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5 Fantabulous Things You Need To Learn How To Do In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a program that is willing to be just as complex and advanced as you want it to be. Newcomers are able to quickly and easily touch-up, delete red eye, and add glowing light-sabers to any photo they choose—and all without breaking a (virtual) sweat. But the more you learn about the photo … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Myra Hissami – Creating Original Art With Swarovski Crystals & Gore

How do you create your art? I actually invented my own mixed media art form where I combine digital art, physical mediums for embellishing and jewels all on giclée canvas to create something innovative, fun, and eye-grabbing. Most of my creations are initially drawn digitally with my Wacom Intuos4 tablet. The digital works are then printed on giclée canvas and wrapped over a wood frame. Then the fun … Continue reading

Jane Fiala: Painting the Photo

“I tend to try to complete a painting all in one day, working until it’s completed. Sometimes I have to close down and finish the next day, but typically I will work all day to complete a painting. I’m fairly compulsive this way.” Continue reading

Stick People and Beyond…

Greetings, OK, I am not new to blogging (www.SocialWebCafe.com, http://www.PositivePersistence.com, http://www.ScatNStyle.com). I am not new to art loving. I wouldn’t trade my LACMA membership and I can’t resist visiting the Park West Gallery and art auction on every cruise. That said, this post marks the beginning of the series on the combination of both, “art … Continue reading


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