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Starving Artists Unite! Vas Littlecrow is #Feedart

Starving Artists Unite! #feedart

13 Questions with Dangerous Lee for WorkYourArt.com

Hello there! What’s your name and where do you live? Leigh “Dangerous Lee” Langston and I live in Burton, MI. It’s a small town outside of Flint. What do you create? Are you currently selling (and if so, where can we find it)? I am an author that has self published two books. One is … Continue reading

Research Finds the Obvious – Most Artists Who Make A Living From Their Work Are White

Duh! and No shit! were the first thoughts that came to mind when I saw this article heading. This really isn’t shocking or surprising. The research revealed interesting numbers, I suppose, but it really just makes me more depressed. A study compiled by data gurus BFAMFAPhD reaffirms what many, many, many critics have postulated — … Continue reading

Sonia Sanchez Knows What it Means to #KeepitDangerous!

”The black artist is dangerous. Black art controls the “Negro’s” reality, negates negative influences, and creates positive images.” Sonia Sanchez (b. 1934), African American poet. Black Women Writers at Work, ch. 10, by Claudia Tate (1985).

Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet!

I wrote an optimistic blog on December 31, 2012 titled, Dangerous Lee’s Top Life Events of 2012 & Resolutions for 2013, in an attempt to write great things into existence and in the blog I go on and on about some of the good and bad experiences I had in 2012 and I proceed to talk … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee’s Top 20 Picks of December 2013

Graphic Artists Needed @DangerousLee.Biz #KeepitDangerous! Fundraiser: Donate $20 and Get a Dope T-Shirt! We Just Joined The 5,000 Posts Alliance on Tumblr! Music Video: Have a Simply Dangerous Work Bitch Christmas! Dangerous Lee’s Response to @Lifehackorg’s 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do Ask Dangerous Lee: How Risky Are BJs? Dangerous Lee Responds To: R. Kelly – Shut Up! The Fine Line … Continue reading

5 Reasons You Didn’t See Spike Lee’s Film – Oldboy

You’ve never heard of it. When I saw it there were only three other people in the theater! You didn’t know Spike Lee was the director or you did know and didn’t give a shit. You didn’t see Spike Lee’s interview with Oprah. Had you seen it there’s a possibility that you would of been … Continue reading

Fashion Must Haves For Christmas

It is time to start dreaming of a white Christmas again and get yourself ready for the festive season. Christmas is a holiday perfect for spending time together with your friends and family. There are a lot of parties you might attend and generally it is a nice time to get those fashion items out … Continue reading

Detroit’s Very Own Jessica Care Moore: Black Tea and The Legend of Jesse James

The Last Poets introduced me to who the world knows as Detroit, Michigan’s International living legend, Jessica Care Moore. And I can say I have been thankful and humbled by this lovely Queens’ energy, creativity and brilliance ever since. The world was first introduced to her as the first poet to ever win the nationally … Continue reading

Pricasso – You Won’t Believe What This Man Does With His Penis

And I thought I was special when I created art with my ass!

Memoirs: Why You Need To Write One

Image by Antonio Litterio   Sue William Silverman led a double life. Although she appeared to have a normal life, she was actually suffering from sexual addiction. It wasn’t until she began to write down her thoughts that she realised how writing a memoir could change her life… for the better. She saw how jotting … Continue reading

Dangerous Lee’s Black All Day Every Day Sale!

Dangerous Lee Art Buy My Used Books, Movies, and Music Book (PAPERBACK) Autographed Book (PAPERBACK) E Book (KINDLE) Merchandise Theme Song

Happy Thanksgiving From Dangerous Lee

I want to take the time to sincerely thank those of you who visit my website on a weekly basis and share articles that you enjoy with others in your social media circles. You help to put money in my bank account, which helps me to take care of my child, and you also help … Continue reading

Lady Gaga Wants You To Know That Her Shenanigans‎ Landed Her in the Louvre

I am a huge Lady Gaga fan, but even I’m not feeling her latest release, ART POP, and her fashion has always been insane but her latest costumes are giving me the stink face where I usually find her fashion funky and stylish. I’m not into the ART POP Gaga, but I’m still a loyal … Continue reading


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