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Branding – How Do YOU Appear on Facebook?

By Terry D Kozlyk Late to the party, many small and medium size businesses are discovering Facebook as a tool for promoting and branding themselves. In the past few years, the term “branding” has been a hot business topic, created by the media hype around advertising using social media. But I never fully understood the … Continue reading

I Made $3,037 and 29 cents!!!

Since May 2012. Happy Birthday, Paw Paw. I’m working on it. Related: Bad Ideas I Had in 2013 and Other Things That Haven’t Panned Out…Yet! (dangerouslee.biz)

5 Reasons You Didn’t See Spike Lee’s Film – Oldboy

You’ve never heard of it. When I saw it there were only three other people in the theater! You didn’t know Spike Lee was the director or you did know and didn’t give a shit. You didn’t see Spike Lee’s interview with Oprah. Had you seen it there’s a possibility that you would of been … Continue reading

Video – 6 Commercials Too Controversial For TV

Commercials represent very powerful tools in terms of promoting the brand, a line of products or services. However, on the quest to transform the repeated 30 seconds of glory – to be read airtime – allocated by the networks for the broadcasting of the advertisement, certain companies traverse the fine line between humor and downright … Continue reading

How To Advertise Your Business On The Internet

Nowadays more and more people prefer reading online news, newspapers and ads. Internet has become the world of marketing, and social networks – the most popular way of communication among people. That is why people, who develop some business, no matter if it is a small or a bigger one, has to consider all this … Continue reading

Top Story – Why I’m Sick of Advertising and Celebrity Endorsements

I am going to have a bit of a rant! Well more than a bit of one actually. I am sick of living in a world that is so dominated by advertising and product endorsement that brands are rammed down my throat wherever I look. Television broadcasts are punctuated by advertisements and preceded by sponsorship … Continue reading

365 Days of Dangermas: Day 109 – Antibiotics & Boston

Day 109 – April 19, 2013: Highlights of The Day Car stopped on me twice today. I have yet another sinus infection. More antibiotics. So, a Boston bomber suspect is in custody and another is dead. Is it over? I said it was gonna get worse and I hate that I was right, but there … Continue reading

Top Story – Ways To Improve Your Creativity

Certain companies drive on creativity and inherently, that is the main element that makes them successful such as advertising agencies. With this said however, there are many other companies that should incorporate a certain amount of creativity into their business, their product and offering. Creativity can be as tiring as any other element in a … Continue reading


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