POV of other Black women all over the world. SimplySenia.com has, to my delight and surprise, recently become monetized. With 5,327 ad impressions in November, Senia’s website made a whopping $12.43. Compare that to DangerousLee.Biz’s 316,919 ad impressions in November that equaled $642.93. Needless to say we’ve got to increase our viewer/readership greatly in 2014 if we want to increase our monthly and yearly income.

I’m not making any resolutions or huge plans for 2014, but I’m definitely hitting the reset button. I’m going deeper into bohemian/hippie mode. I’m gonna go with the flow to see what comes my way and deal with it all accordingly. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

And yes, I’m still single. Interested men please inquire. Tips: Men I find physically and sexually attractive are Michael Ely, Blair Underwood and Wentworth Miller. To find out what else I like in my men you should read Keep Your Panties Up and Your Skirt Down, chapter – Dating Dangerous Lee ;)

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5 Reasons You Didn’t See Spike Lee’s Film – Oldboy


  1. You’ve never heard of it. When I saw it there were only three other people in the theater!
  2. You didn’t know Spike Lee was the director or you did know and didn’t give a shit.
  3. You didn’t see Spike Lee’s interview with Oprah. Had you seen it there’s a possibility that you would of been interested. It’s what got me to the theater.
  4. You’re not a fan of Josh Brolin. I admit he was not the best choice for the lead, but he did well enough.
  5. You hate violence on the big screen. (sissy)

Oldboy is described as a provocative, visceral thriller that follows the story of an advertising executive who is abruptly kidnapped and held hostage for 20 years in solitary confinement, but that description leaves out so many details. This movie has tons of twists and sick turns that will leave you mentally disturbed after watching. I describe it as a mindfuck!

Oldboy is also a remake of the 2003 South Korean film, Oldeuboi. I have not seen Oldeuboi, but since seeing Spike Lee’s version my interest in piqued. Spike’s version is catching hell from both critics and casual movie goers, but I loved it and I need to see it again to make sense of all the madness.

Fashion Must Haves For Christmas

It is time to start dreaming of a white Christmas again and get yourself ready for the festive season. Christmas is a holiday perfect for spending time together with your friends and family.

There are a lot of parties you might attend and generally it is a nice time to get those fashion items out and to look your best. To help you do this here is a list of the fashion must haves you need to get for this Christmas.


A Girly Tunic

Feminine fashion items have long been quite a hit. There are a lot of subtly toned down colors, lace and floral prints that have rocked the fashion world in the past few seasons. For this Christmas going to a party in a girly tunic might be the best choice you make.

You can find the best inspiration for picking the right type of girly tunic by looking at Taylor Swift’s tunic style. She has long been a champion for soft feminine fashion and perfectly highlights the tunics for this season.

You could go with a very simple black option or bring more brightness to your look with bold and bright violet. Violet is one of the hottest colors of the season.

Leather Cuffs

To add some rock n roll for your Christmas look this year it is time to wrap some leather cuffs around your wrists. They give a good look for your party nights and give a tiny edginess for your style.

Leather cuffs are trendy at the moment for both men and women so it can be something you can wear together with your sweetheart.

Something From Tartan

One of the biggest fashion must haves for Christmas 2013 is tartan. This style of fabric is also going to be a big trend in 2014 so get shopping right now. Again, it is really versatile and shows up in both women’s and men’s fashion.

For men a tartan shirt would be a perfect idea. For women it can be anything from a really lovely tartan skirt to a tartan jacket. The options are unlimited and you can find lovely inspiration from the runway at Glamour Magazine’s selection.

Metallic Shine

Another big trend to include for your Christmas 2013 look is to have metallic shine in your clothing. Metallic colors are usually a big hit during the holiday season and increasingly so this year.

Metallic shine is really great party look because it adds some bling to your look without making it too overpowering. It is also a really great idea to add a pair of metallic heels and a metallic handbag to your violet or black tunic.

This adds a nice finishing touch. There are also a lot of great wholesale metallic dresses for women available that are a good option for a holiday party look.


Christmas is also a time when the weather gets cold yet you still want to enjoy some time outside. The solution this year from the fashion world is delivered in the form of fur. The biggest trend is to get a fur shawl or a fur coat.

It’ll definitely keep you warm and there are a lot of great faux fur options available as well.

Kirsty loves fashion and she is always trying to find the latest trends. She loves to sit with a bowl of popcorn and a fashion magazine and come up with new great style ideas. She is also a big fan of standup comedy shows.

Detroit’s Very Own Jessica Care Moore: Black Tea and The Legend of Jesse James


The Last Poets introduced me to who the world knows as Detroit, Michigan’s International living legend, Jessica Care Moore. And I can say I have been thankful and humbled by this lovely Queens’ energy, creativity and brilliance ever since. The world was first introduced to her as the first poet to ever win the nationally televised Showtime at the Apollo competition 5 times in a row. That same year, she would be filmed for the documentary Slam Nation. The film followed her and the 1996 Nuyorican Poetry Slam Team which also featured Saul Williams and Mums Da Schemer. To be in the presence of such a resounding soul, thinker, mother, teacher and friend is no less than a brilliant event. She is the true definition of a soul sister/mother/healer/gangstress, poet, humanitarian, revolutionary and all around down to earth Lady.

See full feature via Detroit’s very own Jessica Caremoore . “Black Tea and The Legend of Jesse James” | bluuwise.

Pricasso – You Won’t Believe What This Man Does With His Penis

And I thought I was special when I created art with my ass!

Memoirs: Why You Need To Write One


Image by Antonio Litterio


Sue William Silverman led a double life. Although she appeared to have a normal life, she was actually suffering from sexual addiction. It wasn’t until she began to write down her thoughts that she realised how writing a memoir could change her life… for the better.

She saw how jotting down ideas on the page became a therapeutic way of confronting personal demons that for years she simply could not face. Everyone has a story to tell, which can not only help one resolve one’s own issues, but can also help others deal with their own struggles as well.

The Past Today

Writing a memoir takes the writer through a personal journey of past events based on a central theme. The goal is to seek an emotional truth from the past so that a better understanding of the present is possible. The events themselves are not as important as the writer’s interpretation of those events.  By unpacking these events and revealing the truth, the audience is able to better understand the writer as a human being.

Connect With Others

Writing a memoir helps the writer connect with an audience.  Posting memoirs on a personal blog, for instance, extends one’s audience and allows for direct feedback from others who may have experienced a similar past.  The philosopher Martin Buber argues that we only understand ourselves as a result of the relationships that we form with others, and that we would be acting with distrust if we assume that one’s past events defines the individual (I and Thou).

Helping Others

Writing a memoir helps others. Revealing one’s past and connecting with others through open and ongoing dialogue sets the stage for developing a support system that can be therapeutic. Confronting past events, organizing these events in the mind, then articulating them to others becomes a reciprocal and iterative process that emerges through informal dialogues. As ideas are shared, trusting relationships form which reinforce the notion that when we help others, we help ourselves.

Your Future Self

Writing a memoir helps realise the future that one desires by accepting the relationships that are being formed. Buber’s notion of the I-Thou recognises how human beings remain interdependent, and that this interdependency permits others to not stereotype individuals based on their past. Thus, the future self becomes an aggregate of continual relationships that collectively help form one’s personal identity.

Sue William Silverman was not able to face her past without formally collecting, reflecting on and articulating her past in the form of a memoir. Memoir writing can help individuals face the past in order to better understand the present.

It can also be a way of sharing ideas with others and forming relationships that act as a support system for pursuing the future self.  Regardless of one’s past, the process of reflecting upon and articulating past events, before sharing this process via informal dialogues, takes the writer on an emotional journey to seek the truth.  Tell someone your story today and begin to experience your future self… because it’s worth it!


Benjamin L. Stewart is an enthusiastic blogger and a proud member of the GKBC Writing Academy.

Dangerous Lee’s Black All Day Every Day Sale!

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Happy Thanksgiving From Dangerous Lee

I want to take the time to sincerely thank those of you who visit my website on a weekly basis and share articles that you enjoy with others in your social media circles. You help to put money in my bank account, which helps me to take care of my child, and you also help to spread the word about my brand.
My network is my main source of income, which I run alone, and the more readers I have the more successful I become. There is something for everyone at The Dangerous Lee News & Entertainment Network, so if you have not made an effort to check it out please do so now – DangerousLee.Biz. ‪#‎KeepitDangerous‬!

Lady Gaga Wants You To Know That Her Shenanigans‎ Landed Her in the Louvre

I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, but even I’m not feeling her latest release, ART POP, and her fashion has always been insane but her latest costumes are giving me the stink face where I usually find her fashion funky and stylish. I’m not into the ART POP Gaga, but I’m still a loyal Little Monster!

I know my artiness + musical goals may seem lofty, but there is a POP STAR IN THE LOUVRE, right next to the Mona Lisa pic.twitter.com/6XNYfEFRK1

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) November 21, 2013




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