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How to Properly Appreciate Art

The appreciation of art is a fine discipline that requires concentration, time and patience. A true appreciation of art is something that develops over a period of time. Many wish to take on this endeavor, and these are some steps an art lover can take to truly gain an appreciation of arts. Art History Courses … Continue reading

Infographic: 10 Worthless Degrees

It is a well-known fact that earning a college degree will increase your chances of having a better career. However, it is important to remember that all degrees are not created equal. In fact, there are some degrees that are practically useless. Latin is one of those degrees. Most employers will not need someone to … Continue reading

Why Is The Recession A Healthy Time For Artists?

It may seem like an absurd thing to ask, or even contemplate! But when the job market was a bit more flourished than it is now; many artists including myself kept just the weekends reserved for dusting off the paintbrushes; and we took advantage of availability of steady employment to fulfil our basic survival-needs…and then … Continue reading

This Week In Art History

Greetings, A little art history glimpse, this week… Thanks to an article @ Park West Gallery, I have discovered that this week (August 10), is the anniversary of two significant historical events. The Louvre (pronounced “luvʁ” according to Wikipedia), and located in Paris, France, opened August 10, 1793. The Louvre is a beautiful complex dating … Continue reading

Different Styles, Different Types of Art

There are different types and styles of art and just when I think that I have figured out the list, I realize that I still have so much to learn! Continue reading


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