Infographic: Top 10 Beauty Turn-offs Voted For By Men

Black Beauty 2

It’s not often that we get to hear the male opinion about the actions that we take to enhance our beauty. Beauty blogs are written by women, for women; and we all have our own opinion about what looks best on … Continue reading

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Book Spotlight: Dana Ellington Myles – Diva

Front Book Cover

I read an excerpt from ‘Hello Diva’ and the scene focuses on a woman getting her hair styled with fake hair and being worried about everyone knowing it’s fake. What inspired this story?   All of my books are based … Continue reading

#KeepitDangerous! Marathon: Self-inflicted Hair Loss – The Cost Of Fashion


Most people dread the idea of losing their hair. It seems, strange, then that people would employ beauty practices that put them at risk of permanent alopecia. It’s surprisingly common, you’ll soon discover. They hope not to do permanent damage … Continue reading

The Origin Of Human Hair Extensions


The hair extension industry is booming, with many girls between the age of 16-30 having some experience with using hair extensions to enhance their looks.  There are many different types of hair extensions, and knowledge on what methods are safest … Continue reading

Effective Hair Growth Vitamins For Black Women Wearing Weaves


Did you know that certain wearing wigs, weaves, or fusion type hair extensions can cause tension alopecia for many black women? Up until now, most African-American women thought their hair would not get damaged by wearing these instant type hair … Continue reading

Hair Extensions 101


Leaders in the fashion industry as well as celebrities across the globe are seen with constantly changing hair styles. From different color choices to varying lengths of hair, each week brings something new. Short cuts are followed by long, luxurious … Continue reading

Fun Hair Accessories!

hair chain

Hair accessories are a fun fashion statement that you can take anywhere and add to any outfit for an instant, fun and fashionable flair. Hair accessories have been used since before the Middle Ages, when women would attach jewels, lace … Continue reading

Top Story: Short and Sassy Hairstyles – Maintaining and Revamping Your Look


Short hairstyles are cute during the summer and they certainly bring out a fun personality. Plus, each short hairstyle is unique depending on the person’s hair and style preference. Learning how to take care of your short locks is important … Continue reading