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Infographic: Top 10 Beauty Turn-offs Voted For By Men

It’s not often that we get to hear the male opinion about the actions that we take to enhance our beauty. Beauty blogs are written by women, for women; and we all have our own opinion about what looks best on ourselves, what is the most flattering and what we should avoid. However, it is sometimes a good idea to get feedback on any beauty choice we make from men, particularly if we are making ourselves beautiful for their benefit.

For this reason, the study depicted in this infographic asked a group of 1091 men to vote for their biggest beauty turn-offs, in order to find out what men really want. The overall result was that men prefer a natural appearance, and anything done to excess seems to have made it to the top ten beauty blunders.   Making it into the top ten are chapped lips, lipstick on your teeth, visible hair extensions and orange fake tan. Topping the list though with 17% of the votes is the heavy make up look. If you are overdoing your make up, be warned, you may be leaving the club alone.

This infographic was created by WebVoucherCodes.co.uk from the results of their survey of 1091 men carried out . The top ten beauty turn-offs have been ranked in order of the number of votes they received.


Book Spotlight: Dana Ellington Myles – Diva

Front Book Cover

I read an excerpt from ‘Hello Diva’ and the scene focuses on a woman getting her hair styled with fake hair and being worried about everyone knowing it’s fake. What inspired this story?


All of my books are based on things that have happened to me.  Hello Diva came about as I struggled to come to terms with my own hair loss. The progression or I guess I should say, regression of Chari’s hair line is the same as my own. I started wearing the half wigs and pony tail attachments, progressed to just a few wefts of weave, to full wigs as the balding became more and more obvious.  The novel was born out of my work to rebuild my self-esteem and come to grips with my new appearance.  The scene you describe is not quite word for word, but representative of the fun conversations I have with my stylist.  Every appointment, it’s part of our “ritual” – I laugh with her about the wig or just shaving my head and her responses help ease my discomfort.


Does hair make the woman or the woman make the hair?


Confidence makes the woman, her hair is just an accessory as far as I’m concerned.  A confident woman knows how to work with what she has and doesn’t let what she doesn’t have, stop her from feeling good about herself.  That’s actually the “moral” of the book – that self-acceptance, love, confidence, etc. shouldn’t be based on what others think, but should instead, come from within.


Who are your favorite authors?

It’s funny, because I grew up reading horror.  Stephen King is my all time favorite and one of the most prolific writers of my generation.  I think he churned out a new book every couple of years.  Anyway, aside from him, I’ve read Lovecraft, Poe, and Matheson.  I think they set the bar for horror writing.  New favs to my library are Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris – both of them write in a Chick Lit / Monster genre that seems to be a combination of romance and horror.

How do people react to you when they find out what you write?

The funniest reaction came from my mom. She had told me this story a long time ago, right about when she discovered the “dirty” book I had hidden in my room.  She said that there was no need to read that kind of thing when she was growing up because The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer was all the smut they needed.  Huh? I’d  read that book in college it was so far from “dirty” as to be ridiculous.  Anyway, I hadn’t told her that I wrote erotica, but instead, had told one of her friends.  We were talking writing and it just sort of slipped out.  Well, she asked my mom about it days later.  Mom calls me and in an almost whisper, asks me if I write “those kinds of books.”  I fell out laughing and said yes.   She won’t read any of my writing, but she’s proud to hear from her friends who have that I’m a pretty good writer and they enjoy reading my work.  Aside from that, the reactions have been great.

Get your eVersion of all my books: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/NowataPress.

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Self-inflicted Hair Loss – The Cost Of Fashion


Most people dread the idea of losing their hair. It seems, strange, then that people would employ beauty practices that put them at risk of permanent alopecia. It’s surprisingly common, you’ll soon discover. They hope not to do permanent damage to their scalp, of course, but are prepared to take the risk to achieve a certain look.

The population most likely to engage in beauty practices that can result in this type of hair loss, are African-American women. A particular pattern of baldness called central centrifugal cicatricial alopecia (CCCA) was identified in 59% of women who took part in a particular study.

So what is it and what causes it? CCCA is a type of hair loss that starts at the crown of the head and some severe hair styles may be the primary cause. Weaves and braids, where the hair is pulled very tightly, close to the scalp, and then left in braids for weeks at a time, can damage the hair and follicles. Both white and black women who wear these types of hair styles for extended periods of time can experience hair loss, and over time, this may become permanent.

It’s not just the style – pulling on the roots of the hair – that may contribute to the damage. Hair care that is less than ideal can also contribute. Regular washing and conditioning of the hair is important, especially when you are using styling products on top of the braid.

The four most common reasons why this type of hair fashion can result in alopecia include:

-          Adding unsterilized hair extensions to the weave

-          Using too much glue

-          Braids that are too tight

-          Leaving braids in for months at a time

-          Braiding the same area in the same way over and over again.

Risky hair extensions

A lot of hair extensions are imported from other countries and they are not always sanitarily packaged before shipping. This can mean that parasites or insects may be part of the package and after the hair is stitched into the style, these tiny bugs can irritate the skin, or eat the new hair growth as it sprouts from the follicle. It’s important that the company providing the hair extensions is well-regarded and meticulous with the sterilisation process.

Too much glue

Glue is not a natural product for the skin to come into contact with. The skin has pores and needs to be able to breathe and this is as true for the skin on our heads as for anywhere else on the body.

People who try to control their hair with glue and over-use it can suffocate the follicles of the scalp. Once follicles are permanently damaged they can no longer produce new hair. This can result in bald patches on the scalp that become permanent alopecia.

Are my braids too tight?

A nice neat braid is going to be pretty tightly woven, but how tight is too tight? Firm can still feel comfortable but a good rule of thumb to gauge whether the braid is too tight and could potentially damage the scalp is whether the hair style hurts. If you are experiencing pain then the braid is too tight and the pressure on the hair root and follicles is too great. Over time, this kind of stretching and pulling at the scalp could cause alopecia. You may think the pain will pass as you get used to it and the new style “settles in”, but actually what happens is that the nerve-endings go numb and the follicle gives way. When you undo the braid, you’ll find a lot of your hair comes with it.

Leaving the weave in

It’s okay to leave the weave in for a period of time. It’s a lot of work to get it looking that way in the first place, and it needs to have a certain amount of longevity. Just don’t overdo it. If you are wearing the braid for a month or more it’s too long for the hair. Only keep the style in place for up to four weeks.

Taking the braid out for a while gives the scalp a chance to breathe naturally, but also means you can tend to the scalp better, not just the hair. You can properly clean the products out of the hair, as well as wash away any dead skin or potential fungus that has built up on the scalp. Fungus? Well, if you regularly spray your hair or do not properly dry your braids it is possible to develop skin infections beneath the braids that can have some nasty side effects.

Common sense is the best way to avoid permanent, self-inflicted alopecia; and taking care of your scalp, not just the look of your hair.

Katherine West is a health freak and freelance writer who in 2003 studied for a Diploma of Nutrition. She is also into yoga and pilates.

The Origin Of Human Hair Extensions


The hair extension industry is booming, with many girls between the age of 16-30 having some experience with using hair extensions to enhance their looks.  There are many different types of hair extensions, and knowledge on what methods are safest for our natural hair is openly available.  However many tend to find that their knowledge becomes unstuck when dealing with the slightly more complex issue of the type of hair, more specifically hairs origin and the best types.

Here we will go through the most common types of hair used for human hair extensions to gain a greater understanding of what girls should be looking for in quality hair extensions.

Chinese Hair

Chinese hair is commonly used for inexpensive wigs, hairpieces and hair extensions. The hair is thick and coarse and tends to be naturally straight and dark in color.

Chinese hair is great for business as there is a high quantity available; the hair is long lasting, durable and low in cost.  In terms of strength the hair is very strong and can withstand multiple chemical and mechanical procedures.  There are however down sides to the use of Chinese hair in hair extensions.  Due to the extreme chemical processing that is undertaken with Chinese hair the quality tends to be quite poor.  It does not naturally have the same properties as European hair therefore for sale on the European market it undergoes an extreme amount of processing which damages the hair.  As the cuticles are large and the layers are dense Chinese hair is the most likely to tangle so it’s not desirable at all.  Additionally the thick strands reflect light differently to European hair, therefore when fitted they tend to look artificial despite the fact that it is human hair.

European hair

European hair is mainly used for high priced handmade hair extensions, custom wigs and hair pieces.  European hair is fantastic as it is high quality and true Caucasian hair, therefore it is perfect for the European and American market.  Typically the hair tends to come from Russia, Eastern Europe and the United States.  The texture is fine and there are a wide range of natural colors meaning that in some cases the hair does not undergo a dying processes and this is what the industry refers to as virgin hair.  Due to the fact that it is Caucasian the match with Europe and American markets is perfect, and the extensions blend perfectly.  There are downsides to European hair however.  Due to a low quantity available on the market the hair tends to be very expensive.  There is an availability problem with European hair with many manufacturers struggling to source lengths longer than 15 inches.  The hair fibers of European hair are also very fragile, and therefore European hair is more complex to care for than stronger hair types such as Chinese and Indian.

Indian hair

Indian hair is by far the most desirable of all hair types as it sits right in the middle in terms of quality and price.  Indian hair is typically used for custom made wigs and hair extensions.  The Quality is excellent and there is a high quantity available.  Indian hair has very similar properties to European hair, and therefore with minimal processing can be made to look and feel just like European hair.  Indian hair comes in a range of textures and lengths, as well as colors.  The only downside to Indian hair is that it is not available in a virgin form and therefore does require some degree of chemical processing, however virgin hair is very difficult to maintain.

With all the information laid out, it is clear to see that although European hair has some fantastic qualities, it is Indian hair that comes out on top in terms of quality and value for money, unless of course you are happy to spend the kind of money European hair requires and take the time to care for them in the correct way.

Hi, my name is Amy and I am the owner of hairextensionskent.co.uk.  As a business we are passionate about educating customers about hair extensions and the different options available.

Effective Hair Growth Vitamins For Black Women Wearing Weaves

Did you know that certain wearing wigs, weaves, or fusion type hair extensions can cause tension alopecia for many black women? Up until now, most African-American women thought their hair would not get damaged by wearing these instant type hair extension products. But the reality is that looking beautiful also carries a hefty price tag in the long-term if you wear these types of products for prolonged periods of time. If you don’t take the necessary steps to prevent tension alopecia – your hair may be falling out in the long-term. In this article, I will discuss some effective hair growth vitamins for black women who are currently wearing wigs or weaves.

Hair growth vitamins with multi-complex formulations will increase the nutrients to the scalp and help promote thicker and fuller hair growth while wearing stressful hair products such as natural hair weaves or extensions. By simply taking one hair growth vitamin a day, it has been found to strengthen and thicken the hair follicles, and ultimately leading to less hair loss. Let’s discuss some of the important vitamins found to promote hair growth stability in black woman.


Vitamin E

Extremely important for overall cellular function and health in the human body. Vitamin E is imperative for hair, skin, and nail growth. It is important to take vitamin E especially if you plan to have consistent tension applied to your scalp using any type of hair extension product. This nutrient will help replenish and remove damaged cells that have been affected negatively by any previous hair extension use. To ensure Vitamin E absorption into your body, some doctors recommend Vitamin E oils that can be massaged directly into the scalp.

Vitamin C

If you want to keep your hair looking shiny, silky and smooth; Vitamin C is your number one choice when looking for a hair growth supplement. Vitamin C is an important building block of collagen which is present in our skin, teeth and hair follicles. It will keep your hair replenished with the natural ingredients produced by the human body and maintain a balance of all other nutrients absorbed by the hair follicle.

Saw Palmetto Extract

This supplement is relatively new when compared to traditional forms of natural hair loss prevention medicines. Saw Palmetto is all-natural supplement derived from a plant during the Mayan era. The Mayans originally used this herbal supplement as an antistatic and light sedative for the human body. But previous studies show Saw Palmetto is effective for treating not only the immune system but also the growth process and prevention of hair loss in both male and females of African descent. The active ingredient binds to the bodies DHT receptors which inhibit hair loss.

The Answer

By taking a natural hair supplement along with these three main ingredients listed above, it has clearly proven to prevent hair loss in black women that might be experiencing hair loss or shutting due to tension alopecia products found at this site and online beauty supply stores.


Dani Turner is a profound writer and hair expert for the Exciting Hair website. She is devoted to spreading the latest news on hair care, hair loss and beauty tips for black women.


How To Grow Long, Luscious Hair!

If you’re looking for long, luscious locks then these top tips will help your hair to grow in thick and strong.


Choose A Cut That Will Grow In Well

This mind sound like a bit of an odd one considering you are aiming for longer hair, but as you begin to grow your hair it is sometimes a good idea to get some of the length taken off it. Your stylist can advise on a hair style that will grow in thick and full and be easy to keep in good condition.

Get Regular Trims

Again, this sounds a bit counter intuitive, but regular trims to remove split ends will ensure your hair remains healthy and strong and aid growth.

Cut Down On Washing

Try not to wash your hair every day as rubbing your hair will pull hair and can cause damage. Washing also removes essential oils which are required for healthy growth.

Cut Down On Heat Styling

Unfortunately, while you are growing your hair you will have to make an effort to cut down on heat styling. Heat damage will inhibit growth.

If you are using irons or rollers then make sure to apply a thermal protection spray prior to styling.

The same applies to your hair dryer. Try to cut back where possible and allow your hair to air dry for 20-30 minutes prior to blow drying. This is actually good practice in general!

Use A Deep Conditioning Mask

Use a deep conditioning mask once a week to give your hair a moisture boost and ensure it remains healthy and nourished.

Tie Your Hair Up At Night

Again, you are trying to minimise pulling on your hair, so tie it up at night before going to bed to avoid damage while you are tossing and turning in your sleep.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Well, it’s a cliche, but you are what you eat so eating a healthy, balanced diet will help to keep your hair in top condition. Additionally make sure you drink plenty of water to ensure hair is well hydrated.

Be Patient

Hair grows at an average of 0.5 inches a month (6 inches a year) so to get the long locks you crave will take time. Following the above tips will ensure your hair remains healthy and looks good, so persevere and you will eventually get the hair of your dreams.

While you are waiting for your hair to grow, you might want to use clip in hair extensions for a length and volume boost, which will also allow you to try out different styles.

So, that’s our top tips for growing long lustrous hair. Look after your locks and you’ll be a 21st century Rapunzel in no time!

Author Byline: SKR Hair have a fantastic range of clip in hair extensions, made from 100% human, REMY hair.


Hair Extensions 101


Leaders in the fashion industry as well as celebrities across the globe are seen with constantly changing hair styles. From different color choices to varying lengths of hair, each week brings something new. Short cuts are followed by long, luxurious locks the next day, baffling everyone around. Now it’s easier than ever to lengthen your mane with the use of hair extensions. But there are some who remain on the fence about them.

Extension Basics

If you’ve always dreamed of having longer hair, extensions may be the answer you’ve been looking for. They can also be used to add volume to limp, thinning hair or a pop of color. So long as you have at least 3” of hair to work with, a talented stylist can add extensions. There are several ways hair extensions can be added to your hair, depending on how long you want them to stay. They can be glued in, braided in, woven in, or even clipped in for a temporary style boost.

Unfortunately, hair extensions are not cheap. A variety of factors contribute to the cost, but extensions can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. In addition to the financial investment, they also take a significant amount of time for the initial setup process. The procedure is not painful, simply time consuming and pricey.

Know Your Extensions

When you have made the decision to have hair extensions put in, it is important to find an experienced specialist. Ask to see photos of prior hair extension work. Also inquire about how the stylist will place and remove the extensions, as well as how he or she will minimize the damage to your natural hair. Gluing extensions can be damaging, while tracks (weaving or sewing) can be much too heavy.

Find out whether you will be having synthetic or natural human hair extensions. Human hair is far more expensive, but is more viable. Synthetic hair generally cannot be heated, severely limiting styling options. Individual strand extensions provide a completely customizable look that is far more natural than other placement options.

Make sure your hair is healthy enough to withstand the pressure of the length of extensions you are looking for. When hair extensions are too heavy, they can severely damage the hair and cause it to break.

Care and Upkeep

Like almost any other hair process (certain cuts, coloring, perm, etc), hair extensions require a certain amount of upkeep. But you should only have to spend about an hour at the salon getting things touched up every six weeks. Most extensions can be treated like natural hair, just more gently. They do require a special brush created just for extensions, called a loop brush. It is also a good idea to use a gentle shampoo, light conditioner, and cool water in order to minimize tangles.

While they are not for everyone, hair extensions are a great way for people to explore a variety of hair lengths and styles. The financial and time commitments are often worth it when it comes to a botched, hated haircut or other hair fiasco. Try them out and perhaps you’ll fall in love with your new ‘do.


Guest author Julie Eben helps run a blog about Clearwater hair extensions.  She has been a hairstylist for years and now shares her expertise with clients in the blogging universe.


The Politics of Hair Extensions

The world of hair extensions is vast. They can be used for people who are losing their hair and can be a permanent feature; they can be used if people just want longer hair; and they can be made out of a whole range of materials, spanning from real hair to synthetic hair to feathers.


Synthetic hair is more affordable than the alternative of real hair extensions. It is also not as good in terms of quality and how you can treat it. Synthetic hair is, as you would expect, manufactured. Fibers are created and sometimes woven depending on the required finish or target look.

Due to their being manufactured, the cost is kept to a minimum, making them the cheapest choice for people wanting hair extensions. However, the materials used bring limitations. You can’t use any heated styling products as this will damage the hair and due to the hair being much heavier than normal hair, you may have issues here with styling.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are exactly what they say. They are hair extensions made from real human hair. The hair often comes from Asia and Far Eastern countries where the sale of human hair is a large trade. Unlike synthetic hair, there are no limitations to what you can do and achieve. You can style the hair just as you would your own and as you would expect, you need to look after it just as you would your own. There are different grades of quality, but they all outlast synthetic hair extensions.

Hair Feathers

Hair feather extensions are a more up to date concept. Made famous by some female celebrities, feather hair extensions are often bright and patterned. They are not intended to blend into your hair and be discreet. They are meant to be fun and stylish. You can’t really style them like you would normal hair, but that’s not what they are about. If you wear hair feathers, they are the style.

Clip In Extensions

Clip in hair extensions mean at the end of the crazy night partying, you can take them out. If you want your hair extensions to be temporary, then these are perfect for your needs. If you need anything more permanent than wearing them for more than a day, then they may not be suitable. Of course you can re-use them, but if you are doing anything like swimming, then they would be a no-go.

Non Clip In Extensions

There are several alternatives to clip in extensions and all of them are more permanent. You can have extensions that are kept in by a glue or bond. This method gives results that can last for months. Another alternative is to have the extensions sewn in. This gives a very natural look and although they are permanent, they can be taken out and re-applied if you used a salon. The process of doing this however is so long that it isn’t usually recommended.

Author Byline: Jamie is a blogger and writer currently writing for a real hair extensions specialist.


Hair Disasters That Happen in Cold Weather

Weather plays a big role on the condition of our hair. If you’re in need of tips on hair disaster curing cold weather, you’re in the right place!

Frizz is one of the top problems that hair encounters during cold weather. Cold air induces frizz because of the high amounts of static present. This gives hair life of its own, making strands fly away and not co-operate, leading to frustrating bouts of brushing and taming.

There are simple solutions to combat frizz. The first is to moisturize in the bath. Frizz occurs because of lack of moisture and the cold weather aggravates the situation by encouraging the static behavior of hair. Use deeply moisturizing conditioners to lock in moisture and prevent static.

Next is to use the proper tools for styling. Stay away from plastic combs and brushes! They do not help at all and make the situation worse. While still wet, use your fingers to comb the hair and loosen any knots. Not brushing while the hair is still wet also lessens breakage. Opt for wooden combs or brushes made with natural materials and not synthetic ones.

To finish off frizz, use leave on conditioners or hair coats to make your locks stay in place!

Another hair disaster during cold weather is dandruff. It results from not having enough moisture in the scalp because of the cold temperature which strips cells on the scalp of moisture. Using tea tree infused shampoos and conditioners can get rid of the dandruff and will also leave your scalp feeling refreshed and itch free.

Because of the cold temperature, static electricity and efforts to tame hair with lots of brush strokes, split ends present themselves much to our dismay. To reduce over drying of each hair strand, wash only every other day instead of everyday to keep the natural oils intact. Refrain from brushing too much and using heat stylers too! Also, having regular trims to really cut the problem with split ends will help with the overall health of the hair.

Last but not the least, using scarves, hats, and other head gear can cause our hair to be limp and lifeless. To add body to lifeless hair, have a handy spray of volume-enhancing moose in your beauty kit. Just retouch and see life spring back to your hair. These simple tricks will get your hair cold weather proof with little cost and effort but with great effects!

Article Provided By: Allure Hair Salon serves the hair care needs of South Florida. Allure offers various hair treatments such as ammonia free highlights, Brazilian Keratin treatment, Japanese hair straightening, and some of the best hair extensions in Fort Lauderdale.


How to Ooze Sex Appeal

Some people are just sexy. It’s not necessarily because they flirt, and it’s not necessarily anything to do with their dress sense – in some cases it is just simply down to the way they move and something about their aura that makes them sexy without even trying.

Here then we will look at what it is that you can do to capture that sexiness and to turn heads without even doing anything differently.


Your posture can do a lot for your sexiness by at once showing off your figure to the best of its ability, while at the same time making you look confident and unobtainable. Step one then is to keep your head up and avoid looking down, while at the same time you should try to pull poses that will emphasize your cleavage, the length of your legs, and that hip to waist ratio. At the same time work on your walk and your movements and cat like there is someone always watching (no one ever said giving off sexiness would be easy…).


A lot of what makes anybody sexy – man or woman – is confidence. If someone is confident then it sends the signal that they are a good catch and we start to want to chase them as a result. By using a confident posture (above) you have already made steps in this direction, but at the same time you can also further this by holding eye contact, by checking to see if people are checking you out, by pouting in front of the mirror when you check your hair and by being unafraid to put yourself out there.

Be Feminine

Guys are of course attracted to feminine women, and it’s often the women who really embrace this that end up looking truly sexy. That means dressing in a way that is feminine, but it also means being tender and gently spoken and it means steering away from activities and behaviors that can instantly destroy the illusion.

Be Playful

Being playful and teasing a little can also up your sex appeal a great deal. This means doing things you know are sexy in a fun way, and it means wearing clothes that tease without being too revealing. Taking the mick out of people you want to fancy you has always been a good strategy and if you generally have a bit of mischief behind your eyes then that’s something that can make you highly desirable.

Be Daring and Unpredictable

Something that can help you to turn heads and get noticed is to simply be a bit more daring with what they wear. Even if you have the sexiest dress sense in the world, if you wear the same kinds of things all the time then it will get pretty old pretty fast. Instead then aim to demonstrate how versatile you are by switching up your outfits and varying from the cutesy girl next door look to the smoking vixen to the glamorous high society queen. If you can do this then you not only keep your look fresh and exciting even for people who have known you a long time, but you also demonstrate that you are very confident in yourself and not afraid to try new things.

This doesn’t just mean with your clothing either, it also means mixing up your makeup (why not try a bold red lipstick to surprise people who think they’ve got you pegged and draw attention?) and even trying out wigs and extensions to keep your look constantly fresh and keep yourself highly unpredictable.

About The Author: Miranda Keith is the author of the above guest post and works for Clipin Extension. She recommends using clip in hair extensions for a new and easy way to have longer and thicker hair in a jiffy.

Fun Hair Accessories!

Hair accessories are a fun fashion statement that you can take anywhere and add to any outfit for an instant, fun and fashionable flair. Hair accessories have been used since before the Middle Ages, when women would attach jewels, lace or carved sticks into their hair. Today, there is a much wider assortment of available accessories, but you can still have lots of fun with them. These fun hair accessory ideas should get you started.

An Elegant Hair Chain

Hair chains have recently been made popular by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. A hair chain is a decorated chain with clips on either end that you can attach into your hair at any point. Many women wrap them around a bun, or leave them to hang loose over the back of the hair. No matter how you wear them, hair chains are fun and fashionable. Best of all, you can even personalize them by adding small charms, or choosing one with a birthstone! This piece of head gear is instantly recognizable and a great addition to your image.

Contrasting Hair Clips Are Fun

A contrasting fake hair clip is a great way to add a little bit of personality and style to your hair without doing anything permanent to it. You can get clip in hair pieces in a variety of different colors and designs, including natural to extreme colors like violet, pink and red. The color you eventually choose and where you decide to put it, is all up to you. Contrasting hair clips are a great way to make a statement, especially if you love having colored highlights, but can’t because of work or etc.

A Feather Hair Extension Could Be Your Best Option

Probably one of the most fashionable hair accessories that you can buy, feather hair extensions have been worn by celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler and more. In 2010, the real feather version actually sold out in some places in because of Steven Tyler wearing them on American Idol. Feather hair extensions can be worn anywhere, can look great with almost any outfit, and are incredibly fashionable for both men and women. Feathers also flatter the face, and best of all, can be purchased in a wide assortment of colors, meaning you can match them to your outfit. If you are looking for feather hair extensions, bonded whiting feathers are usually the highest quality choice.

Article Provided By: uk.awesomefeathers.com sells a wide range of feather hair extensions made out of dyed bonded whiting feathers. The site lets you purchase your feather hair extensions pre-made, or in kits that allow you to make them yourself. 


Top Story: Short and Sassy Hairstyles – Maintaining and Revamping Your Look

Short hairstyles are cute during the summer and they certainly bring out a fun personality. Plus, each short hairstyle is unique depending on the person’s hair and style preference. Learning how to take care of your short locks is important during the summer months. Since you only have short hair to take care of, it’s important to stay current with haircuts and a maintaining a healthy hair routine. That way you’ll enjoy your locks even more and will continue to treat your hair with the attention it deserves. After all, you want your short and sassy do to look its best!

Use Hair Products As Needed

If you have a love for hair products that’s great, but using too much product in your hair will result in greasy and dull looking locks. Be careful with your selection of the certain hair products that you use and be aware that over using your favorite products will cause a build up on your hair and on your scalp. Your hair cuticle will not be able to maintain healthy hair when it’s fighting all of the products, which will result in hair strands appearing lifeless and too oily.

Take Care of Your Scalp

Speaking of your scalp, paying attention to your scalp will keep your skin and head of hair in great condition as well. Don’t let your scalp get weighed down by product or get sun burned because this will result in dryness and flakes, which is not fun to deal with. To conquer issues like this or to stop them before they begin, implement an exfoliating scalp treatment into your routine. This will help prevent build up and will serve as an excellent way to take care of the skin on your scalp.

Grow Out Your Hair or Add on Hair Extensions

If you’re tired of having shorter locks and need a change, maybe it’s time to grow out your hair. Or – you can add on hair extensions to your existing locks, which will give your hair more length and definition. Hair extensions will require a lot of care, but your hair requires just as much care. Revamping your look will make you feel like a new you and you will no doubt enjoy switching up your hair color or sporting a new longer hairdo that makes you feel confident.

Daily Hair Maintenance

Any hair cut or style requires daily maintenance, so don’t get lazy with taking care of your hair. Just like your face, you need to wash your hair daily or every couple of days and treat it with and deep conditioner treatment every few weeks as well. Using conditioner will keep your scalp moisturized and your scalp will be less likely to become dry. But – understanding your type of hair is important because this will tell you how much hair conditioner you will need. If you’re unsure of what kind of hair you have (i.e. thick, course, or fine hair), ask your hair stylist and they’ll point you in the right direction in regards to what hair products are good to use for your particular hair type.

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