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I read an excerpt from ‘Hello Diva’ and the scene focuses on a woman getting her hair styled with fake hair and being worried about everyone knowing it’s fake. What inspired this story?


All of my books are based on things that have happened to me.  Hello Diva came about as I struggled to come to terms with my own hair loss. The progression or I guess I should say, regression of Chari’s hair line is the same as my own. I started wearing the half wigs and pony tail attachments, progressed to just a few wefts of weave, to full wigs as the balding became more and more obvious.  The novel was born out of my work to rebuild my self-esteem and come to grips with my new appearance.  The scene you describe is not quite word for word, but representative of the fun conversations I have with my stylist.  Every appointment, it’s part of our “ritual” – I laugh with her about the wig or just shaving my head and her responses help ease my discomfort.


Does hair make the woman or the woman make the hair?


Confidence makes the woman, her hair is just an accessory as far as I’m concerned.  A confident woman knows how to work with what she has and doesn’t let what she doesn’t have, stop her from feeling good about herself.  That’s actually the “moral” of the book – that self-acceptance, love, confidence, etc. shouldn’t be based on what others think, but should instead, come from within.


Who are your favorite authors?

It’s funny, because I grew up reading horror.  Stephen King is my all time favorite and one of the most prolific writers of my generation.  I think he churned out a new book every couple of years.  Anyway, aside from him, I’ve read Lovecraft, Poe, and Matheson.  I think they set the bar for horror writing.  New favs to my library are Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris – both of them write in a Chick Lit / Monster genre that seems to be a combination of romance and horror.

How do people react to you when they find out what you write?

The funniest reaction came from my mom. She had told me this story a long time ago, right about when she discovered the “dirty” book I had hidden in my room.  She said that there was no need to read that kind of thing when she was growing up because The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer was all the smut they needed.  Huh? I’d  read that book in college it was so far from “dirty” as to be ridiculous.  Anyway, I hadn’t told her that I wrote erotica, but instead, had told one of her friends.  We were talking writing and it just sort of slipped out.  Well, she asked my mom about it days later.  Mom calls me and in an almost whisper, asks me if I write “those kinds of books.”  I fell out laughing and said yes.   She won’t read any of my writing, but she’s proud to hear from her friends who have that I’m a pretty good writer and they enjoy reading my work.  Aside from that, the reactions have been great.

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