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Using Sugar to Promote Self-Renewal of Skin

Sugar may be banned for people who want to lose weight because of the excess calories it contains, but a recent study actually promotes the use of sugar for the improvement of the skin.

Natural skin-care companies have started to include sugar in their products because of the proven role of sugar in maintaining healthy skin because it promotes self-renewal as well as good nutrition of the skin. In fact, this food component that is bad for our bodies provides a counter-intuitive effect for our skin, which is improved smoothness and better complexion.

The Advantages of Sugar

Sugar is a good option for those who want to make their skin better. Sugar contains natural exfoliants to keep the skin renewed every time you use it. Although sugar should be avoided internally, the use of sugar for the skin only requires its external use such as using it as a natural body polish. Using sugar for the skin leaves it smooth and refreshed. For those who aim for skin lightening, sugar may also help you achieve a lighter skin complexion because of its action as a natural bleaching product.

In particular, brown sugar is used for skin applications. In contrast to other skin products, brown sugar is a lot cheaper, plus it is all natural making it safe to use.

Uses of Sugar

As discussed earlier, brown sugar actually is an exfoliant by itself. As an exfoliant, it reveals fairer and glowing skin as the sugar particles scrub off old and dead skin cells that make the skin dull in appearance. When using sugar for exfoliation, it leaves our skin refreshed and younger-looking.

Aside from being an exfoliant, brown sugar also contains healing acids. It actually contains glycolic acid, which is essential in the maintenance of healthy skin. Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that keeps the skin well moisturized. As a healing acid, glycolic acid not only maintains a healthy and moisturized skin, but also prevents toxins from getting into your skin. With this effect, sugar can be used to reduce blemishes and prevent their formation.

Another benefit of sugar is it maintains the balance of the skin oils. The oil in the skin is a natural mechanism of the body to maintain the skin well-moisturized. In people who develop acne, the oils in the skin are usually increased leading to the blockage of pores. In people with dry skin, the opposite happens wherein there is a lack of oil to make the skin supple and moisturized. Sugar helps the skin oils to be balanced and prevents oily and dry skin.

A very important role of sugar is that it promotes skin-renewal by improving the circulation in the skin. When sugar is applied, it promotes the circulation in the capillaries on the surface of the skin. An improved circulation helps in facilitating healthy skin renewal; thereby yielding smooth and glowing skin.

Skin Preparations of Sugar

Sugar may be used on the skin through the following preparations:

  1. Scrub- The brown sugar itself may be used directly on the skin as a scrub.
  2. Body polish- Mixed with olive oil, it becomes an inexpensive body polish to make the skin smooth.
  3. Wax – Sugar can also be made into a natural wax to remove unwanted hairs on your body while keeping your skin healthy. Prepare this by mixing white sugar with lemon and heat it until bubbles start to appear. When it cools you may apply the mixture on your skin and have a cotton strip to peel of the wax after a minute.

Sugar is a good natural remedy for the skin. Because of this, researchers have begun to study the benefits of sugar for the skin and they indeed recommend its use.

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